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[Bella Forrest] ✓ A Break of Day (A Shade of Vampire, #7) [academia PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ë This book concludes the series and ties up all the remaining loose ends The true motivations for the actions of The Ageless are finally revealed and the war between the Guardians and the Elders is explained Derek and Sophia have to make tremendous sacrifices in order to reunite their family This book covers a lot of change in a very short amount of time Since it has been a while since I read the prior books in the series, it took me a few chapters to remember exactly where the story had left off, and what the history was for each of the characters However, it didn t detract from the story and it all came back to me quickly I have enjoyed this series Each quick, short book in the series is action packed The characters are compelling and there are plenty of twists and turns along the way Most importantly, a happy ending awaits.
5 starsDespite I loved the series, Derek and Sofia s final story was such a disappointment Actually, the series much to my surprise slowly but sure meet its down fall I can t help to not notice things that I disliked in each sequel after book 4.
Looking back now, I think I can bear reading a lot of POV, if it means that I can get the clarity in the story I don t know, maybe Bella Forrest read my review or other Shaddicts have the same thoughts as mine about those POV, but this book is told mostly from Sofia and Derek s POV Just like the first book, A Shade of Vampire The problem is both Derek and Sofia barely know anything Reading their final journey to find True Sanctuary was like walking in the dark They don t have any idea what they are facing and what they have to do It was just so frustrating I usually enjoy reading something Brilliant, I ve loved it all, so emotional but everything s happy at the end Can t wait for shade of kiev

I enjoy the series although it gets a bit draggy at times and with the latest book I was kinda disappointed with the ending I would like itif things worked for Sophia and Derek.
Glad it s overGlad it s overI really enjoyed the first five books, but I was less impressed with books 6 7 The beginning five were so great that I just couldn t put them down This one I read quickly just to see how the author was going to resolve the series I think they got to far fetched for me in the last couple with the hawks and bodyless elders that possessed vampires.
A Break of Day is the finale of one of my favorite series, A Shade of Vampire Finally it has come to a conclusion I have to admit, after reading the book, I kind of miss the whole series I miss the characters that I have grown to love since last year I miss the beauty of The Shade, the all consuming and magical world of the vampires, and of course, the beautiful characters Okay, now I m getting all sentimentalStay strong, Sofia You re no stranger to storms The waves may rage, but you can rise above themAnyway, the book is good I admit that I have greater expectations since I was totally imagining a different plot, twist, and ending But although it didn t exactly meet my expectations, I was relieved because of its happy ending.
What I admire about this book, despite the tormenting events and situations th Please oh please let book 7 be the last of the series There really shouldn t of been a book six, but after reading all six books I m hoping it ends with a happy ending Otherwise I m so done.
The Greatly Anticipated Conclusion To Derek And Sofia S Journey Everything Sofia Believed To Be True Has Crumbled Before Her Very EyesIn This Explosive Finale, Secrets Will Be Revealed, Loyalties Tested And Trust BrokenAre You Ready To Return To The Shade Too far fetchedAnd too much going on I loved this series and the way it was progressing but when people were turning into Hawks Nah It was too silly for me.
You re no stranger to storms The waves may rage, but you can rise above them Finally I come to the epic conclusion of Derek and Sofia s story After the shocking events of the previous book I couldn t wait to see how things turn out for these two I couldn t put the book down and read the whole thing in one day Derek and Sofia have been through so much since they met and fell in love, but this book shows that they are survivors and no matter what is thrown at them they can rise above They are truly stronger together, this fact was proven time and time again all throughout this series Of course in true fashion, there were still several obstacles they had to overcome in this book before they could find their HEA If you thought what they were up against in the past was dangerous, the enemies in this book were far worse The showdown between the E

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