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[Wesley Chu] Û The Rebirths of Tao (Tao, #3) [complementary-medicine PDF] Ebook Epub Download Û Review from Tenacious Reader starsI just love this series It is filled with action and intrigue as well as amazing, real characters and relationships Oh, and humor The conclusion to the series was every bit as fun and addictive as the rest the first two books In short, this is a highly addictive, unputdownable, laugh out loud action packed series with memorable and enjoyable characters.
The Tan family is settled in a home base in the Northwest, where Jill who is now known as The Great Betrayer for outing the Quasing existence helps lead the Prophus Roen is still trying to compensate for his shortcomings as a husband father in Cameron s early life while still acting as an agent And Cameron, well, Cameron is trai What is the best thing about Wesley Chu He makes reading a story about a parasitic alien race, plotting to terraform the earth, funny and riveting He could have gone for frightening but Chu made his aliens lovable They have, after all, been around since the dinosaurs, inhabiting a large assortment of creatures across evolution, until they found the human race Through humans they found intelligent creatures, or I should say intelligent enough creatures, they could use to realize their dreams A dream of making the earth a nice soupy mess for aliens to live in It s unfortunate that it will be unlivable for humans As a human this sounds terribly wrong, but they were here before us They are smarter than us and as a famous Genjix leader, Zoras, would say, humans to aliens are like ants to humans You wouldn t be concerned if you crushed an ant beneath your Fifteen years have passed since the events in The Deaths of Tao and the battle between the Prophus and the Genjix has reached a fever pitch Moving forward with their plan to transform Earth into a habitable planet for the Quasing, the Genjix have established terraforming facilities in all corners of the globe Can the Prophus prevent global destruction or will life as we know it cease to exist I received an advanced copy for Angry Robot books in exchange for an honest review.
Keeping that teaser as vague as possible was incredibly difficult as I didn t want to spoil the story for those who haven t read the first two books side note get on that, people The dynamic amongst the Tan family was just as entertaining as ever as the dialogue crackles and the character development is top notch.
While Chu keeps things consistent with the third person Me BUYING a book thats how much I wanted to get my mitts on this new shiny read Even started reading it first day its delivered MUCH anticipationMaybe that has a play in the 3.
5 stars award as was slightly disappointing in parts the least enjoyable of the trilogy overall The next question is do I round up OR down from thereA little actually a lot spy craft in this than Alien interaction s I find the interaction of the bad aliens with their vessels not entertaining at all The bad aliens are like automatons, omnipotent ones at that it would seem totally devoid of any empathy in contrast with the good well better aliens perhaps is a better term reading about them was at times a stodgy affair, all very thriller spy craft with little to interest me BUT it is a necessity for the story to move forward to one of two conclusions The raids fight s 7 Top Ten Reads of 2015 at timothycward.
comWow That s it The last book for Roen Tan Thankfully, this isn t the last book for Wesley Chu, and not even the last in this universe of alien hosting humans and their not so secret war to save Earth Thankfully thankfully, this isn t even the last book Wesley will publish this year Tor will release his next novel, Time Salvager, July 7, 2015.
Wesley was also recently nominated for the Campbell Award for best new writer I have my Hugo nominees packet, but it will be hard pressed for one of the other nominees to outperform Wes.
Do you like spies I do Jason Bourne is a favorite Imagine the next Bourne film started with him dying and loses the alien spirit that had taught him everything, from philosophy, to the ancient history of alien influence, to fighting, to you name it The alien spirit, Tao, require

The Rebirths of Tao picks up about 13 years after the events of The Deaths of Tao spoilers for that book to follow Things are not going well for the Prophus They re still fighting the Gengix but now that their Quasing secret is out, the Interpol Extraterrestrial Task Force is after them as well.
The best aspect of this book is the characters Roen gets fleshed out as he has to deal with the aftereffects of losing Tao to his son Cameron at the end of Deaths Wesley Chu has gotten consistently better at developing his characters and giving them depth I had issues with the characterization of Jill in Deaths of Tao but Chu did a much better job with her this time around In Deaths, I felt like Jill did stuff because That s What Girls Do and it didn t feel natural In Rebirth, Jill felt realistic and grounded.
I was most looking forward to the ramifications of T I finished this book today and in turn I got a massive sunburn because of it I was so transfixed by the damn book that I wasn t paying attention to the fact that my skin was taking a beating and literally roasting off my body.
There s no getting around itWesley Chu owes me a bottle of aloe vera As for the book itself WOW WOW WOW This was the final instalment of the trilogy and lemme tell ya, it ends with a very satisfying BANG The three novels are incredibly fun reads on their own, but when you finish this one and see them all collectively as a whole it really shows the talent and skill that went into putting them all together They are all so different from one another, and yet at the same time very in sync as well.
I don t really know what else to say I m not one of those reviewers that take you through, step by step, telling you what happened there are plenty of other reviews The nitty gritty A perfectly paced, action packed ending to a top notch series, with characters you won t want to say goodbye to.
There s nothing better than a favorite series ending on a high note, and I m happy to report that The Rebirths of Tao has accomplished just that For those of you who have started reading the Tao books, you are in for a treat And for those of you who haven t, well now you have a great excuse to binge read the whole thing at once I enjoyed the hell out of this book, from the first page to the last All my favorite characters from the first two books are back Roen, Tao, and Jill and they are joined by some new characters that I absolutely loved In The Lives of Tao, Chu is developing his unique world, and so a lot of time is spent on introducing the reader Executive Summary This series is a lot of fun This book was no different, and I had a hard time putting it down Full Review I only found this series last year after Mr Chu did an interview with Sword Laser I really enjoyed the first two books It was a great find.
The Lives of Tao almost reads like a stand alone The Deaths of Tao on the other hand ended in the worst possible place So I was really excited to find out this book would be out in December and I only had to wait a few months Only the book got delayed due to issues with the publisher NERD RAGE This built up an even bigger sense of anticipation In the meantime I kept recommending the series to friends As a result by the time this came out a handful of us did a group read over in my group The Not a Book Club Club.
This ended up being the best one yet I had been reading it only a bit at a time in order The Tao Trilogy Is Over But The Story Continues With The Rise Of Io In Many Years Have Passed Since The Events In The Deaths Of Tao The World Is Split Into Pro Prophus And Pro Genjix Factions, And Is Poised On The Edge Of A Devastating New World War A Genjix Scientist Who Defects To The Other Side Holds The Key To Preventing Bloodshed On An Almost Unimaginable ScaleWith The Might Of The Genjix In Active Pursuit, Roen Is The Only Person Who Can Help Him Save The World, And The Quasing Race, TooAnd You Thought You Were Having A Stressful Day

Wesley Chu s best friend is Michael Jordan, assuming that best friend status is earned by a shared television commercial If not, then his best friend is his dog Eva who he can often be seen riding like a trusty steed through the windy streets of Chicago.Unfortunately, Chu s goals of using Hanes underwear commercials to launch a lucrative career following in Marky Mark s footsteps came to naught.