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[George Herman] ¹ A Comedy of Murders [zombies PDF] Read Online ☆ E xcellent historical fictionThe author made Leonardo da Vinci come alive for me I could imagine him having the adventures and talking with Niccolo.
P Here Is The Wittiest Historical Mystery To Come Along Since The Name Of The Rose A Comedy of Murders Stars As Amateur Sleuths The Unlikely Duo Of Leonardo Da Vinci And A Young Dwarf The Court Of The Duke Of Milan Is In Turmoil In This Autumn Of There Are Threats From Within And Without The French Are Preparing To March Across The Alps And Claim The Dukedom With Armed Force The Venetians To The East And The Army Of The Borgia Pope To The South Would Also Be Happy To Grab Their Slice When The Conditions Are Right They Only Await A Signal The Duke Is Informed By His Chief Of Security That A Mysterious Individual Known As The Griffin Is Operating A Ring Of Assassins Within The Court Itself The First Attempt On His Life Is Made During A Hunting Party Visit To A Monastery In Pavia Where The Plot Is Thwarted By A Young And Highly Intelligent Dwarf Named Niccolo In Gratitude, The Duke Brings Niccolo To His Court Where A Mutual Admiration Blossoms Between The Brilliant Young Man And The Resident Artist Leonardo Da Vinci When A Score Of Cardinals Attached To The Court Begin To Perish Under Decidedly Odd Circumstances, Including An Overdose Of Aphrodisiac, The Angry Attention Of The Borgias Is Drawn To Milan As The Dead Body Count Multiplies And Invasaion Threatens, It Is Leonardo And Niccolo Who Attempt To Untangle The Motives And Methods Of The Assassinations, Vendettas, And Simple Murders Due To Leonardo S Anatomy Studies And Inventions, Including A Flying Machine, The Two Amateurs Draw Conclusions That Could Spell Their Own Doom Unless The Artist And His Young Friend Can Use Their Wits To Reveal The Killers Even As Their Enemies Close In A fantastic story, with likable characters, unique twists, and a hugely enjoyable plot set in a time few people know much about The first book in a series of interesting historical detective novels that pits Leonardo Di Vinci and his trusty Dr Watson Like dwarf Niccolo da Pavia against the political intrigues of the 15th Century Italy.
Unterhaltungsroman ber das Mailand Ende des 15 Jahrhunderts, in dem sowohl I l Moro als auch Leonardo und dessen Erfindungen eine entscheidende Rolle spielen Man erf hrt nebenbei einiges ber seine Experimente und Werke Auch war mir vorher nicht klar, dass in diese Zeit auch die Erfindung der comedia dell arte fiel Dass es Fortsetzungen des Romans gibt ist aus meiner Sicht aber berfl ssig.

Yet another Leonardo as Sherlock Holmes story, but this one comes with sex and murder than any of Stuckart s, so that s cool I ll be honest, I bought this book because it was cheap free, I don t remember now It was pretty good, with some good descriptions of the opulence of the Milianese court Niccolo, the very short man who serves as the narrator, was affable in a Tyrion kind of way He spends a lot of the book drunk, so there s a whole unreliable narrator thing going on, a little unusual in a third person perspective, but cool nonetheless Additionally there s a subplot with a bunch of actors, improve comedians, that was interesting It was a very Shakespearean things, using the actors to reflect what was happening in the plot proper However some of the humor was a little hi This mystery takes place at the court of Duke Ludovico Sforza where Leonardo da Vinci is in residence The Duke has recently taken in Niccolo,a young and very small person with prodigious observational abilities, and the two of them work together to try to solve the mystery of who is trying to murder the Duke The politics of the court, the sexual intriguing and the desire for vengeance result in a surfeit of dead bodies and murderers who use ever imaginative and shocking methods In the end the only people who seem truly sane are Niccolo, Leonardo and the members of the comedy troop who pop in and out throughout the book trying to make people laugh while staying alive amid all of the mayhem.

George Adam Herman, Jr born April 12, 1928 is an American playwright and writer.Herman has taught playwrighting and has been the artist in residence at numerous American universities For 16 years he lived and worked in Hawaii on the staff of the State Superintendent of Education He has directed over 200 plays for numerous schools and theatres, has served as the Artistic Director for at least