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[ Pdf Chasing Shadows (Rising Shadows #2) · harlequin-teen PDF ] by Ashley Townsend Å Chasing Shadows has this beautiful message broken things are worth fighting for As an incredibly broken person, I know this in my head, but I struggle believing this at my very core To see this message presented and reiterated so clearly throughout the story at a time when I desperately needed it absolutely wrecked me.
I truly can t commend Ashley enough for Will s character While very much a hero, Will realizes both his own brokenness and the broken situations around him He struggles to fight through those situations, and even learns a little bit how to let someone else fight for him.
Unlike Will, Sarah is a natural at fighting for broken things She s empathic, quick to understand where another person is coming from Even when she s been betrayed, she strives to put herself in their shoes Beautiful.
What I loved best about Sarah in Chasing Shadows, though, were the dilemm review coming soon but I will say thisI LOVED IT, IT WAS AMAZING 3 3 3 Would You Choose To Entwine Your Fate With A Hero Of The Past, Even If It Meant Altering The Future The Murder Of An Ancient King Spurs Sarah Matthews To Travel Back In Time, Putting Her Life In Jeopardy As She Races Against The Clock To Solve A Thousand Year Old Mystery And Pick Up The Pieces Of Her Star Crossed Romance Her Return To Serimone Reveals That The Kingdom Is In Upheaval And That The Elusive Cadius Has Sinister Plans For The Throne Unable To Right The Empire Alone, Sarah Reunites With Will, The Love She Left Behind And The Man Beneath The Shadow S Hood As They Work Together Amidst Lavish Balls And Explore The Secret Depths Of The Castle, They Discover That The Conspiracy Runs Deeper Than They Ever Imagined And When A Counterfeit Shadow Claims The Life Of Someone Close To Her After A Personal Threat From Cadius Himself, Sarah Discovers That The Price Of Questioning The New Regime Is A Life Guilt Ridden And Alone, She Discovers Comfort In Her Newfound Friendship With Damien, A Charming Spaniard Who Joins Sarah In Her Personal Crusade For Justice But As She Draws Closer To His Dark Past And To The Faceless Killer In Their Midst, She Realizes That The Severed Threads Of Time And The Mystery Surrounding Serimone Castle Are Unraveling Rapidly, Weaving New Tapestries Of Devastation In This Thrilling And Deceptive Sequel To Rising Shadows, Sarah Is Forced Into Harm S Way Countless Times As She Races To Solve The Puzzle Before It Is Too Late And Serimone Becomes Nothing Than A Faded Memory Of The Past And Before Sarah Becomes A Permanent Fixture In History I enjoyed Ashley s Townsend s first book in this series, and this book was just as filled with adventure, romance, deception and it also involves time travel And medieval lness There were twists and turns at every corner with new characters introduced that was quite entertaining to read.
It starts off a few weeks after the first book, with Sarah trying to get her life back to normal after her adventures But when an unexpected visitor arrives, Sarah suddenly finds herself back in the 12th century to help defeat an evil tyrant and save people she never realised she cared about And so I m so sorry Ashley I truly am I quite enjoyed the first book but I couldn t get into this one And that makes me feel so bad as I ve read many reviews with people loving this book Please don t take my indifference as anything bad, because I totally respect your story telling and since I m the only perso The second print and reformatting eep of Chasing Shadows will be coming out in late May, 2017 Be sure to keep your eyes peeled at your local Barnes and Noble, or support them online by buying.
NOTE I received a free ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Chasing Shadows is the second book of Ashley Townsend s series and what a sequel it is Our heroine Sarah Matthews travels from her modern day life to medieval Serimone once , but this time the stakes are much higher now that the king is dead The sinister Cadius may push himself to the throne, which would mean the end of happy days for Serimone.
This story gets so much deeper into the setting and characters than the first one In Rising Shadows we got to meet the characters and catch a glimpse of Serimone, in this one we dive headfirst right into it I only thought I loved the characters, but I had no idea how deeply until I delved into the sequel All the char CHASING SHADOWS kept me guessing, there were lots of surprises, and it was overall a good and exciting adventure romance It was kind of too long for me, but that s just my personal preference I felt a bit like the first half dragged somewhat, with the plot seeming to get lost behind a lot of emotions and the love triangle, and a lot of stuff seemed to sort of come out of nowhere But the final third picked up considerably and turned awesome and very exciting and I absolutely loved it I loved the romance it was great and went back and forth between being breathtakingly sweet, to me wanting to bang the heads of both parties against the nearest hard thing and go seriously guys, don t be idiots But that of course is half the fun of romance tales we like a little exasperating on the side with our heart sighing romance I personally didn t like the love triangle part of it though nothing again Review to come Update 1 1 16 See reviews on my blog Novels and Necklaces I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.
This was the last book I read in 2015 and boy was it a good one This was the perfect sequel to Rising Shadows, and can be summed up in one word Not only did Ashley Townsend create another wonderfully epic novel, but she expanded the story a great deal and I literally have no clue what will happen next There were twists and turns around every corner, and I was left on the edge of my seat There are new adventures, new love interests, and new dangers in places you would least expect them Overall, this was a lovely follow up to an already fantastic series Chasing Shadows starts off several weeks after Sarah left Serimone She s getting ready to leave for college in a couple days, and trying her best but failing to put her time in Seri

This book is like a super rich, creamy dessert that you have to eat slowly because there is so much loveliness to take in The beginning started off slowly, but once it go going, the plots and counter plots and mystery kept things moving and building Once I got to the ending, I couldn t put it down A lovely sequel to Rising Shadows by Ashley Townsend, Chasing Shadows deepened the storyline drew me nearer to the characters grew a certain love story Sarah Matthews is trying to forget her time travel experience College is about to start, and she s in a frenzy to prepare for moving out her room a mess But in a whole different realm, a royal has died, foul play is suspected, and a young man longs for Sarah to return She wistfully keeps a special necklace but would have never expected the person who arrives on her doorstep one day.
In Serimone, new adventures and escapades abound New romantic interests, danger, suspense, sweetness, and working through tangled relationships.
What Sarah thought was in the past is definitely not over yet.
Alright, so the beginning of Chasing Shadows could feel a little long But not exactly dragging because by the end of this bo

Ashley is a young twenty something author at Ink Smith Publishing and has been spinning tales since she discovered that her wild imagination could make a career She is a native to bookstores, coffee shops, the beach, and San Diego, CA She also has an unexplainable aversion to clowns and describes outlines as a proverbial noose Check out the Rising Shadows trilogy everywhere books are sold Ri