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↠´ Die unendliche Geschichte ↠´ Download by ↠´ Michael Ende My children are currently listening to a never ending audiobook of this all time children s favourite of mine, and I find myself secretly spying on them, listening to bits and pieces of the story, always knowing exactly where they are at the moment, after so many rereadings I still dream of finding a bookstore like the one where Bastian Balthasar Bux found The Neverending Story I don t think I ever pass an antique shop without thinking of this book for at least a fraction of a second, it is so deeply engraved in my heart and mind Who has never dreamt of being a castaway in the school attic, with some food, some light, and a book that literally soaks you in I still hear the loud cry when Bastian thinks he sees himself in the mirror that Atreju stares into And I still hear him yell the name of the Empress Mondenkind , in German, probably Moon , The first and still most luminous story that urged me to stop running away from my life into books and start weaving books back into my life If this sounds too abstract, consider the Human Library a child of The Neverending Story, a sister of Moonchild.
This book made me polish my German enough to read it in the original And make notes of important mistakes in the Bulgarian translation It made me itch to create a MUSH, where no two lands of Fantastica ever stay in the same place so good luck with making your way from point A to point B D , and the Temple of a Thousand Doors prods you to ponder, Who am I , and you get to help Atreyu with completing at least a few of those stories started by Bastian, and you meet others, others like you, like Er N Sateisena Marraskuun P Iv N Bastian K Hvelt Antikvariaatista Vanhan Kiehtovan Kirjan, Nimelt Tarina Vailla Loppua H N Piiloutuu Ullakolle Lukemaan Ja Joutuu Huomaamattaan Mukaan Kirjan Tapahtumiin, Taruolentojen Kansoittamaan Fantaasian Valtakuntaan, Satujen Ja Seikkailujen Kaleidoskooppiin Bastianista Tulee Ihan Oikea Sankari, Joka Pelastaa Koko Fantaasian Valtakunnan Tuholta H N Saa Ikuisen Lapsuuden Valttiattarelta Palkkioksi Medaljongin, Jonka Avulla Kaikki On Mahdollista Mutta Selviyty Kseen Takaisin Ihmisten Maailmaan On Bastianin Toteutettava Kaikkein Vaikein K Sky Tee Mit Todella Tahdot read this to my daughter recently A very mixed bag.
First off I should say that although the book was written in 1979 it reads as though it were written in 1939 The translator has consistently reached for the most complicated high falutin word available and as a result the child s book ends up unreadable incomprehensible to many modern kids I m not one for dumbing down, but this goes the other way pointlessly.
I saw the film around the time it came out years ago The book seems to reach the end of the film by about half way through That first half is cleverly done with a good idea about binding the reader and the adventure together in a meta way that works out really well The pacing is ok, the imagination great chaotic, I loved most of what I read, yet I m stopping on page 352 I just can t continue And you know, I m not entirely sure why I can t continue I just know that I can t But I have a theory.
Having loved the movie version of this in my youth, the whole story is etched into the part of my psyche that deals with childhood that time when so much is new where much in the world is observed through an inner wonder of the mind and a stirring of the soul a magical state, by adult standards Freud may have been a kook with some of his beliefs, but psychologists today with all their studies and time tested proofs, and technology measuring brainwaves, chemicals, etc, now heavily emphasize the impact our childhood has on our adult self And self is everything.
Much of what I read captured me, putting me in a state in which I was accessing stirre Like many people of my generation, I loved the film adaptation the first, not the second, thank you and never realized that it had come from a book until a number of years later In fact, I read it the first time in 07 and not only was I delighted at how imaginative it was, I was flabbergasted joyfully so that it lived up to its name.
It s quick reading, by any standard, but so deliciously dense in imagery, mythology, and an engrossing plot that I swore that if I had any children, this would be a staple of their diet.
Now that I have a little girl, I m just too anxious to start reading it to her I really can t sit still I keep picking up the book and going, Is she old enough, yet Is she Is she Then I set down the book and tear out my metaphorical hair and let out a forlorn cry Then I get a fantastic idea I could just read it again, for myself Then everything is right with th The Nothing is devouring Fantastica bit by bit and The Childlike Empress tasks Atreyu with stopping it Meanwhile, holed up in his school s attic, Bastian Balthazar Bux reads a purlorned book and soon finds himself pulled into The Neverending Story Not too long ago, I bought my wife tickets to see the rerelease of The Dark Crystal in the theater and we got to talking about fantasy movies from the 1980s, which lead to rewatching The Neverending Story Days after that, I found this book in the used bookstore I always go to and decided to give it a read.
If you ve ever seen the movie, the first 45% of the book is 99% of the movie, with the standard book to movie tweaks, expunged parts, etc Fantastica was changed to Fantasia for the movie Some of the creatures look different Atreyu is green, Falkor looks like a lion than I read this every year This time I m doing an audio version I absolutely adore this novel, and shared it with every class I taught I ll never forget the students who acted out the swamps of sadness in the middle of a walk through river mud sucking off our shoes That s really what the gift of this book is the breath of imagination This will be a perfect purchase for my nieces.
2017 Reading Challenge story within a storyAudio reread 86 20 18 audio read 73The beginning scene in the bookstore with the narrator s list of If you ve nevers is something that touches both the child inside me and the reader in me that will never die.
12 20 18 holiday reread I know it s a little early for my annual reread since I just read it in June, but I really need a pick me up This never fails.
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Die unendliche Geschichte The never ending story, Michael Ende The Neverending Story is a fantasy novel by German writer Michael Ende, first published in 1979 An English translation, by Ralph Manheim, was first published in 1983 The novel was later adapted into several films The book centers on a boy, Bastian Balthazar Bux, a overweight and strange child who is neglected by his father after the death of Bastian s mother While escaping from some bullies, Bastian bursts into the antiquarian book store of Carl Conrad Coreander, where he finds his interest held by a book called The Neverending Story Unable to resist, he steals the book and hides in his school s attic, where he begins to read 2009 1368 603 1385 578 9789645571304 20 1979 Although I have read this book than twenty times, I have, until now, never actually written a longer and involved review for Michael Ende s utterly amazing The Neverending Story I have also never read it in English I first read it in German in the early 80s, I believe, and I have reread it regularly over the years Die unendliche Geschichte is thus truly one of my all time favourite German children s literature books I love adore everything about this novel, including the ingenious way the chapters are arranged, as well as the different colour fonts red for reality, blue for Fantastica, or Phant sien in German For me, the different fonts are not only an ingenious plot and narrative device, they also represent the separation of fantasy and reality However, the fantastical first letters of each of the 26 chapters, representing the 26 lett