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[ Read Online Quantum Leap: Search and Rescue Ç vtol PDF ] by Melissa Crandall Á This is not a Quantum Leap novel Yes it has Sam and Al and has Quantum Leap on the cover, but if you removed the Quantum Leap elements from this book, it would be the exact same book At no point do either character do anything that wouldn t have been done had they not jumped into the situation.
Having said that, it is a very strong story as it is The plight of Al and the survivors in the Canadian wilderness as they deal with the shock and loss in different ways was by far the most interesting aspect Sam s story was less compelling, but it did deal with some heavy issues as his companion is the estranged father to one of the survivors not that they know that she survived and is dying of leukaemia.
I found the whole spirit animals bits a little jarring in that they didn t fit in to the rest of the story, or the series as I rem This Quantum Leap novel has an interesting twist, having an accident leap Al into a plane crash survivor while Sam is a doctor searching for the downed plane Well written and true to the show.

This is the second book I read about this TV show I love the TV show However, I feel this author didn t capture the characters of Sam and Al I was lost as far as where the plot was going The characters were pretty flat I didn t care about any of them I did like that Sam and Al got to leap together However, they didn t receive any help Ziggy only made am appearance once in the entire book I just think it could have been better The only times there were any kind of real emotions between the characters were when 1 Al was talking to Faye before his host was about to die and 2 when Al and Sam were reunited The only redeeming part of this book was you got to see of Al.
This was a quaint and quiet read Very good for soul searching I liked that television show a lot better though This is what I get from accepting a book from my mother Bleh.
A Lightning Strike Sends Sam Beckett Leaping Into The Wilds Of British Columbia, Where He Occupies The Body Of A Doctor Searching For A Downed Plane Now Sam Must Race Against Time And Nature For The Sake Of A Father And Daughter At Odds, And For The Life Of His Friend, Al, Who Leapt Into A Plane Passenger

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