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î All Pepped Up (Pepper Jones, #2) ↠´ Download by ↠´ Ali Dean Winning Nationals Wasn T The Only Dream That Came True I Also Walked Away With The Heart Of The One Boy I Couldn T Live Without I Knew The Being Jace Wilder S Girlfriend Wouldn T Be Simple But How Could I Have Known All The Hurdles We Would Face Drama At School That S A Given Jealous Girls That I Expected Family Secrets Not So Much At Least I Can Always Hit The Trails To Clear My Head Or So I Thought The High Expectations From My Winning Cross Country Season Still Haunt Me, And Hold Me Hostage I Can T Seem To Get Psyched Up For What Comes Next My Competitive Spirit Is Fading And I M Lost Without It What Will I Do When My One Constant Is No Longer My Safe Place Life On And Off The Track Is Spiraling Out Of Control, Leaving Me In Its Wake As I Struggle To Remember Who I Truly Am I devoured this book I picked it up the minute I finished Pepped Up, the first book in the series, and couldn t put it down I read while we were supposed to be watching a movie, while riding in the car, and on my iPhone while waiting in line to check out Now that I m done and I don t have a third book to start, I m sad But in a good way Ali Dean is a fresh voice in the young adult genre and I can t get enough of her.
All Pepped Up picks up right where Pepped Up ends Pepper is dealing with the highs and lows of dating her lifelong friend and it boy, Jace Saying Jace got around before he hooked up with Pepper would be an understatement, and not everyone is happy to have to give him up As Pepper comes to terms with her running career on the heels of winning a national championship in cross, she has to cope wit Source read using Kindle Unlimited This was an okay story, but it wasn t as good as the first in the series.
Pepper was an okay character, and I did feel sorry for her and what she was going through in this book but I also wanted her to man up and start training properly again as she seemed to just lose all her spark I also found that because I have seen the kid s TV program Peppa Pig since reading the first book, that whenever anybody said Pepper , I thought Pig.
Jace irritated me a bit in this book, and as the book went further along I remembered him irritating me in the first book as well I mean quit whining already Quit throwing your weight around, getting jealous, and trying to fix things with your fists Ugh.
The storyline in this was a little disappointing for me I felt like the whole book was about Pepper s love life In the second book of the series, I learned about Jace, how he functions and how the abandon of his mom still messed with him It was really good to understand him , made him look a lot better than he did in the first book But apparently, his past is coming and I hope Pepper doesn t suffer from it.
I loved this book, it was funny but had a lot of drama and suspense.
Can t wait to continue reading the series 3 I commented in the first book that it doesn t seem like the kids are in high school because they re so mature Well, they ve taken a step back and it s high school drama coming out of their ears Locker trashing Check Slut shaming Check Juvenile but vicious Check Hurtful rumours And relationship smashing Gossip Check Check.
Pepper s super insecure and nervous about the girl tormentors that come after her once she and Jace go public While Pepper still loves to run she s a little traumatised from her last event so she s taking it easy and trying not to think about competing My favourite parts of the book are when she s running and in her element Jace is possessive and I was in the mood for some silly, jealous alpha behaviour Any other day and I would have wanted to hit him over the head for treating Pepper like that Check out of my reviews on my blog www.
All Pepped Up is book 2 in the Pepped Up Series, I read and loved the first book in the series and have been lucky enough to be given an ARC by the publishers in exchange for an honest review so here goesThe good bits Pepper seems to really mature in this book Jase I love the softer side of Jase.
And the not so good bits I hate Mean Girls Ok so I enjoyed the second book in the series but it s not as sickly sweet as Pepped Up, this book seems to slide a bit closer the dark side.
Pepper seems to really grow and mature in this book, she has lost some of the innocence from the first book and we see her drinking, partying and experimenting with Jase.
The first word that comes to mind after reading All Pepped Up is Fantastic I so love this series All Pepped Up is the second book in the series the first one being Pepped up.
Pepper has a love for running and also a love for Jace She gets a little lost durning her journey in this book She s not sure what s worth it any She doesn t have a feel for the competition of running or the feeling of being free the rush the adrenalin that once came with it it just isn t there any In order for her to find her love for running again she needs to find her self as a person and not just who she is as Jace s girlfriend.
Jace is the popular guy, the football star the player until pep that is but his heart only has ever had room for one girl and that s Pepper Jones his child hood best friend He s sweat and soo sexy Some might not like is possessiveness when it comes to Pep OK, it s hard to write a review for this book without it containing spoilers for Book 1, Pepped Up But hopefully all of you have already read the first book, so it shouldn t be an issue.
I was given this book for an honest review, and I think I loved it even than the first one The hardcore sex and drugs going on in Book 1 had me rooting for Ryan rather than Jace, to be honest However, in Book 2, Jace really steps up his game and becomes someone worthy of Pepper s love, and I was proud of his transformation and that of some of the other characters as well.
Where Book 1 dealt with Pepper trying to help others through their struggles, Book 2 finds Pepper having some serious struggles of her own Her trust in Jace will be tested, and her love of competition will be questioned Pepper has to decide what she really wants and has to trust her heart to take her there.
I thoro My feels for this one are pretty similar to book 1 Pepped Up The setting was ace and during this book I felt got to understand both Jace and Pepper a lot better They still both drive me batty at times but I m firmly on their side They are teenagers making teenage messes at times but this edge of realism worked really well.
And I went straight on to book 3 I m not entirely sure if this is the only sequel to this book, but if it is Ali Dean really knows how to fit a good story in two books There was a lot of stress put on Pepper and Jace in this book since he was such a major player before, but now being committed to Pepper makes all the girls he was with before so jealous It s interesting to read the extent some people with go to in order to hurt other I do hope there s to Pepper and Jaces story, but if not this was definitely a good ending.