Download Epub Format É Modesty, Makeovers, and the Pursuit of Physical Beauty: What Mothers and Daughters Need to Know PDF by ☆ Jeffrey R. Holland

Download Epub Format É Modesty, Makeovers, and the Pursuit of Physical Beauty: What Mothers and Daughters Need to Know PDF by ☆ Jeffrey R. Holland I m disappointed that this publisher feels good about reprinting 2 conference talks and selling them for 10 Seems super close to priestcraft to me Great messages I enjoyed reading them again and I suppose there s value in them being a beautiful book you can gift someone I had a very different expectation as I anticipated reading this book.
This will be required reading for my girls when they turn 12and before they move out In fact, when I m feeling not so confident, I m going to force myself to read this book again It s a super quick read I love these quotes I want you to be proud you are a woman I want you to feel the reality of what that means, to know who you truly are You are literally a spirit daughter of heavenly parents with a divine nature and an eternal destiny That surpassing truth should be fixed deep in your soul and be fundamental to every decision you made as you grow into mature womanhood There could never be a greater authentication of your dignity, your worth, your privileges, and your promise Your Father in Heaven knows your name and knows your circumnstance He hears your prayers He knows your hopes and dreams, including your fears and frustrations And He knows what you can be Individual Worth Soul Searching October , By MikelI Loved This Little Book, What Powerful Words That We As Sisters Should Engrain In Our Souls And Minds That We Are Of Worth And We Should Not Let The World Influence Us To Be Something Other Than What Our Heavenly Father Made Us To Be Love this book good reminders on what is really important.
This is a quick little read I believe these two messages were taken from conference talks a few years ago But, the message is one every woman could use in today s world Satan wants us to hate or become obsessed with our physical appearance so much that we will undergo any pain to change them We were created in the image of God and should try to remember that and be grateful for the amazing gift that it is to have our physical bodies Bringing another baby girl into the world sometime in the next week makes me wonder at the amazing miracle that our bodies are and I hope I can teach my daughters the principles taught in this little book This is two talks reprinted in book form They are good ones and summarize well what I want my girls to know about modesty and the gospel I am not thrilled with the book set up though The pictures are beautiful and nice, but every time there was a photo spread with a quote inserted, it disrupted the sentence I was reading from one page to the next For example, the bottom of page 37 reads In For The Strength of Youth it says and then you turn the page and there s a quote that reads, I testify that the body is a gift to be treated with gratitude and respect But the continuation of the sentence begun on page 37 actually finishes on page 40 with Your body is God s sacred creation Since I stopped to read the inserted quote, I got mixed up on the message from the talk and ended up not really appreciating either sentiment That happened several This little book is only about 50 pages and will take you about 15 20 minutes to read It has a lot of valuable information Things that will be good for me to instill into my daughter as she grows I love Elder Holland so much and when I saw this at the library decided to grab it b c he wrote half of it It is actually taken from two conference talks One by sister Tanner and the other by Elder Holland.
A combination of 2 talks on this subject by Jeffery R Holland and Susan W Tanner A great book for young women and also, I think for those of us who still wish we looked like we did when Brings perspective to the growing obsession women have with our bodies and encourages us to balance fitness with family and other demands A quick little page turner.

This little book for mothers and daughters contains two articles that were originally published in the Ensign magazine One article is by Jeffrey R Holland and the other is by Susan W Tanner Great advice and inspiration accompanied by lovely black and white photographs.
This was a great short read I think when my kids turn 10 I will have them read it It is a great reference for teaching that modesty and respect for your body is that just covering up We will be having a family night about this.

Elder Jeffrey R Holland was ordained a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints on 23 June 1994 At the time of this call, Elder Holland was serving as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, to which he had been called on 1 April 1989 A native of St George, Utah, he has spent most of his professional life in Church education He receiv