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Trailer » Switcheroo: A Novel PDF by À Olivia Goldsmith I liked this book a lotthan I thought I would I tried to read another book she wrote regarding bestsellers and absolutely could not get into it, but this had enough twists and turns and moved swiftly enough that I enjoyed it.
, however improbable it was.
This book was published as The Switch in the UK, and I first read a library copy about 15 years ago I recently found a second hand copy while I was mooching around Hay on Wye and, thinking how much I enjoyed reading it first time around, I bought it Hmmm Either it s because I m now nearer the wife s age than the mistress s, or my mind s playing tricks because it wasn t anywhere near as good as I remembered There s a lot of humour, but the characters are fairly stereotyped, and would the husband really not notice that the wife and mistress had traded places I think Flavor of The Month was probably a better read but it s interesting how, in both books, Olivia Goldsmith was obviously fascinated by the concept of beau Sylvie Schiffer AtHas A Life Most Women Dream About A Gorgeous Home In The Exclusive Suburb Of Shaker Heights, Two Perfect Teenage Children, A Successful Husband With A Lucrative Luxury Car Dealership Sylvie Has Everything, It Seems, But What She Wants Most Passion And Romance Moonlit Cruises, Holding Hands, Gazing At The Stars When You Re Married, Sylvie Sighs, You Don T Even Get Kissed On The Mouth With Building The Business, Raising The Babies And Creating Their Home, She And Bob Hadn T Found Much Time To Focus On Love But Now That The Twins Are Off To College And The Business Is Blooming, Sylvie Is Sure They Will Make Their Marriage Bloom So She Believes Until One Day She Does The Laundry And Notices Those Incriminating Credit Card Receipts Her Husband Has Found Romance, But It Isn T With HerBob Is Having An AffairShocked And Enraged, Sylvie Fantasizes About A Bullet To The Leg Just To Make Bob Lame Followed By A Hefty Settlement Her Mother Begs Her To Calm Down Her Marriage Is Worth Saving Sylvie S Having None Of That Out For Blood, She Sets Off To Confront Marla, The Other Woman What She Finds, However, Is Not What She Expects Looking At Marla Is Like Gazing Back In Time Except ForYears AndPounds, Marla Could Be Her Twin Marla Has The Best Of Bob S Love Flowers, Hot Sex, Breathy Phone Calls, Candlelit Dinner Yet She Admits To Sylvie That She Lacks The Thing She Wants Most A Husband And Home Of Her Own When You Re Single, Marla Sighs, You Have To Smell GoodHours A Day Going Beyond Revenge, Sylvie Hatches A Brilliant Scheme To Make Them Both Winners And Bring Bob To His Knees But Will They End Up With What They Want Or Walk Away Empty Handed And Broken Hearted No One Defines Modern Love, Work And Sexual Warfare Better Than New York Times Bestselling Author Olivia Goldsmith In Her Most Surprisingly Ingenious Novel Yet, She Once Again Speaks As The Voice For Her Gender When She Points Out A Truth Not Universally Acknowledged Until Now All Wives Yearn For The Romance Of Being A Mistress And All Mistresses Yearn For The Security Of Being A Wife This is mind candy totally without nutritional value, but oh so delicious A middle aged woman vies with a bimbo over the husband A fun vacation read.
A light hearted funny read which stretches the imagination.
A pampered middle aged woman comes to find out that her husband has a mistress, but get this, the woman is a younger version of her With some reflecting and such, she decides with the mistress to do some switching, hence the title What I liked about it is that though the wife is hurt, she takes action on her marriage and life Good book.
5 stars This book wasinteresting to say the least When Sylvie finds out that her husband is having an affair with a woman who looks like a younger version of her, she decides they should switch places She wants the passion that Bob gives to his mistress while the mistress wants the love and security Bob gives to Sylvie.
For one, you could definitely tell this book is dated When Sylvie s mother finds out about the affair, she says that Sylvie and Bob should just work out their issues without divorce That men are not entirely human, and that their cough heads cough and their brains are not connected and that one part is not responsible for the actions of the other While Sylvie doesn t agree with this viewpoint, it was a constant idea throughout I really needed to find a humorous book, after all the serious ones I have read lately Author of THE FIRST WIVES CLUB, later made into a really comical movie, I figured Goldsmith was the author to read She did not disappoint.

I don t know if it s that I ve gotten older,cynical anddiscriminating or if Olivia Goldsmith s writing has fallen down a very slippery slope into the worst kind of chicklit possible I d like to think it s the latter as I remember liking The First Wives Club very much when it first came out, as well as Flavor of the Month So, it was actually with anticipation that I dove into Switcheroo, a book I found collecting dust in our garage.
The plot is a simple one Sylvie, a successful, forty year old woman discovers her husband is having an affair with a younger woman Upon confronting her, she discovers that the younger woman Marla is a dead ringer for a younger version of her Marla wants to be married and Sylvie wants the romance back So off the go for a little bit of plastic surgery so they can switch places for two weeks Marla to secure Bob as her husband, and Sy OK, suspend your disbelief for a little bit and pretend that a husband really wouldn t notice that his wife and his mistress switch places Now that you ve drunk the Kool Aid, you will really enjoy this book Funny, sad, and sharp.

Olivia Goldsmith January 1, 1949 January 15, 2004 was an American author, best known for her first novel The First Wives Club 1992 , which was adapted into the movie The First Wives Club 1996.She was born Randy Goldfield in Dumont, New Jersey, but changed her name to Justine Goldfield and later to Justine Rendal She took up writing following a divorce in which she said her husband got almo