Download Epub Format ✓ For the Love of Autumn PDF by â Patricia Polacco

Download Epub Format ✓ For the Love of Autumn PDF by â Patricia Polacco Polacco.
P 2008 For the Love of Autumn New York Philomel books For the Love of Autumn by Patricia Polacco is a sweet love story between not only two people but an owner and her pet Miss Parks moves to a little cottage in a new city after taking a new teaching position Along with Miss Parks came her beloved cat Autumn Miss Parks has had her since she was a kitten and adores her so much One night a storm comes through and frightens Autumn and she runs away Miss Parks is unable to find her and her students insists on helping her locate her missing cat But the students and Miss Parks are unable to find Autumn and Miss parks is devastated Weeks go by and still no Autumn , until one day she appears at Miss Parks door While delighted Miss Park no mater how many times I read this it s just as good Tender And Sweet A Love Story From Polacco Miss Parks Just Loves Her New Home, Her New Teaching Job, And All Her New Students But Most Of All, She Loves Autumn, Her Perfect Little Kitten Then One Night, During A Terrible Storm, Autumn Runs Away Miss Parks Students Band Together To Search For Autumn With No Luck Hope Is Lost Until Autumn Turns Up At Miss Parks Front Door With A Brand New Collar And A Bandage On Her Tail Someone Has Been Taking Care Of Autumn With The Help Of Her Students, Miss Parks Unravels The Mystery Of Autumn S Disappearance And Finds True Love Along The Way, Polacco Style For the Love of Autumn is a sweet story to be sure, but it does not have the same heart and significance as Polacco s other books It is, however, about a student teacher teacher who is perfectly content with her life alone, aside from her students, and is willing to wait for love to walk in So I liked that But the plot itself was predictable, even for a children s book Autumn, the teacher s cat, brings her the man of her dreams I take solace in the adorable illustrations and the message that sometimes love finds you when you re not looking for it.
A really sweet story I was surprised my 4 year old sat through and enjoyed this book since it has writing on the pages than most of the books I read her.
I really loved the story until the corny ending.
Patricia Polacco is one of my favorite authors Tonight I read this to my middle son He enjoyed it because he has good taste in books As always, Polacco s illustrations are lively and gorgeous.
Book Title For the Love of Autumn by Patricia PolaccoShort Description of book In this story, Miss Parks, a teacher moves to Washington with her pet cat, Autumn She makes a new home with her cat and suddenly the cat starts disappearing There is a cute little twist at the end It may be better suited for grades 3 5 due to the love story at the end.
Focus I would use this narrative as a starting point for our How to books we create in first grade I would pair this with informational text.
Teach I would introduce this book as a read aloud and explain that we will be talking all about how we take care of pets We will brainstorm some ideas Then, read the book aloud Have students turn and talk about what Miss Parks did wrong with taking care of Autumn what could be done to pre

First of all, I have to say that I don t believe in indoor outdoor or outdoor cats I think cats should be kept indoors to the best of their people s ability that is all the time I won t even cat sit for someone with a cat allowed to go outdoors because I d be too much of a nervous wreck if they weren t inside whenever I was there.
Patricia Polacco who should really have an author photo and biography here well, there s a link to her web site at least pulls at my heartstrings like absolutely no other picture book author ever has In my opinion, this isn t one of her very best but it was very sweet, and she sure knows cats well It s about a schoolteacher who adopts a kitten, makes a move for a job in Port Townsend, Washington, and the cat Autumn gets injured and disappears When she reappears it s obvious someone else has cared for her The cat comes What an adorable book As an animal lover and cat not owner, of course, but friend, I guess I found this book especially touching and sweet and spot on It s obvious Polacco had a cat of her own and knew just how they can help you unpack and scatter pencils everywhere and be the heartbeat of the home The illustrations of Autumn are completely precious I m not sure I was as big a fan of the people illustrations, but they fit well enough.
I adored the story even if it was a tad predictable And even though the ending seemed a bit too perfect coincidental, I didn t mind, because, well, why can t things sometimes turn out so perfectly I probably should give this four stars, because of these issues they really aren t issues though , and because I did feel that the writing style wasn t anything amazing But, the story itself wins out and I have to give it five

Patricia Polacco is a New York Times bestselling author and illustrator with over 115 beloved and award winning books to her credit, including The Keeping Quilt, Pink and Say, The Blessing Cup, Chicken Sunday, and Thank You, Mr Falker She resides in Michigan.