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[Jessie Evans] ☆ This Wicked Rush (Wild Rush, #1) [morocco PDF] Read Online ☆ 4.
5 Wicked Stars Twenty year old Caitlin doesn t have the best home life Her father is a constant drunk Her mother left when she was twelve Her sister left when she was seventeen leaving her in charge of the family not to mention her sisters newborn daughter as well So now Caitlin is working two jobs and raising four kids.
Then there s Gabe who comes into her life like a tornado, literally Offering her enough money to to support her family without having to work and enough money to go to college All she has to do is steal money from people with him But not innocent people, the people they target were accused of various crimes and weren t held accountable for them, so it s okay to take from the guilty right Over the course of the summer Gabe and Caitlin embark on a whirlwind of crime, being as careful as possible or so they think When one person figures it out is leads to serious trouble Loved every single thing about this book Sexy, daring, crazy, wild, and challenging 3.
5 starsI admit it I did not read One Wild Night before reading this I m kinda kicking myself as Gabe is all kinds of awesomeness So I will go back and read that now I have finished Ok so my thoughts I liked this book I enjoyed it and was a great read.
Caitlin is a really strong character and I immediately liked her She just got shit done, didn t whinge or whine about it But then again she didn t have anyone to whinge or whine to it about After taking a night off from her life book 1 she meets the amazing Gabe Well Gabe is back He s decided he wants Caitlin again This time he has an offer for her though, one he know she won t say no too He gets what he wants, she gets what she wants Everyone wins Someone always loses though don t they What ends up as a fantastic summer or fun romance and crime comes to an end Not only is Gabe keeping a HUGE secret from Caitlin, the This book starts where the prequel leaves off and the unexpected but thrilling ride that is Caitlin and Gabe.
Both Gabe and Caitlin have forged a closer bond with their nighttime pursuits in getting justice against those who have gotten off scott free, however the past catches up with them.
This book also had me crying at the level of emotion thatches out between the two and you really find out what both of the characters are made of and how strong they really are, especially Caitlin.
The book ends on a kind of cliff hanger so I really can t wait ti see what happens next in the story.
A brilliant book.
5 stars Rebranded as part of A Love So Dangerous by Lili Valente.
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There is no way that you can convince me that Jessie Evans hasn t seen Showtime sShamelessafter reading this book General spoilers follow The amount of similarities between this book and that series is ridiculous Family with view spoiler 6 kids, being raised by the older sister because the mom abandoned them and the dad is a raging alcoholic who lives with his girlfriend, only comes over to steal money from the kids, and gets a disability check that pays for helps pay for his drinking check hide spoiler Gabe is a self professed womanizer, risk taker, instigator and selfish son of a bitch All for him and him for him He s never been refused by any woman either Caitlin Cooney knows he s textbook Bad Boy but she s drawn to his confidence and mostly his experience, although she really has no clue what she s getting in to It s good versus wicked and she feels she s earned the opportunity to explore the wicked side of life, for once Taking care of her brothers and niece is quite a lode to bear, for anyone, especially a twenty year old Gabe has taken an interest in the beautiful Caitlin and happily bring her along on his wild ride of vigilante justice, but only for the summer She ll be set financially when they are done Can they be done when it s over He s never felt so unsure about his ability to break a relationship off, than now Th I ve read almost all of Jessie s books and I really love them This book is very different from her sweet, southern HEA s that we ve grown to love It is sexier, darker and hotter with an extremely different plot twist I love this new Jessie The writing is absolutely outstanding This is a unique story of Caitlin and Gabe Their story starts in the prequel, One Wild Night, where they agree to do something crazy together and they can t deny the attraction that grows between them Caitlin is taking care of her brothers and niece and trying to earn enough money to keep their house and feed her family Gabe can t forget about the one night they spent together so he has a proposition for her that she can t say no to They agree to spend the summer together a 3.
5 Bonnie and Clyde Twisted StarsI start by saying I did not read the prequel, One Wild Night, so that kinda put me in the HUH dept for a few I was able to pick up the premise soon and found myself pretty happy with this modern day Bonnie and Cldye tale, only with much of an emotional twist Caitlin comes from hardship She is struggling to keep her family together every day Forced into the role of a mother to her siblings and niece she is one tough cookie She is not prepared for Gabe and his sexy, rich swagger to knock her off her path Gabe a breath of dangerous air He pushes her by offering the means to live better and the lust to feel free Two characters from opposite worldstalking on the demons of a small tow You Know What I Like, Caitlin You Know I Want You To Beg For It Gabe I Ve Never Been The Kind Of Person To Give Up On Something I Want Now, I Refuse To Take No For An Answer I Want This Girl I Want To Help Her, And Sleep With Her, And Steal Things With Her, And Make Her Laugh The Way She Did Right That Night In Her Friend S Car We Re Going To Have A Summer Neither Of Us Will Ever Forget, And By The Time We Go Our Separate Ways, She Ll Have Enough Money To Go To College, And I Will Have Had Her Every Way I Want HerCaitlin I M Starting To Forget Why It S A Bad Idea To Get In Any Deeper With A Boy Who Is A Walking, Talking Contradiction A Boy Who Has A Taste For Breaking The Law, A Wicked Way With Words, And A Confident Touch That Leaves No Doubt He S Way Experienced Than I Am I Ve Spent My Life Putting Aside My Own Needs And Cleaning Up After Other People S Mistakes Now, I Want To Make A Mistake Of My Own I Know I M Playing With Fire, But For Gabe I M Willing To Beg To Be Burned THIS WICKED RUSH Is An Edgy, Sexy, Boundary Pushing read Intended For Readers Over The Age Of Seventeen The Book Features Graphic Love Scenes, Violence, Strong Language, And Thieves In Love read At Your Own Risk