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Download Epub Format Ä A.D. 30 PDF by Ä Ted Dekker One cannot truly know my son and remained unchanged Whoa.
This book makes you feel.
I know a big part of that is the subject matter, but the way Dekker is able to draw you in and completely captivate you definitely helps You care about the characters, feel their pains and then encounter Jesus So you bet I teared up in numerous places in this book.
I m not shocked at my reaction either I still vividly remember Mr Dekker reading one of his stories at a youth workers convention years ago I remember everyone was utterly silent as he told his tale This book is the same The research of the people groups, how cultures were, the languages it paints such a bigger picture of the world when Jesus walked on earth And I loved it Dekker s writings captivates the heart and mind There s no other way to describe it If you re looking to dive deeper into the time J Wow Ted Dekker s latest release really is unlike ANYTHING he has written before and I absolutely LOVE it Maviah s story is so powerful, this character really allowed me to look at the life of Christ in a whole new way The story was so rich in setting, I could literally breathe in the desert sand through the page Full of action, mystery, and suspense which we all love and expect from this author A.
D 30 will thrill long time fans of Dekker and I hope open the door for some new readers as well.
Maviah is the outcast daughter of a Bedouin sheikh must find the courage to save her people when enemies attack them She escaped with Saba, a warrior and Judah who comes from a tribe that can read the stars Together they must cross the desert and try to forge an alliance with King Herod of the Jews But Maviah meets on her way to King Herod another man who will have a great impact on her life A man called Yeshua I was intrigued about reading a fiction about a woman that lived at the same time as Jesus did But I just couldn t really find myself enjoying the story It started off good, but then it suddenly turned into a historical romance and then I lost some interest in the book But I did enjoy part of it But I think I wasn t really in the mood for a historical fiction Christian fiction with a dash of romance in it when I read This book was kind of like Cheetos a dangerously cheesy grab bag of tropes Don t get me wrong I appreciate the effort by a mainstream author to write about his faith, and I think Christian themes can be worked into fiction in a way that makes it easier to get past your instinctive reactions to religious texts and better understand the themes themselves But for this to work, the story must come first otherwise you basically have a religious text that is not as rigorous or interesting as it could have been if it were not surrounded by and diluted with a flimsy framework of plot and characters.
I haven t read Dekker s other fiction, but in A.
D 30, the writing itself is pretty bad It has a lot of the stilted, pretentious, worst of Louis L amour ish, this character is humble and simple but thinks in profound fortune cookie ish insights and is actually smarter and be I almost didn t read this book as I haven t been thrilled with some of his books lately, but after finding out it was an historical fiction novel, which I love , I decided to give it a chance and I am so glad I did Maviah is an outcast in her own home As a woman and a slave, she is considered the lowliest of the low When the wife of her father, a sheik of a Bedoiun tribe, dies the alliance formed by the marraige crumbles He is betrayed from within and so her father, in an attempt to regain his honor, sends Maviah on a mission to go to King Herod to ask for his support.
Maviah is scared, but she is bound by blood and so she leaves with Judah, a Bedouin Jew and Saba, her fathers fiercest warrior to go on this mission.
On the way, she meets Yeshua Jesus.
Her life will never be the same.
This book was powerful and took my breath away There is just no other way to put

Ted Dekker s fusion of scripture and fiction is sublime With his latest novel, A.
D 30, he delivers a winning combination of style and depth His descriptive writing has the power to evoke all manner of smells, sights and sounds He couples this with imagery that sears itself onto the canvas of your mind Whether it be an arid landscape or a decadent palace you will be transported into the scene To top it off, Dekker includes compelling historical details which add substance and weight to the tale.
Maviah s story is both moving and memorable She is born into shame without the hope of honor Rejected by her father, she has known only grief and heartache at the hands of men That was until she met Yeshua His talk of a loving Heaven I listened to this as I commuted It s an odd book to review some parts were interesting, some preachy, some dragged on, etc I liked how Dekker used history to get the timelines and events of the story as true as possible The war between the Bedouin and the Thamud tribes of early Israel Palestine The tensions were apparent, as was the political maneuvering and backstabbing The time that the novel was set in was a turbulent one Romans were in control, the tribes were in conflict and Yeshua Jesus was preaching All elements in some conflict with each other Maviah is an unlikely hero She s an outcast, rejected by her family, a slave, full of self pityshe s a mess and perhaps that s what Dekker was trying to portray She s sent by her father This is one of the best historical novel of this time era that I have read, on par with Ben Hur and The Bronze Bow.
I ve never read Ted Dekker before Indeed, he is famous for quite a different genre I m not going to dash off to read his other books But whenever he wants to write biblical historical fiction, I will be right there, thank you This novel brings you straight into the harsh and fascinating culture of the Bedu and surrounding tribes The writing style is classic than I m used to, but this fit the type of story perfectly And the emotion Oh, the emotion of these characters What characters Maviah is truly compelling and sympathetic and strong It s always a delight to see a male author portray a heroine with such conviction and respect As for our heroes, they also are wonderful Judah, ah, Judah So classic in all the best ways and yet also unique and fun And then there It s taken me some time to mull over this novel and figure out what to say about it, and I m still not quite sure, so here goes nothing.
First, this is unlike any Ted Dekker book I have read previously His other novels are fantasy and suspense, and A.
D 30 is a historical novel It s also one of his best, in my opinion.
D 30 is told in the first person from the point of view of Maviah, a Bedouin slave Maviah is sent to the city of Sepphoris to try to strike a bargain with King Herod so her people might be freed from the oppression of a neighboring tribe Judah, one of her companions on the journey, wishes to see Yeshua Jesus , a man whom he believes is the Messiah When Maviah herself crosses paths with Yeshua, she realizes her life will never be the same.
Mavia A Sweeping Epic Set In The Harsh Deserts Of Arabia And Ancient PalestineA War That Rages Between Kingdoms On The Earth And In The HeartThe Harrowing Journey Of The Woman At The Center Of It AllStep Back In Time To The Year Of Our LordAD The Outcast Daughter Of One Of The Most Powerful Bedouin Sheikhs In Arabia, Maviah Is Called On To Protect The Very People Who Rejected Her When Their Enemies Launch A Sudden Attack With Devastating Consequences, Maviah Escapes With The Help Of Two Of Her Father S Warriors Saba Who Speaks With Is Sword Than His Voice And Judah, A Jew Who Comes From A Tribe That Can read The Stars Their Journey Will Be Fraught With Terrible Danger If They Can Survive The Vast Forbidding Sands Of A Desert That Is Deadly To Most, They Will Reach A Brutal World Subjugated By Kings And Emperors There Maviah Must Secure An Unlikely Alliance With King Herod Of The JewsBut Maviah S Path Leads Her Unexpectedly To Another Man An Enigmatic Teacher Who Speaks Of A Way In This Life Which Offers Greater Power Than Any Kingdom His Name Is Yeshua, And His Words Turn Everything Known On Its Head Though Following Him May Present Even Greater Danger, His May Be The Only Way For Maviah To Save Her People And Herself

Ted Dekker is known for novels that combine adrenaline laced stories with unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters, and incredible confrontations between good and evil Ted lives in Austin with his wife LeeAnn and their four children.