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✓ Hansel and Gretel ✓ Download by ↠´ Jacob Grimm Once Upon A Time There Was A Poor Woodcutter Who Lived Near A Great Forest With His Wife And His Two Children The Little Boy Was Called Hansel, And The Little Girl S Name Was Gretel So Begins This Classic Grimm Tale Of Two Innocent Children, Abandoned In The Forest By Their Cruel Mother, Who Happen Upon The Enchanting Gingerbread House Of A Wicked Witch Hansel S Cunning And Little Gretel S Courage Foil The Witch S Evil Plan To Fatten Them Up And Eat Them, And In The Best Fairy Tale Tradition, They And Their Loving Father Live Happily Ever After Dorothee Duntze S Elegant, Stylized Illustrations Provide An Intriguing New Interpretation Of This Childhood Favorite, A Satisfying Story Of Evil Punished And Goodness Rewarded Neil Gaiman Hansel and Gretel great book Honestly, not a huge fan of this oneGaiman did a splendid job when he retold Sleeping Beauty The Sleeper and the Spindle so I was excited at the idea of another classic being twisted by his mind Unfortunately, this retelling was essentiallyjust that A retelling.
And not a particularly interesting or unique one There wasn t some special twist or character development It s literally just Hansel and Gretel The kids get lost in the woods, stumble upon a witch, nearly get eaten and manage to get their revenge.
I suppose, if I was really fishing, the art could be considered the twist to the book It s all in black and white with an edgy artsy spin to it and edgy in the sense that I had to really squint at some of these pages to see what was h

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comThis version of Hansel Gretel by Neil Gaiman has to be one of my favorites I loved that it stays close to the original Grimm version and preserves the chilling detailsToday, when the oven is hot enough, we will roast your brother, said the old woman But do not be sad I will give you his bones to chew, little oneWhat I cherish most about this edition are the illustrations There s no color in any of the pictures by Lorenzo Mattotti as they re simply black and white What s interesting is how certain details in the written story are left out, but then you find them sketched in the pictures For example, the mother is originally with the father as Hansel and Gretel, who are they Brother and sister lost in the woods, astrayAbandoned by their parents, so cruel, so awfulLeft to fend for themselves, wrong, unlawfulFind a house made of sweets, and cake, a lure A sinister woman, a witch, a predator, for sureFatten them up, tease them, and be unkindKept in a cage, mk ultra springs to mindFatten them up, all juicy, and succulent, and freshThe witch, this cannibal, craving pure clean, untouched fleshLike the child catcher, Sir Jimmy Saville , chitty chitty bang bang Protected, by lawHigh ranking officials, clients, a cabal, a trollPreying on children, everywhere, aboundLike the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, a monster, a houndHansel and Gretel, too clever for them, too smart, too awareOutwitting, setting traps, turning tables, giving the witch a scareA tas

Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, German philologist, jurist and mythologist, was born at Hanau, in Hesse Kassel or Hesse Cassel He is best known as the discoverer of Grimm s Law, the author of the monumental German Dictionary, his Deutsche Mythologie and popularly, with his brother