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õ Read õ The Master Game by Robert S. de Ropp ☆ Great concept, well executed Some ideas a little scary but a lot that rang true also.
Flippin great S T Pathways To Higher Consciousness This Book Is A Compelling Exploration Of The Human Psyche And Of The Specific Techniques Through Which Man Can Achieve The Highest Possible Levels Of Consciousness This Exploration, Which Involves Every Aspect Of Human Behavior The Instinctive, Motor, Emotional, And Intellectual Is, In The Words Of The Author, The Only Game Worth Playing The Master Game This Best Known Consciousness Classic By Robert S De Ropp Sold Than , Copies In The S And S And Influenced Two Generations Of Readers On Their Spiritual Paths Scientist De Ropp S Summary Provides A Fine Introduction To The Various Practices Of Meditation, Yoga, Fourth Way, And Other Paths This book was recommended to me as an introduction to the Gurdjieff work Splendid It remains prominent on my bookshelf today and I often refer to it.
This book comports very well with early, Oriental Christianity.
It was the finest and most advanced of the games people play or transactional analysis genre of books that came out in the late 60 s toward the end of the Vietnam War It has frequent references to the social pathology of warmongers, while offering devotees of the Way a rewarding, yet difficult path to higher consciousness and being Devotees will be largely scorned by modern society The author is an exceptional biochemist.
One social current central to the sixties , a current in addition to the political, was what may be called the human potential movement For me it began with a public speaking course taken during summer school at Maine Township High School South Among other research projects, inspired by articles in Life Magazine, I did one on psychedelic drugs The owners of Time Life themselves were, as the CIA put it in those days, experienced and the articles were generally very positive, alluring even I hadn t taken any drugs whatsoever at that point, but the study of them and of the persons who took and studied them got me to continue such researches and to begin experimenting myself soon thereafter De Ropp s book was one of many I read on the subject of consciousness enhancing drugs It also discusses other methods of expanding I re read the earlier edition of this text, as I was interested in all game tropes, adding it to Finite and Infinite Games, by James P Carse, and Gamer Theory, by McKenzie Wark This text is an excellent reminder of the neglected seniority of the rigor of Consciousness, a la Zen, Gurdjieff, and other sources Contrasted with other life games, it stands out in bold relief I was particularly struck by the inadequacy of the Art game divorced from The Master Game, and the efficacy of the two in tandem.

This is not some stupid new age BS book It is one of the best books on Creative Psychology The author knows his subject and presents it in matter of fact manner.
Excellent read for any Seeker or anyone who is interested in the topic The book covered several areas of discussion on consciousness, and delves into some of the reasons why human beings have struggled to reach levels of higher consciousness in their lives To me, it is a must read I can see why this is a classic and a bestseller This book has a lot of good ideas to give some thought to, I ll come back to this book many times.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Master Game book, this is one of the most wanted Robert S. de Ropp author readers around the world.