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[Cynthia Eden] º Evidence of Passion (Shadow Agents: Guts and Glory, #7) [civil-war-history PDF] Read Online ↠´ Perfection Finally Rachel and Dylan s story I was losing hope here The villain was brilliant he was unpredictable psychotic menacing and devious I love it when books have clever villains who are actually a threat and not same lame wannabe who mimics doctor evil and actually thinks it could pass for serious Rachel and Dylan both surprised me as characters in this book We ve seen them a couple of times before but their story seemed pretty straight forward and I honestly had my doubts regarding their book since I m not into the whole love secretly for years thing but just wow I should have known that Cynthia Eden would manage to do it with style Overall I effin loved it and now it s time for the dragon wiggles eyebrows Adam Wright s betrayal You re mine, he told her His hands lowered to his sides Either mine to kill or mine to love The choice is all on me I knew it from the beginning leads Rachel Mancini reluctantly into the protective arms of Dylan Foxx I m going to take care of you, Dylan promised her We re the good guys We re going to keep you safe A pause I m going to keep you safe Cynthia Eden dialogue and writing style, regardless of genre, always keep this reader intrigued This is the first book in The Shadow Agents Guts and Glory line that I have read each is stand alone Dylan is everything a heroine needs sexy, protective, and 100% devoted I loved his intimation tactics they always brought a smile to my face Rachel complements his character perfectly Considering she has a killer obsessed with her I expected a meeker woman someone in need o Favorite couple in this series.

Very good book that started with action and never stopped It starts with Rachel, a military lawyer, held captive by a man she thought she was in love with, but who had been hired to kill her She was rescued by agents of he EOD, one of whom was Dylan Foxx He swore to her then that she was safe and he would make sure she stayed that way Shortly after that, Rachel herself joined the EOD and became part of Dylan s team They became partners and very good friends.
What Rachel didn t know was that Dylan felt than friendship for her He has been attracted to her from the beginning, but has worked hard to maintain their professional relationship He was doing a god job keeping himself under control until the killer returned, determined to finish what he had started With the stress of knowing that she s in the cro Evidence of Passion by Cynthia EdenAction, adventure, romance and a bad guy to capture These are the perfect ingredients for a Harlequin Intrigue and Cynthia Eden has done a marvelous job of weaving a story that flies through the elements and adds danger and suspense to the mix I loved how the hero was invested from the beginning but waited for the right time Even though he makes mistakes in the winning of the heroine we forgive him because he does it out of protection and love Minor spoilers I was so scared that secondary character Thomas was going to be killed Isn t the guy left out on the sidewalk, or in the car watching the house the sacrifice I knew the minute we met him that he was going to die Until the event happened, I was so tense and trying not to like him Great save not killing him And now he gets his own book n Contemporary, Romantic SuspenseWashington, DCRachel Mancini is an ex lawyer now an EOD agent that trusted the wrong man and almost lost her life because of it Now the killer is back years later to finish the hit he missed Rachel s gorgeous partner, Dylan Foxx is determined that is not going to happen as long as he is on the case Dylan and Rachel have been friends for years and he will do anything to keep her safe Knowing it could prove fatal he wants her in his arms and his bed Dylan being an ex SEAL has the skills and determination to meet every danger the twisted assassin that is obsessed with Rachel can unleash Dylan never had a place for a relationship in his life until the moment he sensed that Rachel wanted him as badly has he wants her This is another great book in a series that is proving to have a The seventh book in the Shadow Agents Guts and Glory series by Cynthia Eden Three year before Rachel Mancini was a lawyer and nearly killed by Jack , an assassin Now she works for EOD Elite Operations Division and her partner is Dylan Foxx, an ex Navy SEAL Now it looks like Jack is back.
I love Cynthia Eden but this one didn t grab me as much as her other books normally do It was just a fair read for me.
Friends Become Endangered Lovers In New York Times Bestselling Author Cynthia Eden S Shadow Agents Guts And Glory MiniseriesTrusting The Wrong Man Had Almost Cost EOD Agent Rachel Mancini Her Life Now, Years Later, The Killer S Back To Make The Hit He Missed But He Won T Succeed While Rachel S Gorgeous Partner, Dylan Foxx, Is On The Case He S Been The Sexy Ex Lawyer S Friend For Years And Will Do Anything To Keep Her Safe And Though It Could Prove Fatal, He Wants Her In His Armsand His BedBut First He Has To Stop The Madman Obsessed With Rachel Ex SEAL Dylan Has The Skills And Determination To Meet Every Danger The Twisted Assassin Can Unleash A Relationship Has Never Had A Place In His Lifeuntil He Senses Rachel Wants Him As Badly As He Wants Her Rachel and Dylan are colleagues in a covert agency, EOD Now that an old adversary is back and targeting Rachel, Dylan can t hide his feelings any longer Will Rachel trust him not only to have her back, but with her feelings as well Action, suspense and smutty fluff in a fast paced entertaining combo Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.
It was all going well, until than halfway into the book,

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