Trailer ✓ The Book Slave PDF by ✓ Billy McCoy

Trailer ✓ The Book Slave PDF by ✓ Billy McCoy A Powerful And Captivating Novella, The Book Slave, Is The Endearing Story Of An Ambitious Young Woman, A Promising Football Star And Their Unborn Child Just A Few Weeks Pregnant, Skyler And Conner Are Deeply In Love And Must Now Face Life S Most Difficult Challenge They Struggle To Come To Terms With The Unique Beauty And Grief Of Their Differences, And Must Find The Resilience To Meet The Inevitable Upheavals Clever and engaging Wonderfully written stories about love and life Prolific author Billy McCoy Strange Fruit, 2013, etc , has written about characters that almost seem to object to their own storyline In the first piece, The Book Slave, Skyler Mitchell is confused and afraid mostly because she loves her boyfriend, Connor Louis, so much that it hurts and because she is pregnant with his child At the ripe age of 20, the strong willed woman vows to have the child and raise it She realizes, that Connor s marriage proposal is nothingthan his way of expressing his love of the idea of love rather than actual feelings toward her His prospective career in professional football is muchimportant than the responsibility of a family The Pine Street Peddler is emotion inducing, to say the leas

The Book Slave will cause shouts of joy and screams of indignation.
Inventive author I enjoyed it

Billy McCoy is the best selling author of dozens of novels including his most recent The Awakening readers should anticipate McCoy to become a rising star of twisted novels San Francisco Book Review.