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[Rilla Askew] Æ The Mercy Seat [lds PDF] Read Online Û The novel strains too hard to turn purple prose into poetry At times it makes it The main characters have the same problem, seeming two dimensional mist of the time and fully realized in rare glimpses The 3 is for effort.
At times brilliant and engaging, at other times dull and plodding It had a somewhat spiritual undercurrent that didn t work for me, but may resonate with other readers who have similar leanings.
Few First Novels Garner The Kind Of Powerful Praise Awarded This Epic Story That Takes Place On The Dusty, Remorseless Oklahoma Frontier, Where Two Brothers Are Deadlocked In A Furious Rivalry Fayette Is An Enterprising Schemer Hoping To Cash In On His Brother S Talents As A Gunsmith John, Determined Not To Repeat The Crime That Forced Both Families To Flee Their Kentucky Homes, Doggedly Follows His Tenacious Brother West, While He Watches His Own Family Disintegrate Wondrously Told Through The Wary Eyes Of John S Ten Year Old Daughter, Mattie, Whose Gift Of Premonition Proves To Be Both A Blessing And A Curse, The Mercy Seat Resounds With The Rhythms Of The Old Testament Even As It Explores The Mysteries Of The Native American Spirit World Sharing Faulkner S Understanding Of The Inescapable Pull Of Family And History, And Cormac McCarthy S Appreciation Of The Stark Beauty Of The American Wilderness, Rilla Askew Imbues This Momentous Work With Her Tremendous Energy And Emotional Range It Is An Extraordinary Novel From A Prodigious New Talent Strange Business, A Collection Of Linked Stories That Won The Oklahoma Book Award, Is Available From Penguin I hated this book I never want to give up once I pick something up to read but I really had to battle my way through this Even though the writing was skilled and the language tempting, the subject matter, the characters and the lack of a plot or any point to all the sadness just seemed not worth all the trouble.
I have read other Rilla Askew books Beulah Land being among the best books I ve ever read Her being an Oklahoma author and the settings being in Oklahoma are of interest to me as a native Oklahoman.
However, The Mercy Seat was sort of a dichotomy for me The words were beautifully constructed and the book was presented in exquisite detail Therein lied part of the problem for me The story line was about two brothers and their families in the late 1800s who had to leave Kentucky under suspicious circumstances and headed to what was then Indian Territory later to become Oklahoma , and all that happened along the way and after resettling in southeastern Indian Territory Interesting story line with lots of potential.
But, the characters were eccentric to a fault, each in different ways, and to me, none of them had any redeeming qualities to make the reader all th This is one of the most depressing books I have ever read.
By reading this book, I have an entirely new view of the prairie and of its people The Lodi family moves to Oklahoma from Kentucky They leave at a bad time weather is cold enough to freeze the chickens in their temporary coop, and the calf dies and they really have no ideas where they are going There are 2 parents and 5 children, 1 an infant In a very short amount of time, there is 1 parent and 4 children From that point, the challenges continue sickness, ignorance, grinding poverty, starvation, depression, history, outlaws all are part of the life of the Lodi family.
This book is written in spirals The plot is a spiral, where early incidents continue to define what happens later Thoughts spiral and affect reality Things spiral out of control, and they also spiral in predictable ways Even Askew s scenes, characters, and sentences spiral everything is met again and again, each time s

What starts off as an eye opening and descriptive portrayal of two families traveling westward to flee consequences of choices made in their native land quickly becomes tedious and confusing Paragraph long sentences riddled with secondary and tertiary descriptions bog down the flow of the story, requiring the reader to have to reread a number of passages to full understand what had been conveyed The narrative changes voices intermittently and quickly shuts out the inner dialogue of Mattie, the main character, who had offered the most interesting insights While the climax and resolution of the plot will make you gasp, the events leading up to it may turn you away before you get there.
It was ok up until he middle of the story Then it just all kinda fell apart for me It described the comings and goings of the characters but with no ryme or reason The second half of the book was just kinda pointless to me I had to force my self to finish it.
Rilla Askew s Mercy Seat is in the top five of my most favorite books It s rich language just pulls you in and wraps around you like a warm, comforting blanket If you like history, especially the West, you will enjoy the book as it chronicles the story of a family moving west from Arkansas to Oklahoma and what happens when they arrive Even if you don t like history you will still enjoy the book because the characters are central to the story I watched Ms Askew do a book talk about this book at the University of Oklahoma many years ago and truly enjoyed listening to her discuss the book and her background It s one of only a few books that I would actually read again.

Rilla Askew received a 2009 Arts and Letters Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters Her essays and short fiction have appeared in a variety of journals, and her story The Killing Blanket was selected for Prize Stories 1993 The O Henry Awards Askew s first novel, THE MERCY SEAT, was nominated for the PEN Faulkner Award, the Dublin IMPAC Prize, was a Boston Globe Notable Book, and