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[ Read Online The Journey Somewhere ✓ street-art PDF ] by Suzie Carr Á Love the book It s easy to follow the entire story and can be reading as a standalone personally I haven t read Tangerine twist There are a short flash back early in the book which talks about the beginnings of Kelly and Becca so you won t miss much It is also there is a flash back, you re directly being drawn into the differences of these people couple years down the road.
Becca certainly got courage, and I love that you really see she has matured over the years Despite she can t have Kelly in the beginning of the book, you can see that she genuinely loves Kelly still and wanted her to be happy and be herself The characters feels very real, and though Becca is an artist performer, you can still easily relate to the characters I wonder if there will be another book in the future about Becca and Kelly.
Real life is what potentially unfolds in the follow up to Tangerine Twist There is a long build up and much inner searching, reflection and self examination It is not so much a love story as it is a story about love, a reach for life purpose and who you choose to live your life with This approach may be boring to some but to me, this is real life and I like real life Sure, real life has it ups and downs and we may not be interested in reading a book about the day to day struggles of real life because you read to get away and be entertained Although you do have a cool song writer entertainer in Becca and a person reaching for purpose Kelly and a person who has settled Bonnie Through the author s story telling, I cared about each of them.

This is the sequel to Tangerine Twist.
Kelly is stuck in her life and in her relationship She clings to her partner Bonnie for a sense of stability and comfort, something she lacked with her now famous ex lover Becca But Kelly has also shelved her dreams of becoming a successful photographer It s clear from the beginning that Kelly has never gotten over her feelings for Becca but is afraid to go back to someone who is so famous that everyone loves her and wants her.
This book, written from Kelly s POV, is about her journey to realizing her dream and to her re connection with Becca.
Because I read the first book I was already invested in the characters and so I read the book quickly to see how things turned out Since the book and the characters held my interest, I ve rated it highly I thoroughly enjoyed this book I was already well into a different book that I had intended to finish first, but I was intrigued and decided I would read a few pages or a chapter Well, I got hooked I had to know where things were going to go and the writing is so inviting.
The characters are realistic and relatable There is no glossing over of internal conflicts, which I found super refreshing This book is extremely well balanced A few times I thought OMG I do that I felt included.
There were also some really funny parts My laugh startled my cat many times, and maybe my neighbors.
This is the first of Suzie Carr s books that I ve read, but not the last I ve already purchased two.
Enjoy Fantastic sequel to Tangerine Twist, and very inspirational read for anyone who is struggling with letting a dream live or die This is definitely another Suzie Carr masterpiece Absolutely loved this book, at the end of Tangerine Twist I was hoping that there would be for Becca and Kelly, I was so happy to be able visit their lives again Great characters and superb writing Hope for Satisfying conclusionI have seen reviews suggesting there was too much rehashing of the first book in the series in this volume While there is some, I didn t find it to be too much There were some inconsistencies, which I might not have noticed if I didn t read them back to back, but the different perspective on the same events was worthwhile However, by the end, I felt that the entire two novel series might have benefited from being written as one novel with sections of the novel alternating between the perspectives of Becca and Kelly This might have resulted in a smoother presentation I d say the two novel series is about 3.
5 stars.
Several of the characters increase their likability factor in this volume of the series considerably One who doesn t, however, is Bonnie, Kelly s fiancee Some of the revelations in the story, in particular about how she pursued K THE JOURNEY SOMEWHEREThis is a sequel to Tangerine Twist Where TT was told from Becca s view point this story is told from Kelly s Both novels were very enjoyable and entertaining Suzie Carr is an excellent author, if you have not read anything by her I highly recommend any of her novels.
Want To Be Photographer, Kelly Copeland, Thinks She Has It All A Loyal Fianc E, A Cute Condo, And A Lovable Dog Her Life Is Stable And Easy But, Then Her Ex Girlfriend, The Famous Folk Musician, Becca James, Pops Back Into Her Life She Offers Kelly An Opportunity Of A Lifetime, Photographing Her Documentary Tour Everything Is About To Change Now Embracing This Opportunity Takes Kelly On A Journey Somewhere Far Away From Anything That Resembles Stable And Easy Finished 2 30a Rate 3.
5 The Cover I LOVE the cover It drew me in, being a lover of photography, I wanted to read something that had to do with something i m passionate about The Story This style story is a first for me I enjoyed it, I had a few problems with Bonnie, like in the beginning they tell us she was a photographer too when she and Kelly met, but somewhere along the way she just gave up And didn t really care much about Kelly following her dreams, and helping for a good cause I found Bonnie annoying But that s me I found it easy to forget the characters where in their 30 s Maybe it s because I m not Overall I loved Kelly, the CRE8 program The photography aspects And the fact that even at 30 you

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