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[Nikki Godwin] × American Girl on Saturn (Saturn, #1) [manga-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download Õ The Summer After Graduation Is Supposed To Be That First Real Taste Of Freedom But Not For Eighteen Year Old Chloe Branson Just As That Breeze Of Freedom Is Making Its Way Into Her Galaxy, Her Secret Service Agent Dad Drops A Meteor Sized Bomb Of Bad News On Her And Her Sisters An Attempt Has Been Made On The Lives Of Canadian Boyband, Spaceships Around Saturn, During Their USA Tour, And The Guys Have To Go Into Hiding ASAP The Only Problem In The Midst Of The Crisis And Media Frenzy, Their Dad Volunteered To Hide The Guysin Their HouseSix Year Old Emery Is As Ecstatic As Any Self Proclaimed Saturnite Would Be, But Chloe And Her Seventeen Year Old Sister Aralie Watch Their Summer Plans Crash And Burn Like A Falling Star The SAS Guys Aren T Happy With The Situation, Either Bad Boy Jules Picks Fights With Aralie About Everything From His Twitter Followers To His Laundry, And Heart Throb Benji Can T Escape Emery S Fangirlisms For Than Three MinutesBut After The Super Cute Milo Kisses Chloe During A Game Of Hide And Seek, She Finally Understands What Emery Means When She Talks About SAS Being Out Of This World If This Is What Saturn Feels Like, Chloe Doesn T Want To Come Back To Earth 1.
5 starsEmery bursts into the kitchen Her golden curls flap in the air as she runs toward us, hugging her Spaceship around Saturn pillow to her chest Do you think they ll sign it I need a Sharpie Chloe I need Sharpies She screams the words into my face Her eyes get all crazy, like a taxidermy laughing hyena American Girl on Saturn I don t know The title immediately sounded appealing to me Probably, because it reminded me of All American Girl by Meg Cabot, which I loved for its realistic characters and its humor in spite of the rather far fetched set up a teenager saves the US president from being shot by a lunatic assassin, is invited to the White House for her bravery and begins a boy girl thing with the First Son Also, the description mentioned that the heroine Chloe Branson would be annoyed to hear that five spoiled C Come check out my stop on the American Girl on Saturn blog tour and enter the giveaway to win awesome prizes FIVE REASONS WHY AMERICAN GIRL ON SATURN IS A MUST read The romance Come on Of course we re looking for an awesome romance Fortunately, this book gives readers exactly that AND MORE I thought I was done with the freaky fan girl stuff Chloe and Milo had amaaazing chemistry I love that their love story actually took time to blossom despite having only 2 weeks to get to know each other and spend time together The first night they bonded was my absolute favorite There s nothing better than a really cute guy flirting with you subtly while you both snack on milk and Oreos Yep Milk, Oreos, really cute guy HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS I also like how they tried to keep their relationship a secret and how they sneaked around just to get some alone time It was sweet all around.
The I CALL DIBS ON MILO Haha IWantToBeABransonSisterFull review to come I CAN T.
This is one of the most adorable stories I have ever read.
Well, first of all, it has a very pretty cover, right I didn t think twice about joining the blog tour for American Girl on Saturn, because I couldn t get Milo out of my head for days Imagine being on a lockdown with your favorite boyband on a summer lockdown HOW AWESOME IS THAT Nikki Godwin created characters that readers will fall in love with The craziness, the oddity of the situation, the late night sneaking out I loved it all I think Chloe s family is a cool family She has a dad who is a secret service agent, and a very caring mom She also has two sisters, Aralie and Emery Aral So let me try not to fangirl out on this book I will start at the beginning.
A couple months ago I was asked to do a cover reveal for a book about these sister that had a boy band living in their house I skipped it but I couldn t stop thinking about how cute that scenario sounded So it took me a couple days to figure out what the name of the book was and I only figured it out because my son said something about Saturn I will tell you this I am so glad I did Not only was this a fantastic book but also Nikki is an awesome person I absolutely adore her.
If you are or have ever been a fangirl of a band you will love this book Half the thing she writes about is exactly what I would do if I had a boy band at my house I can already see that this is going to be my daughter in a couple years god help me The story Pre Reading This sounds so cute and the fact that the author may or may not love One Directionjust makes me want to read this even AHHH I GOT THIS AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT TODAY Can t wait Post ReadingGOSH, DO I HAVE TO WAKE UP FROM THIS FANGIRL DREAM DAww man this was perfect book escapism and simply perfect for people that have ever experienced fangirlism all the emaooschensss.
wuhuuuuuu ergo me Imagine having a boyband or less locked up with you One Direction, anyone LOUIS TOMLINSON I loved this book I loved the acknowledgment section afterwards, I enjoyed every moment of reading this baby.
I loved this book so much, I just gah American Girl on Saturn exceeded my expectations by, like, a universe I literally would not be separated from my e reader while reading And under the rare circumstance I had to set this gem of a book down I was not a happy camper, to say the least American Girl on Saturn s strongest aspect is the characters There are quite a few, yet I felt like I get to know each of their unique personalities This is quite a feat I recently finished a novel with a lot of characters, and they got all mixed up in my head thanks to their lack of personality and originality Thankfully, this book was the opposite First, we have the three sisters Chloe Branson is our main character and I enjoyed her point of view Her personality was very relatable Next we have Aralie, the middle sister She was awesome Not only did she have a lot of spunk, she also made me I am really torn on how to rate this As pure escapist teen romantic fantasy, it doesn t get much better Chloe is a good girl done wrong and feeling the hurt of being ostracized for dumping the popular guy at school Emotionally vulnerable and socially shaken, she enters an extended lockdown situation forcing semi intimate and prolonged contact with five dreamy guys from a popular boy band Fortunately, being a fantasy, the boys are or less what their managers want them to appear to be good hearted, or less well adjusted, and or less happy with themselves and their situation.
Yeah, the fantasy is laid on pretty thick here, so that the book operates as a kind of boy band fangirl dream It is clear that Nikki Godwin has been and still is to some extent a fangirl herself but with enough talent to make the story still work without overt authorial intrusion or anything eve This is how I m feeling after reading this original, beautiful, amazing I could seriously go on and on novel Words To The Marvellous Author Nikki, you have written a stupendous fantastic novel that all readers will sure remember forever I lovedAmerican Girl on Saturnso very much, I can t wait to see what else you have in store for us readers You certainly deserve an applause Chloe Branson sure does expect the best summer of her life, the one right after graduation But not for long When her secret service agent dad drops the bomb that gunshots were heard at her little sister s favourite boyband, Spaceships Around Saturn s concert, the boys are in hiding immediately and have no other place to stay other than at the Branson house Soon after, the three Branson sisters and Spaceships Around Saturn are in lockdown, right in the Branson House Little do the g absolutely adored American Girl On Saturn It was funny, charming and boytatsic It was the initially the stunning cover that drew me in, but I was following author Christina Channelle s status updates while she was reading through, and I simply had to have it And it didn t disappoint, whatsoever It surpassed my expectations and once I begun reading, I couldn t put it down It s one of those titles that will cheer you up, pull you out of a book funk and leave you warm and fuzzy.
I haven t had the pleasure of reading anything that Nikki Godwin has wrote before, but I m certainly a fan now and will be seeking out her other releases No doubt, you ll fall in love with Spaceships Around Saturn too I m not afraid to declare, I m now a fully fledged Saturnite too.

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