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[Jory Strong] ☆ Binding Krista [manhwa PDF] Ebook Epub Download » I enjoyed this story I like to visualise the setting, so, for me, it could have been a little longer with a bit of time spent on explainingabout Adan and Lyan s home planet.
Not exactly the best beginning to a new series the concept behind the Vesti, the Amato, and the Fallon races is interesting and I d love to learnabout how exactly the race split, what it involved, whether there was war, etc, but as for the story itself, it kind of lacked The connection mentioned between Lyan, Adan, and Krysta is basically pure erotica in its form and the way it s put across Instead of having emotional involvement and entanglement, it seemed mostly physical to the point that, when they actually DID profess their love, I was left going, How You don t even bloody well KNOW each other The stamina in all of them apparently knew no bounds, which was also a point of frustration for me I cannot see one woman being able to keep up with both men to such a degree Granted, I also like my men to play with each other For Adan D Amato And Lyan D Vesti, Only A Shared Bond Mate Will Ensure The Continuance Of Their Race The Council Scientists Have Found A Match In Krista Thomas A Genetically Compatible Human By Council Rules Krista Must Be Willing And The Binding Must Be Done Immediately Before She Is Brought Back To Their World, Because Once She Accepts The Bond, She Will Know That Adan And Lyan Are Not Natives Of Earth For The Warriors, It S A Simple Quest Go To Earth, Bind Their Mate To Them, Then Return HomeThere S Only One Catch Krista Is On The Run And She S Afraid To Involve Anyone Else In Her Life Adan and Lyan are definitely out of this world hot Literally They are from a different universe with different rules and structures where their Council have determined Krista Thomas to be a genetically compatible human mate and have sent the men to Earth to claim, bind and bring her home with them They find her in Las Vegas and immediately attempt to stake their claim, but Krista is on the run from a murderous psychotic ex and is not about to trust that the fates have dropped two gorgeous men into her lap for no reason She escapes Adan and Lyan, who are frantic to find her because they could be sent back for their failure, and they are determined that no one is going to take her from them They find her again and use every sensual weapo 3.
5 This is the second time I have read this tale The first time I read it, I was just jumping into the Erotica genre Now, it s been a hot minute or fifteen , and I have a few different opinions about my favorite style of writing Okay, the good I still love the premise of this story a different way to look at our version of Fallen Fallon Angels Most of the sex scenes were hot, and the Sci Fi Fantasy vibe was distributed well throughout the story The struggles I felt some of the sex scenes detracted from the overall plot It was as if some of the sex scenes were not fulfilling a purpose in the story except to make it longer.
Lastly, I felt a few of the sex scenes were pushing the no consent boundary button Often during reading, I found myself saying, Okay, this is a Sci Fi, Fantasy plot these characters, the way they were written wouldn t necessarily understand human views on consent, This book was a waste of money and time, though I decided not to waste too much of the latter on it No need for spoiler warnings, since I didn t finish this thing Couldn t even go further than four chapters.
I don t knowthan the premise in a bitdetail.
The two heroes are Adan and Lyan They re not from Earth, but from aplace called Belizair I assume it s the name of the planet, but that wasn t clarified in part I read They are only on Earth on a mission to retrieve their mate a woman who according to scientists from their home, is genetically compatible with them both.
They have to do this since enemies of their race, the Hotalings, used genetic weaponry and rendered their females infertile Some humans apparently descend from Fallon, after said Fallon beings mixed with humans in the past, and finding them and mating them with two mal Aliens come to earth to locate their mate that their scientist have somehow identified through genetic testing She s on the run from rich powerful bad guy There are a lot of gaps in this story, explanations not fully detailed I think I would have enjoyed this story muchfleshed out In saying that, we have two hunky, hot guys wanting to protect and see to her pleasure in bed After getting her to accept their claim the show her who they really are, men with wings woot

Just hot.
Rating 4I so love the idea of alien Angel and Demon dominance This is the type of story that I wantstoryline and the same amount of sex I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good alien fuck fest.
This is the book you read whenYou have no other books to read, currently need a break from a serious series or if you re sadistic and want to be tortured by inexplicably bad story telling I m amazed that i even completed this book though I can t even say that because a I skimmed ittimes than not To say this was a dastardly, inane read is an understatement that I won t have you believing Let me summarize this book for you before you waste your time It s about these warrior guys that need to mate because their race is being plagued by a bio weapon that threatens them to extinction You will hear nothing , nosophisticated description of this so called epidemic The Hotaling virus, again no back story other than it s a public health crisis in Belzair their native planet can t be overcome so all hopes are bestowed on th

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