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Download Epub Format à Inspector of the Dead PDF by á David Morrell LEGENDARY THRILLER WRITER DAVID MORRELL TRANSPORTS READERS TO THE FOGBOUND STREETS OF LONDON, WHERE A KILLER PLOTS TO ASSASSINATE QUEEN VICTORIAThe Year Is The Crimean War Is Raging The Incompetence Of British Commanders Causes The Fall Of The English Government The Empire Teeters Amid This Crisis Comes Opium Eater Thomas De Quincey, One Of The Most Notorious And Brilliant Personalities Of Victorian England Along With His Irrepressible Daughter, Emily, And Their Scotland Yard Companions, Ryan And Becker, De Quincey Finds Himself Confronted By An Adversary Who Threatens The Heart Of The NationThis Killer Targets Members Of The Upper Echelons Of British Society, Leaving With Each Corpse The Name Of Someone Who Previously Attempted To Kill Queen Victoria The Evidence Indicates That The Ultimate Victim Will Be Victoria Herself When I found out there would be another book in this series featuring the Opium Eater Thomas De Quincey, his brilliant and beautiful daughter Emily, and their Scotland Yard buddies Ryan and Becker I quickly grovelled and begged for Netgalley to provide me with a copy Inspector of the Dead begins with the death of a prominent woman in a very public place named Lady Cosgrove She is found with a note in the her pocket that reads Young England This group is known for being against the monarch hoping to someday overthrow the government As the investigation progresses, there are attacks and deaths on prominent persons in London with notes left on them naming others who have attempted to assassinate the queen Being a genius on the subject of murder as a fine art, De Quincey was able to deduce that the Queen may be the true target of all these murders.
De Quincey and crew investigate pas Before reading, Inspector of the Dead, I had never read a book by David Morrell I plan to read many I thoroughly enjoyed reading this second book in a series but great as a stand alone about Thomas De Quincey, a man plagued by an addiction to laudanum during a time when no one knew of such addictions and viewed dependence as a choice Most looked down on him for his intake of large doses but in truth he needed those doses to function.
Being on such a drug, De Quincey was constantly questioning reality and would often question whether it existed only in our minds or outside of us He also had a knack for using this theory to solve murder mysteries by looking at the reality of situations from a completely different angle He would at times express philosophical tidbits that made me pause and go hmmm One quote I particularly In this 2nd book in the Thomas De Quincey mystery series, the opium eater detective is on the trail of a murderer who s threatened the Queen The book can be read as a standalone This story takes place in 1850s London, just when England s government is collapsing because of the Crimean War Bizarre, horrific murders are occurring among London s elite and a message is left at each crime scene that seems to threaten the life of Queen Victoria Queen VictoriaIt soon becomes clear that the perpetrator of the crimes is seeking revenge for something that happened to his mother, father, and two sisters many years before In an effort to catch the perpetrator and protect the Queen the crimes are investigated by two amateur detectives, Thomas De Quincey the famous English opium eater and his daughter Emily and two Scotland Yard detectives, Becker and Ryan Though Find this and other reviews at was pretty excited about reading David Morrell s Inspector of the Dead books one of the Thomas De Quincey series, Murder As A Fine Art, was one of my favorite reads of 2013 and I was eager to dive into its sequel.
Like its predecessor, I quickly fell for the feel and atmosphere of the Morrell s England The dark and gritty descriptions, paired with Thomas and Emily s unconventional lifestyle make highly entertaining material and like how the backdrop emphasizes the sinister elements of the mystery at the heart of the story.
Morrell takes a couple of artistic liberties, but I found them highly appropriate to the story and actually liked the references to Wilkie Collins The Moonstone I also liked how Morrell used Qu The story opens on a foggy late night in Victorian London A mysterious stranger is walking the streets when he is attacked by a begger The mysterious stranger makes quick work of his attacker, disarming and disabling in one swift movement He then offers the begger a hefty fee to meet him at an address for the next day Next scene, mysterious stranger is ringing the doorbell down the street and bashing in the head of the butler who answers the door This book started out so great Mystery, suspense and some great action sequencesand then we meet the cast of characters.
Unfortunately the characters were pretty two dimentional and generic The villains bordered on caricature Detective Inspector Ryan and Sergeant Becker are the main investigators along with Thomas De Quincey, author and opium addict, and his daugh David Morrell s sequel to Murder as a Fine Art is a thrilling, high stakes tale about murder, detective work, social class, and very much in Victorian London I found this novel even compelling than the first one Someone is killing off the elite in London, and Thomas DeQuincey and his daughter become involved in solving the mystery of who is doing this and why it s being done In fact, as each murder occurs, it becomes evident that Queen Victoria herself is going to be the ultimate target of the serial killer Written in a style that takes you back to London in the mid 1850s, Inspector of the Dead is one of the best books I ve read in a very long time David Morrell has gone from First Blood Rambo to Victorian England, and in doing so, demonstrates his wide range of creative ability with these latest novels If you enjoy mystery, suspense, beautiful prose, and an atmospheric rendering o My favorite historical mystery series and it keeps getting better Seriously, this series demonstrates how a historical mystery should be done You drop down a rabbit hole and wander around in the damp dangerous world of Victorian England The amount of research Mr Morrell must have done is staggering, yet he weaves the historical elements and the lives of real people seamlessly into a breathtaking mystery thriller without sparing one ounce of tension Several times along the way I found myself stopping to delve into the historical story lines because Morrell made them so interesting Please, someone make this into a movie or, better yet, a series.
5 stars 6 stars However many just read it.
I understand, but as Mr De Quincey often reminds me, reality is different for different people And to view life from behind the eyes of the unbalanced must be a horrifying experience that quivers the mind with every full out scene Especially front and center the unraveling of the controlled to the state of becoming undone.
David Morrell presents his second book in the Thomas De Quincey series De Quincey and his daughter, Emily, have once again been caught up in a continuous chain of murders in Victorian London This time the victims are from the upper rankings of London society which shocks those of privilege They are also assisted by their Scotland Yard companions, Detectives Becker and Ryan Since their last encounter, De Quincey and Emily, are staying at the home of Lord Palmerston who has since grown weary of De Quincey s laudanum requi Like a perfect wine I inhaled this mystery in about a week whilst frequenting my favorite coffee shop in London A star shy of 5 stars only because of the ending it felt like a circus trick and was not believable, in my view.

David Morrell is a Canadian novelist from Kitchener, Ontario, who has been living in the United States for a number of years He is best known for his debut 1972 novel First Blood, which would later become a successful film franchise starring Sylvester Stallone More recently, he has been writing the Captain America comic books limited series The Chosen.