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Download Epub Format õ Trollvinter PDF by ☆ Tove Jansson Luin kirjan uudelleen joulun aikaan Ihana ja lumoava Taikatalvi 3.
All things are so very uncertain, and that s exactly what makes me feel reassured.
Had the urge to reread this because it kept popping up to my bookstagram feed, so thanks, guys It was even better than I remembered, and a perfect December read.
The human world is a huge mess that somehow survives the day I don t know how it happens, and I m not sure that all our un concerted efforts to help it survive don t just further complicate things and make that daily survival less and less possible My attitude in these matters is generally that of a cynical Taoist a profound faith in things as they are functioning perfectly in enormous rhythms of time wedded to an understanding that most humans only make things worse If pressed my explanation would be that collectively we see a new day every day due to an inherent survival mechanism of such incredible complexity that even our brightest brains can t understand it If pressed I would also add that this survival mechanism is beyond the reach of our brains, which itself is part o When one s dead, then one s dead, said Too Ticky kindly This squirrel will become earth all in his time And still later on there ll grow trees from him, with new squirrels skipping about in them Do you think that s so sad Perhaps not, said Moomintroll Granted, I ve only just finished reading it, but this might just be my favourite book Towards the end, when Moomintroll s long and lonely ordeal is finally over, someone suggests that he should put a glass over a budding crocus to protect it overnight No, he says Let it fight it out I believe it s going to do still better if things aren t so easy These are stories to live by.
There s a fab essay by Maria Popova on this book on Brain Pickings today, encompassing the paradox of active surrender Highly recommended Found my childhood copy of this while cleaning out an old box last night, and to my delight I enjoyed it just as much as a grown up My favourite of all the moomin books, because of the haunting quietness On my must read list for all children.

Cynical comfort reading Jansson s stories won t warm the depths of mid winter, but may encourage you to accept that the frozen snowy dark is temporary and not entirely meritless if one remains open to its potential People also Most of them are irritating in some way or another, but it ll be okay They re probably also well meaning in some way.
I love all the Moomin books, but this one especially It s a small existentialist masterpiece Who but Tove Jansson can blend menace and whimsy in such a winning way I m plotting an omnibus review of the whole series when I ve finished rereading them all two books to go after this one.
So wintry and lovely My copy had 17 pages missing so I shall have to hunt them down and enjoy them on their own.
Oh, the things that happen to you if you can t hibernate properly Reread with my big kids in Scandinavian mid winter A delight to revisit after a decade This Is Snow, Moomintroll Whispered To HimselfMoomins Always Sleep Through The Winter Or They Did Until The Year Moomintroll Woke Up And Went Exploring In The Silent, Snow Covered Valley Where The River Used To Scuttle Along And All His Friends Were So Busy In Summer

The Moomins and the Great Flood 1945 , during World War II She said later that the war had depressed her, and she had wanted to write something naive and innocent Besides the Moomin novels and short stories, Tove Jansson also wrote and illustrated four original and highly popular picture books.Jansson s Moomin books have been translated into 33 languages.