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↠´ Read ↠´ Unsafe at Any Speed by Ralph Nader ☆ If we can try to separate political opinions and differences since the book s publication and look at this book for what it actualy was, and is, it s an amazing and brave expose worthy of respect It tackles the auto industry, advertising, consumer rights, and safety to bring about a point regarding equality it s unnacceptable that we re all equal but some are less equal than others Those in big business who hide secrets like these, defaulting car parts that are complicated and that can arbitrarily kill you, deserve a special circle of hell I m a FULL believer in, and supporter of, capitalism and caveat emptor, but this book had to be written and it changed our current self concept of what rights we have as consumers, what s misleading and unacceptable in advertising, and that humans deserve higher standards from their vendors The multitude of laws since then, from Unsafe at Any Speed is an incredibly informative piece, illustrating the shocking negligence of automakers regarding the safety of the drivers of their vehicles Despite being written 50 years ago, it is still astounding to see the information that Nader made public On top of this, being that a long time has passed since its writing, it is fascinating to see how automobiles have changed their safety measures in the time after Nader wrote this text For example, in Chapter 6, Nader writes of how excessive decoration hood ornaments, elaborate bumper designs, etc greatly reduces the safety of pedestrians upon impact Now, vehicle styling is rather strictly outlined by pedestrian impact standards This is one of many changes made since the writing of this text, where their dangers were Ralph Nader s 1965 Unsafe at Any Speed depicts the American Interstate Highway System as a dystopian death trap, a smog filled wasteland littered with the burned out bodies of overturned Corvairs found on every corner, the pavement permanently stained red from the splatter of drivers becoming impaled on their own steering columns While Nader makes a compelling case that serious design flaws pervaded products coming from the big three American automobile manufacturers during the second half of the 20th century, his narrative seems to lean heavily on anecdotal evidence and some scant statistically validated studies by Cornell potentially due to the fact that those same automakers obstructed efforts to undertake such analysis In the current era, where safety innovations such as seatbelts, anti lock braking systems, and blind spot alerts come standard in m

Auto executives are pricks.
Nader refers to cost reduction as a bitch goddess This goddess demanded the sacrifice of leaving available safety features out of cars to increase profits Padded dashboard boards nope, recessed interior knobs and edges nope, 3 point seat belts nope, anchored seat belts nope You get halfway through this book and you wonder how did these auto executives live with themselves and why the public didn t throw them into a cold dark sea These guys were pricks And it turns out they still kind of are in the mid 1960 s air bags were possible and they kept them from us for decades because of cost It s bullshit One auto executive s safety plan was to teach his children the Hands defense When he was driving he would yell, Hands and the children would brace their arms in front of themselves to protect themselves from injury That I didn t read all of this book because it is really out of date once an influential expose of the auto industry, now a sort of historical artifact reading It is really incredible what Nader accomplished with this book even incredible that the industry cared so little about the consumer safety Just evidence that government regulation is necessary and desirable, or else it s the consumer that loses.
Unless you are conversant with the way life was and the way cars were built in the 1960s you ll probably find little in here to interest you Nader was as extreme in his direction as the Kings of Detroit were in theirs Much to our benefit, Nader a real piece of work got the ball rolling in the interest of safety That he went too far in some ways is a given, just as the Detriot execs went too far in theirs I am certain that Nader wasn t being altruistic in this work He sometimes worked tirelessly to rid the country of a scourge that no longer existed e.
g The infamous campaign he led against the Chevrolet Corvair By the time he got people all worked up about it the Corvair s suspension and handling problem had been corrected by GM engineers but sales fell off as he persisted in railing against the car In short it s dated and unlikely to be worth much of your time Car manufacturers put out unsafe cars and then they wave the American flag Where is the patriotism there And, of course, Nader was vilified for his book Sure, understandable coming from th car manufacturer, not so understandable coming from people who stood to die in those cars.
For Decades, Ralph Nader B Has Challenged Corporations, Government Agencies Institutions To Be Accountable To The Public In , Unsafe at Any Speed Changed The Face Of The Automobile Industry Made Him A Household Name As A Result Of His Efforts, Cars Have Safety Features His Lobbying Writing On The Food Industry Insured That The Food We Buy Is Required To Pass Strict Guidelines Before Reaching The Consumer One Of His Greatest Achievements Was The Amendment To The Freedom Of Information Act That Gave Increased Public Access To Government Documents This Brought Freedom Of Press To A New Level, Resulting In Increased Access For Journalists He S Cofounded Numerous Public Interest Groups Including Public Citizen, Critical Mass, Commercial Alert The Center For Study Of Responsive Law In He Mounted A Nd Bid For President As A Candidate For The Green Party, Today Continues To Be A Relentless Force For Grassroots Activism Democratic Change In The USA I really liked this book Highly recommend if you like non fiction or if you re a fan of Ralph Nader Was loaned to me by my History of American Technology professor for a research paper on the air bag Great primary source showing attitudes about automobiles in 1960 s America.
Interesting look at what made cars actually become a lot safer.

American attorney, author, lecturer, political activist, and candidate for President of the United States in five elections, including the last election 0f 2008, with his role in the 2000 election in particular being subject to much debate Areas of particular concern to Nader include consumer rights, humanitarianism, environmentalism, and democratic government Nader is the first Arab American pr