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✓ Exotica â Download by ì Eden Bradley The two linked novellas in this book have a split personality that threw me for a loop.
First, the Kama Sutra half Exotica is a luxury resort where your room islike a castle or pirate ship, or Casablanca and comes complete with a man to pleasure you in every which way You stay for a week while he makes your erotic fantasies both those you know of and those you don t into reality Lilli is set up with a week s stay by her college friend Caroline, the manager of the resort After a nasty divorce Lilli needs some cheering up and opening up and Rajan, one of the Kama Sutra lovers, is at her service.
There are little bits of genius in here Setting the resort in Palm Springs heat means it s reasonable to be naked all the time The men work on generous rotations with two months off at a The first story in this book was around a 3 star read from me, but I still really enjoyed all the lavish descriptions and the basic chemistry between the characters But the second story Arabian Nights was definitely a 4.
5 star andI m now in lust with Kian The way Ms Eden weaves in all the details of the setting makes the scenes jump off the page, and the way she showed Caroline s struggle with giving up control was very yummy indeed Forbidden Fruit is another one of her titles, and it s been recommended to me by a friend, so I can t wait to read it.
Welcome To Exoticaa Lush, Sensual Retreat Where Women Can Experience Their Most Taboo Fantasies Step Inside And Leave Your Inhibitions At The Door When Her Old Friend Caroline Invites Her To Exotica For A Week Of Pampering And Pleasure, Lilli DeForrest Has No Idea What To Expect But When Rajan Steps Into Her Suite, The Attraction Is Intense, Immediate, Overwhelming He Is Her Ideal Lover By Turns Tender, Commanding, Erotic But, As Lilli Is About To Discover, Rajan S Masterful Touch Is Just The BeginningAs Manager Of The Luxurious Retreat, Caroline Winter Creates Thrilling Escapist Fantasies For Other Women Now She S About To Live Out A Fantasy Of Her Own Dark, Exotic Kian Will Challenge Her To Accept The Exquisite Pleasures He Offers But What Caroline Doesn T Expect Is The Power Of Kian S Sensualitysurrendering To Him Means Abandoning Herself Completely And Giving Up All Control For Lilli, It S The Chance To Test The Limits Of Her Sexuality For Caroline, It S Trusting Kian With Her Most Hidden Desires Even As She S Uncovering His Own Guarded Secret And For Both Women, It S A Journey Into The Hidden Depths Of Fantasy As They Discover Just How Far They Ll Go In Search Of Seduction, Surrender, And Pleasure Beyond Imagining The book has stories packed into one book The first book Seven Day of Kama Sutra was the better of two in this reader s opinion A sham of a marriage then divorce, has left Lilli with very little confidence to herself A college friend, Caroline, has sent Lilli several invitation for her to come to the resort that she owns This isn t your normal resort it is one that indulges a woman s fantasy Will Lilli let go and enjoy herself or In Nine Days of Arabian Nights, is the second story.
Caroline, who owns and manages the resort, has her own problems and issues that stem from a bad relationship in the past.
Caroline decides to expand on the resort by creating new portion called Arabian Nights She breaks from what she has done over the last five years of owning the resort, decided to get involved with someone But I found I enjoyed reading these stories I think I liked the first better than the second just because of the dishonesty factor The flow of the writing was smooth and the love scenes were hot This is my first book by Eden Bradley but not my last.
Kama Sutra story 3 starsThis story was just okay I am not really into Tantric, I kept imaginig the kid in American Pie 2 having an orgasm while watering a plant The romance felt a bit contrived and I wasn t sure about a gigolo hero Some parts were nice but the hero was too gentle for me Arabian Nights 5 stars Very Hot I really enjoyed this story, it was really hot The hero was muchdominant which is my kind of style It was a sexy, emotionally engaging story.
Okay this one was so good at the beginning I was drawn in and wanted to see where things went I will say what bummed me out was missing so much of the story between the two characters when I found out that this book is cut in two The first part is about one heroine and the second is about another I kind of wish this was just a 2 book series I wish I gotback story on the characters andof the buildup I just wantedand felt like I didn t get it.

This book was good, I just found it a little boring.
For a steamy novel, this barely held my attention It really is two novellas held together by a common thread The Exotica resort specializes in providing unique experiences with areas that are staged for particular tastes.
In the first part, Lilli is an older woman, just divorced and still with lots of self esteem issues stemming from her ex husband She is set up in the Kama Sutra area with Rajan Lots of steamy action ensues.
The second part concerns the manager of the property, Caroline, who has problems with her own sexuality and is talked into experiencing her own resort with Kian in the Arabian Nights section Again much action.
So what s the problem I have thought about this and much of my problem was with the female characters They are to Two stories set in a luxurious sexual fantasy resort Women are the clients, gorgeous men provide the services.
The two stories are mostly erotic sex scenes set within ok stories Not a lot of character development but that s not the purpose If you re looking for a lot of hot sex, this should do it.
Lilli is 39 and feeling insecure about her body due to a critical and insensitive ex husband She experiences a week with Rajan at the resort.
Caroline is the resort manager and has been frigid due to an episode 5 years earlier Kian has just been hired to work at the resort This is the first time Caroline has been drawn to a man in 5 years She decides that she will be his first client.
DATA Story length 147 pages and 151 pages for the two stories

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