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[Emily Belle Freeman] ↠´ God Bless Your Way: A Christmas Journey [zombies PDF] Read Online · This is a beautiful book about a fellow traveler on his way to pay his taxes at the time of the birth of Christ There is a music CD by Hilary Weeks that comes with the book and has a song written from the text of this book.
This is a beautiful retelling of the Christmas Story We are able to see Micah as he travels to Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph When getting there, he too cannot find a place to stay, but is given a blanket and a loaf of bread Upon finding Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, Micah is quick to give all that he has for the Savior understanding that one day, it is this baby that will give everything for him.
Listened to this with my kids cute nativity story Micah has a long journey to Bethlehem, but as he travels he notices the kind woman traveling on a donkey and her husband walking alongside Micah stops, hoping to find food and shelter, at different homes inns Each time, he is treated with compassion and given a small gift and wished God bless your way Each of us also has a difficult journey, but each of us can also find hope and peace from the Prince of Peaceand can hopefully share compassion and love with those we may meet Beautiful illustrations accompany this book and it also contains a CD with 5 Christmas songs from Hilary Weeks.
This is such a sweet little story I really loved reading it It actually brought tears to my eyes at the end The old man gave up all he had in gratitude for being able to stay in the stable with the Savior and his family that first Christmas night.

This book was such a heartwarming story about a man who was inspired by Mary, Joseph and their newborn baby Jesus It was such a sweet story This has probably been one of my most favorite Christmas Religious children s book that i have ever read It was so genuine and fills your heart with the Spirit i would seriously recommend this book to anyone at any time of the year.
Beautiful Christmas story about a man who travels in the same company as Joseph and Mary toward Bethlehem Worrying about their well being and Mary s upcoming delivery, he later gets an opportunity to see the Christ child and share meaningful gifts with the young family Beautiful illustrations This is the book that I bought for family members this past year It s also the book that I recommended to EVERYONE after I read listened to it The music CD that comes with it, has the story set to song It touched my heart like nothing else did during the Holiday Season.
This book was really interesting, following an old man traveling to Bethlehem behind Mary and Joseph It showed humble sacrifices, and how the small things count and can be great blessings One of the best Christmas stories.
Based On The Song By Hilary Weeks Mary And Joseph Weren T The Only Ones Turned Away From The Inn At Bethlehem In This New Nativity Story, A Widower Named Micah Travels The Crowded Road To Return To The Town Of His Birth Just In Front Of Him A Young Woman, Heavy With Child, Rides In The Back Of A Donkey Her Husband Leads The Way, Walking Slowly To Make The Ride Smoother Every So Often The Young Woman Turns Toward Micah, Offering Gentle Words Of Encouragement As He Hobbles Along Behind Them And Each Time They Stop For Water, She Makes Sure That Her Husband Offers Micah A Sip When They Arrive At Bethlehem, Micah And The Young Couple Go Their Separate Ways Micah Wearily Wanders The Streets For Shelter, A Place To Eat, And Some Way To Fill His Loneliness Although He Doesn T Receive What He Wants, He Does Receive What He Needs A Warm Quilt, A Loaf Of Bread, And In The End, An Invitation To Come Inside A Small Stable

Emily Freeman and Simon Dewey collaborated on the bestselling book The Ten Virgins For nearly 20 years, Emily has addressed groups of women as a writer, songwrite, and motivational speaker Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a strong desire to find their application in modern day life Emily and her husband, Greg, are the parents of four children and live in Lehi, Utah Simon Dewey studie