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[ Pdf Afternoons in Ithaka ò mermaids PDF ] by Spiri Tsintziras Ê A thought provoking memoir that I couldn t put down It made me smile, it made me cry, it made me want to be a part of Spiri s wonderful Greek family and it made my mouth water Beautiful, delightful and unforgettable.
Half Greek memoir, half Greek cookbook Only a small part related to Ithaca, mostly set in Melbourne over about 40 years as Spiri grows up, and some parts overseas as she travels to Greece and other countries in the process of finding herself and freeing herself from her strict upbringing by her father Her dad sounds like a bit of an arsehole, like he would never be happy seeing the comments made by him on Spiri s wedding day in particular I can see how Spiri felt trapped for all those years under his judgement and power I feel a little as though I take my freedom for granted, but also feel sad for her that she didn t feel free for so long.
The book spans a lengthy time period when reading about Spiri s early childhood, I didn t realise that the book would end abo A memoir of Greece and Australia and finding oneself This book will hook you in from the opening lines and you will not be able to let go, until you have finished it in one sitting If you love family, food, the bittersweet experiences life throws at you, and heady doses of spirituality aka Greek coffee cup readings and the evil eye , then.
A good little memoir about growing up Greek in Australia I can relate because it reminds me of my mum Didn t expect the book to be that good I bought this book because I was just curios about Greek culture and their food But after reading, I really love Spiri Tsintziras book It was fun and opened my eyes about Greek culture at the same time By the way, I tried to make the first recipe as it seemed the easiest one And it tasted good

Charming, easy read a memoir interspersed with authentic Greek recipes The title is slightly mis leading as the setting is Australia and Greece as the writer travels through the story of her life If you like Greek culture and food you will enjoy this book I read it whilst on holiday in Kefalonia perfect This is a story of a young girl resolutely setting out to find herself and her future, but instead coming to appreciate the past and her place in it That maybe the ties we so try to break in our youth are the ones we ll then frantically try to recreate in adulthood.
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com 2014 A culturally enriched book with some amazing recipes A story about finding one s self, strong family roots and how food is the key factor that ties it all together I have already tried out a couple of the recipes and will absolutely be revisiting this book again and again.
I have to thank the author for collecting, within the pages of this memoir, a set of recipes and quotes that capture my Greek childhood I also really like the sprinkling of photographs throughout As for the memoir itself, it is nicely written and flows along from village life in Greece to inner city Melbourne The author s life story is similar to my own, and so there was a lot to like and enjoy but I think it would appeal to anyone who has roots outside of their current home Recommended.
From The First Heady Taste Of Tomatoes On Home Baked Bread In Her Mother S Village In Petalidi, To Sitting At A Taverna Some Years Later In Ithaka With Her Young Family, Spiri Tsintziras Goes On A Culinary, Creative And Spiritual Journey That Propels Her Back And Forth Between Europe And Australia These Evocative, Funny And Poignant Stories Explore How Food And Culture, Language And Music, And People And Their Stories Help To Create A Sense Of Meaning And IdentityI Remember Crusty Just Baked Bread, Rubbed With Juicy Tomato Flesh, Swimming In A Puddle Of Thick Green Olive Oil I Am Seven Years Old I Sit On A Stool In My Grandmother S House It Is The Height Of Summer In A Seaside Village In The South Of Greece We Little Aussies Devour Tomato Sandwiches As The Family Chats And Laughs And Swats Flies

Spiri Tsintziras is the author of Afternoons in Ithaka ABC Books, 2014 and co author of the best selling title Parlour Games for Modern Families Scribe, 2009 , which won ABIA Book of the Year in 2010 and has been translated into Italian and Chinese, and converted into an app called 50 Fun Games for the Whole Family Spiri s Tribal Tomato blog on food, family and connection, which explores simil