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[ Read Online Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things (Wedding Planner Mysteries, #1) ☆ young-readers PDF ] by Rachelle J. Christensen ↠´ Adri paper has opened a wedding planning business After moving to a different town, of a vacation tourist spot than the farm she grew up on, she has been given assistance by her fellow business owners in town One such owner is the local jeweler, he has helped her secure original gowns from China at a discounted rate.
As she is juggling the planning od two high profile, very expensive weddings, her shop of broken into and that brings out the sleuth in Adri.
There is the local realtor that is persistently trying to date her Her sights are set on a hottie that she keeps passing in the running trail I know which one I am pulling for First impressions are not always the best gauge of a person.
The story was interesting The thefts and other mysteries are confusing Not so confusing that you can t follow them, but the events that are happening do not always seem to be connected Super cute and fun mystery romance I really wish I had the next one to keep reading on, going to have to add it to my buy sooner than later pile Moral Note Nothing major, no language, some mild violence

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things is a cute clean cozy mystery I enjoyed that Rachelle kept us guessing and didn t give away too many clues too early in the story I was well over half way through before I began to suspect who the suspect was and how everything might tie together.
A fun story with a host of quirky characters, this is sure to be a hit with cozy mystery lovers.
This is the first book in a series but worked well as a stand alone The story will continue in the next book but I felt satisfied at the end of this one.
Rating 4.
5 Stars Highly RecommendContent CleanSource Review copy via Netgalley Adrielle Pyper s Dream Weddings, Where happily ever after is your destination.
Every bride dreams and wishes for that magical, happy ever after wedding and marriage Adrielle Pyper has dreamed about creating those magical weddings for couples in love She has worked her way through school and has become a Wedding Planner extraordinaire She has landed two of the biggest wedding gigs that can really put her new business on the map Now all she has to do is make sure everything goes off without a hitch and ta dah, she s golden and on her way to many happy customers Cue ominous musicduh duh duh.
Mystery, intrigue, scandalous stories, missing wedding dresses, a crazy diva, a divorce lawyer, a shy possible boyfriend, the hottie runner, diamond rings, stolen safes, a cemetery, photographs, a I ended up reading this book to my husband while we drove and we LOVED it We both got into it right away The characters were fun, the writing flawless, and the mystery intriguing enough that when we stopped for gas or lunch we found ourselves talking about our latest theories and predictions It was equal parts humorous, suspenseful, and romantic Rachelle s descriptions of the setting, Sun Valley, Idaho, make it sound like the perfect place for a visit I could picture everything I loved the addition of the real blog, Mashed Potatoes and Crafts, that Rachelle has set up to coordinate with the book It s genius and gives you photos and step by step instructions for the crafts and recipes described at the beginning of each chapter And as a bonus, it makes the plot line see I ve read other books by this author and I think she does a really good job with the genre I ve always been a sucker for weddings, ever since I was a little girl and I absolutely loved that this story was centered around a wedding planner and her two big weddings of the summer Adri has issues from her past that make it hard to deal with life at times, but I love the way she throws herself into her work and into her crafting website, www.
com Each chapter begins with a wedding tip from the website and I enjoyed so many of them so much, I actually got onto my computer and checked to see if this is a real websiteand it is Adri is such an organized and stable character She s also real When placed in dangerous situations, her reactions seem very true to how a normal everyday person wou 4.
5 stars When I started reading this book I double checked a couple of times to make sure that Diamond Rings are Deadly Thing wasn t a sequel I could tell that there was a back story, and because I have a hard time with missing pieces, wanted to know what it was As soon as I realized that this was the first book, I knew that all of my questions would be answered They were That makes for a very happy reading experience.
I am a fan of Rachelle s books I know that she is amazing at character development and setting a quick pace This book lived up to my expectations.
Adrielle Pyper is an entrepreneur She recently opened her own wedding planning business To start things off she has two high profile weddings They take up a huge chunk of her time and help her cope with the murder of her best friend Adri and her partner, Lorea, add wedding dresses to their services The first ship I have been patiently waiting for the day I got to read this book I was sent an ARC copy in the mail and it has just been sitting there, staring at me, waiting, until I could read it It s much easier to ignore ebooks than print books Rachelle Christensen is a writer I always enjoy She has an easy reading style with good flow and good characters This book sort of mixes the light and fluffy with the suspense and danger I thought it was a good balance.
I know lots of people like mystery books where they are completely surprised by who done it That s not me I really like figuring out who the bad guy is It makes me feel smart Haha Even though I know that was the author s intent, to let me figure it out, I still like it In the beginning, I did suspect everyone of being involved somehow the delivery driver, the jeweler neighbor, the boyfriend, everyone It was awesome.
At Adrielle Pyper Knows How To Plan A Wedding, And She S Especially Good At Pleasing Bridezillas But When Her Biggest Client And Best Friend Is Murdered Just Three Days Before The Wedding, Adri S World Falls Apart She Moves To The Resort Town Of Sun Valley, Idaho, And Starts From Scratch Thanks To Adri S Impeccable Taste And Unique Style, She Lands Two Celebrity Clients, And Her Business Seems Headed For Success That Is, Until Someone Vandalizes The Specialty Wedding Dresses She Imported From Overseas The Race Is On To Uncover A Secret Hidden Within The Yards Of Satin And Lace Before Adri Becomes The Next VictimWith A Delightful Blend Of Mystery, Toe Curling Kisses, Humor, And Spine Tingling Thrills, Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things Is A Romantic Suspense Novel That Will Keep You Turning Pages Long Into The Night I found this book to be a good, clean mystery, with a bit of romance and murder thrown in The story revolves around a busy Wedding Planner, Adrielle Pyper, who is trying to escape her past, where her best friend was murdered She has moved to Idaho, her home state, within a hour or so of her parents, to begin over Getting a new business started is never easy, and in the beginning of the book, things are looking bright Of course, it wouldn t be a good story if things stayed all rosy Adri has some awesome customers, and some real bridezillas you would like to help her get rid of them So we have the remnants of her friends murder, robbery, stalking, diamonds, and good looking men As far as the men go Adri goes from famine to feast, with two guys, Dallas and Luke, and one is a bit to fast for my taste, and the other is almost to