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[Jessie Evans] Þ One Perfect Love (Wild Rush, #2) [vampire-hunters PDF] Read Online Ó Warning unpopular opinion but my opinion nonetheless, which is the whole point of Goodreads mixed with rant and spoilers Yes, this story had a bunch of twists and turns, I cant deny that, but sorry, even those were so easy to foresee the mean rich parents, the ass of a father, the return of the sister, the in love best friend gone stalker crazy I guessed them all, and It still made no sense whatsoever.
It was like a long soap opera that has been on TV for so long that the writers just repeat the same plot over and over again, with over the top unbelievable villians and a H so useless, the h had to do everything on her own.
Im all up for women empowering, but I really dont want to go through a book where the so called alpha male always f Wow, was f r ein gro artiger Dreiteiler Trotz aller vielleicht bertriebener Verwicklungen und Unwahrscheinlichkeiten ist To the Bone in der Gesamtheit mit der beste zeitgen ssische Liebesroman, an den ich mich erinnere Moralisch m glicherweise ein bisschen fragw rdig, aber f r mich als erkl rter Robin Hood Fan dennoch okay vor allem in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass die B cher absolut fesselnd, dramatisch und sexy sind Caitlin und Gabe sind f r mich eines der besten Paare aller Zeiten Der erste Band ist kostenlos zu haben zumindest bei , wer also mal reinschnuppern will, sollte zuschlagen Ich warne hiermit aber vor dem Suchtpotenzial, zumal die B nde 1 und 2 mit fiesen Cliffhangern enden und man alle B nde lesen muss, wenn man die komplette Geschichte der beiden erfahren will.
5 Stars Listened to the Audio version Narrators did a fantastic job Overall, this was a solid and enjoyable story but felt that it could have been condensed in 1 book.
Review soon A Love so Deep A Dark Romance by Lili Valente is the third and final book in her To The Bone series It picks up right where we left off in A Love so Deadly A Dark Romance What happens when the person you think is lost to you forever is back What do you do when you realize this person is not quite who you lost What do you do when you discover that a person you ve trusted for years has kept from you the most important truth Floored I was heartbroken at pretty much every part of book two, this one slowly started piecing me back together Some readers and authors just mesh Some don t It s always so personal and individual Lili Jessie is an author that just meshes for me Every word I ve read of hers to date which is at least 75% of her published work has been a joy to read From Lonesome Point to Giffney with some oddball locations in between, I am in absolute fangirl love with

I really enjoyed listening to this whole series I really love the ending too I feel like all the loose ends that needed tying up were done in a good way Sometimes you just love a book and can t explain why It was everything, the story, the characters, the drama and the narrators They did an awesome job All I can say is just listen to the book I don t think you will be disappointed.
I just love this series read it Go Now What are you waiting for Oh my goodness Where to begin So much happens in the book its crazy Okay I m going to spoil it so if you don t want to know what happens then stop reading this review SPOILER So Gabe maybe alive Caitlin sneaks into Gabe s parents house to see if she can find out if its true or not She finds his ashes and a funeral bulletin She is crushed Caitlin s dad comes to her and tell her some aunt Sally dies and left him tons of money and a house in Hawaii He wants Caitlin to have it and move there was the kids She does after to believe Gabe is really dead Caitlin then realizes she is pregnant with Gabes child So she still has a part of him But 4 months in she has a miscarries Her good friend Isaac moves to Hawaii to help her through this hard time Isaac ends up moving in and they start datin Finally A Love So Deep is so full of emotion and punched to the feelings This book starts off where a Love So Dangerous left off, with so many uncertainties and unanswered questions There is so much going on that my head is spinning I don t want to ruin anything for anyone, so I will say that all the pieces to the puzzle are put in place and there is finally a conclusion One I did not see coming So buckle up and settle in for an exciting ride I absolutely loved this series, and I highly recommend it if you re looking for a fast paced, what the hell is going on read You won t be disappointed 4 Well Deserved HEA StarsI start by saying I am so glad that this book was outI really needed to see where Caitlin s life ended up with the Loss of Gabe YepI dropped that bomb there Where is he you say OHHHHHH, to tell you would be tragic Never have I read a book where two people were meant to be togetherwhere two people were so perfect for each other.
where so many people worked so hard to keep them apart.
This series reads fast, and I recommend reading the prequel and book 1 first so that you can really grasp the goodness that is Gabethe emotions that come from the two of them together I freely admit to wiping a few stray tears away during this read Let s just say that miracles do exist That true love is never forgotten That sometimes it s ok to be bad That sometimes the perfect ending isn t always wrapped up in a b A New Adult Story About Breaking Out, Moving On, And Learning That Some Loves Never Die It S Been Almost A Year Since That Night In The Attic, Since Something Inside Me Died, And A New Caitlin Cooney Was Born From The Wreckage The Months That Followed Nearly Killed Me, But I Survived And Fought For The Happiness Gabe Was Determined To Give My Little Brothers, My Baby Niece, And Me Now, My Family Has Everything I Ever Wanted To Give Them, And I Have A New Boyfriend He S The Last Person I Imagined I D End Up With, But We Re Good Together Life Is Good If Only Good Was Good Enough, And I Wasn T Still Consumed By A Love So Fierce Nothing Can Put What I Feel For Gabe To RestStill, I Believe The Worst Is Over, Until I M Forced Back To My Hometown And Realize How Many Lies Have Been Told To Snuff Out The Wicked Rush I Found In Gabe S Arms PERFECT LOVE Is An Edgy, Sexy, Boundary Pushing read Intended For Readers Over The Age Of Seventeen The Book Features Graphic Love Scenes, Violence, Strong Language, Liars, And Heartbreak read At Your Own Risk