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Download Epub Format Å The Best of Friends PDF by ò Joanna Trollope It was well written, but it was a sad story of love, marriage and the unravelling of two families as marriages disintegrate.
Not one of the best Joanna Trollope that I have read, nevertheless an engaging story of human relationships and their fallacies.
This book deals with two families, who are friends with each other, and how the other family is affected, when one husband leaves his wife for no apparent reason As Trollope goes on to say, the consequences were somewhat like one oak being uprooted, falling upon the one standing behind it, causing a mass uprooting to occur I didnt like the parents much they seemed too shallow and purposeless The kids were good Sophie, the single child of the couple who initially separate, and 3 boys of the other family, in varying stages of teens.
I loved the premises, descriptions and thought processes much better than the actual story line.
4 stars for descr I bought this book ages ago because the plot seemed intriguing Two friends Gina and Laurence and their respective families and how they cope with the breaking down of marriage and a love that blossoms from it Well that s kind of how it was described on the jacket sleeve.
Only when I started it it became confusing and muddled The book was told from just about everyone s point of view at some point in time and only one set of characters was intriguing and that was Gina s 80 something mom, Vi and her friend lover Dan Those are the only two characters in the whole novel that you could like.
Gina came off as shrill and selfish and whiny, the typical poor woman who s husband has left her.
Laurence was wishy washy and most of his kids are just blah, except for Gus, who is sweet.
Hillary, Laurence s wife is the typical frustrated wife, working to hard, and getting little satisfaction.
Sophy w As with all of the contemporary novels by Joanna Trollope that I have read, I found this book very sensitively written It depicts a quiet community and a relatively commonplace drama, but it does so in a way that is both evocative and memorable I especially appreciated the way the author highlights the big questions of life in the midst of small situations.
Here, a happily married man finds that he loves two women, and he is forced to confront the unruly nature of love itself But love comes in many forms It is the love between friends which is under the spotlight in The Best of Friends , and it is shown to be just as complicated and destabilising as romantic love This makes for an interesting display of various platonic relationships one between pensioners, one between forty something adults, and one between teenagers.
I found the characters This is classic Joanna Trollope, although not her very best but I m still working through some of them I reserved two from the library and they both came in months later, so much so I d forgotten what I reserved Imagine my delight when I picked them up.
I read this on the weekend after a very difficult week at work and it was just what I needed family and friend relationships done so very well I loved all but one of the characters, but even so, I could understand her which is the point of good writing.
I m only sorry I read this in paperback as I would have many highlighted passages to share with you.
Recommended reading on an overcast, cold weekend with a hot mug of tea

Just read Andrea s review to see what I would have said, but Andrea beat me to it My first Joanna Trollope so I was disappointed because so many people told me how good she is I hope her other books are better.
Here is another book I read this month that I ended up likingat the end than I did when I started reading it It covers the period of one summer into the fall, when two families lives changed drastically, throwing their individual and mutual universes into total chaos In the beginning, I felt it was going to be a little too soap opera ish for my taste, but things improved.
The story deals with two families, who are friends primarily because the husband Laurence in one and the wife Gina in another have been best friends since they were in high school The character driving the story is Gina and Fergus daughter, Sophy, who is devastated and angry when her father suddenly announces that he and her mother are separating They always seemed to be at one another s throats, but Sophy cannot believe that they are break I read Joanna Trollope when I need a dose of fine family drama The families don t live Hallmark lives and have their conflicts and hurts, and the members often have difficulty connecting with the love they feel towards each other But in the end, there is always some sort of acceptable resolution This is not one of her best I found it dragged in part , but it provided what I was looking for with the customary satisfaction.
Not my favorite Joanna Trollope novel, because too many of the main characters are too unsympathetic I admire Trollope s refusal to people her books with the sort of pictures of perfection that made Jane Austen feel so sick when she came across them in the course of her own reading but if everyone s the moral equivalent of a cheap candy bar not always bad, but sure to turn into an icky mess under the slightest heat or pressure , I start to question why I m bothering to read.
I did appreciate learning that there s a place in the world where people say they re as cross as a bag of cats That s a keeper.
I was a little baffled by Trollope s description of strawberries served the American waywith lemon juice, sugar, and sour cream That may be an American way I m guessing this is a Southern dish but it can t be the American way if I ve lived in America all my life and never even he Whittingbourne Is One Of Those Charming English Towns Where Families Live Happily Ever After Gina And Fergus, Hillary And Laurence Have Grown Up, Married, And Raised Their Children In The Warmth Of Amiable Friendship But One Day It All Unravels As Fergus Calmly Leaves Gina To Share His Life With A Young Man In London, And Laurence Nearly Chucks It All To Move To France With Gina In The Heat Of Passion Their Children Are Devastated And Beset With Emerging Passions Of Their Own Teenage Sophy, Angry With Her Father, Fergus, For Disrupting Her Life, Is Nonetheless Drawn To Him As A Refuge From Her Mother S Affair But Fergus Is Not Prepared For Sophy To Share His New Life Sophy Is Also Scared She Might Be Pregnant After A Furtive Encounter With Young George

Caroline Harvey Joanna Trollope was born on 9 December 1943 in her grandfather s rectory in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, England, daughter of Rosemary Hodson and Arthur George Cecil Trollope She is the eldest of three siblings She is a fifth generation niece of the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope and is a cousin of the writer and broadcaster James Trollope She was educated at Reigate County School for Girls followed by St Hugh s College, Oxford On 14 May 1966, she married the banker David Roger William Potter, they had two daughters, Antonia and Louise, and on 1983 they divorced In 1985, she remarried to the television dramatist Ian Curteis, and became the stepmother of two stepsons they divorced in 2001 Today, she is a grandmother and lives on her own in London.From 1965 to 1967, she worked at the Foreign Office From 1967 to 1979, she was employed in a number of teaching posts before she became a writer full time in 1980 Her novel Parson Harding s Daughter won in 1980 the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists Association.