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Ô Read Ô Vulcan's Forge (Star Trek: The Original Series) by Josepha Sherman â Just Over A Year Ago, Captain James T Kirk Was Lost To The Nexus While Saving The USS Enterprise B From Destruction Aboard The Science Ship Intrepid II, Captain Spock, Commanding Some Of His Old Crewmates, Must Face The Loss Of His Closest Friend But While Still In Mourning For One Friend, He Must Come To The Aid Of Another Decades Ago, Spock Had Teamed Up With David Rabin, The Young Son Of A Starfleet Captain, To Fight An Attempted Coup On Vulcan That Would Have Turned The Planet S People Away From The Path Of Logic Now A Starfleet Officer, Captain David Rabin Has Been Assigned To A Harsh Desert World Much Like Vulcan, Where The Federation Is Determined To Protect The Lives Of The Inhabitants But Rabin S Efforts Are Being Sabotaged And He Has Asked For Spock S Help Against The Unknown Forces That May Well Destroy The Society He Had Come To SaveWhile Reflecting On His Youthful Adventure With David Rabin, Spock Joins With Rabin To Face And Enemy Out Of Their Past And Confront Deadly Romulan Treachery In The Process Spock Will Decide If The Path Of His Life Now Leads Back Toward The Family Traditions He Had Once Sought To Escape I m rereading this book very slowly before I go to bed It s really well written and the characters feel true to canon I especially love the Spock McCoy dynamic and the play on the lingering bond they have so many years after the fal tor pan.
Reading about both young Spock and a post Generations Spock is interesting However, the different timelines were confusing, and there were too many references to movies, especially for a story that takes places centuries into the future So, this was a mixed bag.
This was really interesting the main story point is what is up above, with the crazed, emotional Vulcan that Spock and the fellow Starfleet captain from his past had to deal with on a tough planet But the best parts were the side stories or issues because this is when he begins on the path that we see him some decades later in the Next Generation episodes First, this was when Spock decides he had enough of Starfleet, and wants to go into diplomacy And second, the seeds of his working with the Romulans for reunification were planted here We also see another human friend from his teen years, and the parallel from then, the first time they had to work together, to now He still is morning Kirk s death though we all know he Plot BWriting BVocabulary CLevel IntermediateRating PG13 terrorism, kidnapping, hand to hand combat, hallucinogenic drugs, religious fanaticism, paranoid schizophrenia, harrowing desert crossing Worldview All paths may lead to peace god Religious fanaticism leads to death.
Two parallel stories emerge one from Spock s teenage years on Vulcan, one from the year after Captain James Kirk died Both episodes follow Spock and his friend David Rabin as they must hazard a desert crossing to rescue their comrades from a fanatial enemy and ignorantly religious minions Worth reading if you re a Star Trek fan and want of Spock s backstory, especially on what propelled him to join Star Fleet.
Lawrence of Arabia jokes number too many Indeed, I get tired of the campy humor here, especially when the point is only to depict the Vulcan rejection of emotion I would have expected less of this in a book focusing on Vulcan characters, and explanation of exactly how and why Vulcans think If one cannot find what a core Star Trek Vulcan is by reading a book or two in that world, then where can a fan find it What we have here is a sociological examination of planet Vulcan, by comparison with planet Obsidian, without enough genuine affinity for the stark reality of Vulcan logic Instead, despite the attempts to paint a clever family portrait of Spock s family, we find Vulcans as the brunt of typically xenophobic Earth jokes again and again.
There ought to be a rule in fiction that narrative flashbacks to the past be no longer than the main text which they supposed Not bad, if a little disjointed.
This was a very interesting story It picks up a year after James Kirk s death in STAR TREK GENERATIONS Scotty has retired and the rest of the bridge crew is trying to get on with their lives McCoy and Spock are still mourning the loss of Kirk and for Spock the loss of his mother So much loss in such a short amount of time So the story is divided into three parts Part One takes place on a planet called Obsidian orbiting an unstable Sun called Loki what were they thinking Part Two takes place on Vulcan during the ceremony were young Vulcan males enter into adulthood Part Three is the problems that the Intrepid II faces while Spock and McCoy are on the planet s surface The Federation officer in charge of the outpost on Obsidian is Captain David Rabin David and Spock met before the cer It demonstrates a great command of Vulcan and the character of Spock, especially in its opening chapters Nevertheless, it s not as engaging as either Spock s World or Vulcan s Glory though it tries to move mountains in order equal their reputations Strangely enough, it seems a bit redundant AND repetitive, though not quite in the same way as A.
C Crispin s Sarek.
Captain Spock takes the Intrepid II on a mission that pulls him back to the past His old friend Captain David Rabin is posted on Obsidian, a desert planet near the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone His assignment is to head up a program to improve the health and welfare of the inhabitants, but their best efforts are met with sabotage by the very people the Federation is there to help and possibly by others as well.
Spock s reunion with Captain Rabin brings back his memories of their meeting as teenagers and the harrowing adventure they shared in Vulcan s Forge Their past adventure informs the current mission both conflicts are similar in many ways, and the solution lies in a greater understanding of their first encounter so many years ago.
As Spock and his CMO Dr McCoy lead the landing party to Obsidian, Commander Uhura is le

Josepha Sherman was an American author, folklorist, and anthologist In 1990 she won the Compton Crook Award for the novel The Shining Falcon.