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✓ Enmity ☆ Download by å E.J. Andrews My feelings towards this novel changed as the story progressed During the first few chapters, I felt that it lacked emotion and direction But after a while, I began to enjoy reading from Nate and Hermia s perspective I started to love the characters like they were my own friends, and I was eager to know what was in store for them all Full review here I wanted to love this one, regular readers of my blog know how much I love Dystopia and Enmity held such promise The synopsis sold me sadly the execution failed to live up to it There was enough action to keep the plot moving but poor writing turned something that could have been amazing into a hot mess It makes me sad criticising an author s baby but I m just one opinion so be sure to check out other reviews.
Love Vs LifeGood Vs EvilWar Vs WarfareWhich Would You Choose After A Solar Flare Wipes Out Most Of The World S Inhabitants, It Leaves Behind Nothing But A Desolate Earth And A Desperate Population Existence Is No Longer A Certainty And With Factions Now Fighting For The Power To Rule, People Start To Become Reckless With Their Lives The World Has Become A Dangerous PlaceAmongst The Ensuing Chaos, Nate And Hermia Two Victims Of The New World Order Are Taken Against Their Will To The Compound Joined By Eight Other Teenagers All Chosen For A Specific Reason, Nate And Hermia Are Forced To Train As Assassins To Overthrow The Current President And Make Way For A New Leader Of The Free World Here, They Learn To Plan, Fight, And Most Importantly To SurviveExcept, Despite The Casual Cruelty Of Their New Existence, Both Nate And Hermia Two Very Strong But Very Different People Begin To Form Fragile Bonds Within The Group But They Soon Realize Their Happiness Is Short Livedbecause Their Training Is Just The BeginningA War Awaitsregardless Of How Ready Or Willing They May Be I d seen this book at the bookshop multiple times before I built up the courage to finally get it, and I am so very glad I did I absolutely adore this book It stretches the boundaries of the typical YA dystopian genre in a way I have never read before I loved the change in perspective between Nate and Hermia throughout the novel and it was really well signposted which made it an easy read I was extremely surprised by the end of this story and I hope that there is a sequel because the story kind of just finished Never the less it was a phenomenal story and I can t wait to see how the characters progress Well done E.
J Andrews.
I don t actually know what happened here.
Ok, so I know that a solar flare killed off almost everyone on earth There were two hundred people in the US army There are ten people left in the world, with type O blood I don t actually know what the adults do now, but the kids go to school that s right, they re in SCHOOL.
Not Hermia though I think she was a dancer in a strip club Maybe.
Anyway, Hermia, Nate and a bunch of other kids aged 17 20 are kidnapped and then put into a freakishly lavish training centre and trained To kill the people who are threatening the life of the President of the US , or to protect the President, or maybe both Except that their training includes being killed, almost killed, and maimed frightfully I m not entirely sure how that works either.
The story is told in dual point of view by Hermia I m really sad with this book because it had so much promise to change from that normal dystopian style to something a little outside of the box but in the end I was extremely disappointed with this book and it left me with a whole lot of unanswered questions not the good kind and just a whole lot of What Can I just start by pointing out that we meet a girl in the beginning called Saoirse can i just say how much i love that name and she basically walks us through the solar flare that wipes out most of the earth s inhabitants and then we never hear from her again Like POOF Did she ever even survive I swear every time a character started going on about there family I was always like okay now he s gonna reveal that she was his grandmother but nope In the end she never even gets mentioned again I feel like the author could of at least thr I don t know what to say about this book and to be honest I wasn t sure if I would like this book or not this is probably because the cover and the font used on this cover reminded me so much of Veronica Roth s Divergent cover and heck it s probably the same elements as that Divergent cover but I don t really care about covers all to much But regardless of that, I still wasn t entirely sure about this book and yet I still wanted to have a crack at this book And I did.
So while I liked the direction the story was heading in and some of the characters featured in the book, however I felt this particular title wasn t original enough for me to come to like it and maybe it s because of the genre being too much of that same thing if you know what I mean I guess in the future I may take a break on dystopian books for a whil

This book wasn t the worst but it wasn t the best It was the worst dystopian book I ve read It was quite boring and the only reason I carried on reading it and finished it was because when I was half way and I thought I ve gotten this far and I ve wasted my time so I should just finished There is meant to be a sequel and it still hasn t come out and if it does I will read it because the book isn t finished and I m the type of person that need closure when reading and I hate it when authors leave the book unfinished.
5 5 stars Enmity by E.
J Andrews could have been a fantastic, action packed, and romantic read if only it had lived up to its potential The novel opened up promising it opens up just before the solar flare that destroyed most of the world takes place, and follows the story in alternating point of views of Hermia and Nate Nate and Hermia, along with a bunch of other teenagers who are badly characterized, might I add are forced to become assassins to overthrow the president My first piece of criticism is the alternating point of views Ordinarily, I don t like how novels flick back and forth between two protagonists in first person Their narration is all meshed together until sometimes I m unsure about whose point of view I m actually reading On than one occasion I had to flick back some pages to check, which is a sign of not very good writing in my opinion First person pres To be honest, I really didn t like this one I found it to be too jumpy, with the two points of view We d have one scene in Harmia s POV than jump into Nate s in a completely different time and place There was no clarity throughout this book, I was lost a lot of the times with the plot and who was good and bad Harmia is a complete and utter bitch and was not so fun to read about Nate on the other hand was in love with someone after two weeks of knowing them And it was only two weeks after his family was murdered I mean really Not sure if there is going to be a sequel but I m most defiantly not picking it up.

E.J Andrews was raised in a small town on the west coast of New Zealand by a gold miner with a fascination for guns and a nurse with an obsession with dragons.Growing up, E.J constantly felt that she needed to write down the vivid thoughts going around her head, but it wasn t until her aunt gave her John Marsden s Tomorrow series to read that her writing bloomed and her interest in books became