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[ Pdf Zonenkinder Û teachers PDF ] by Jana Hensel Û What will you do if your country chase to exist and everything that was known to you from one day to another is not there any What would you feel if your new country is full of people that despise you or try to help you and you do not want to be helped Life after the fall of the wall is different for whom was behind the wall GDR life described by a girl that was thirteen when her world comes to an end and from her parents on, no adults are able to teach her how to live or survive in the new world Fascinating and well written.
Cosa faresti se il tuo paese cessasse di esistere da un momento all altro e tutto quello che conosci scompare Come ti sentiresti se il tuo nuovo paese fosse pieno di gente che non ti calcola o ritiene di doverti aiutare anche contro la tua volont La vita dopo la caduta del muro in quella che era la GDR completamente diversa da This book is an important personal account of cultural dislocation Jana Hensel was born in East Germany and was in her early teens in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell In her own words, It frightens us to think that we were but brief guests in our native land While she is not entirely nostalgic about her childhood in the GDR, she does remember a way of life and a set of values that were essentially wiped away at the time of reunification So began her attempt to adapt to the reality of Western Germany, which in so many ways had become, in the years since the partition, a different country This book contains no profound political meditations and makes no attempt at deep anthropology It is, instead, a modest Ein Bericht Aus Einem Land, Fremder Als Der Mond Elke Heidenreich Jana Hensel War Dreizehn, Als Die Mauer Fiel Von Einem Tag Auf Den Anderen War Ihre Kindheit Zu Ende Die Vertrauten Dinge Des DDR Alltags Verschwanden Gleichsam Ber Nacht Pl Tzlich War Berall Westen, Die Grenze Offen, Die Geschichte Auch Eine Ganze Generation Machte Sich Daran, Das Ver Nderte Land Neu Zu Erkunden Jana Hensel Erz Hlt Von Ihrem Leben In Der Schwebe Zwischen Ost Und West Jana Hensel Hat Der Ersten Gesamtdeutschen Generation Schon Jetzt Ein Kleines Denkmal Gesetzt Mit Sprachlicher Lakonie, Leichtigkeit Und Einer Transparenz, Die Leuchtet Der Spiegel Eine Kindheit Vor Dem Verschwinden Zu Retten Und Somit Das Kollektive Ged Chtnis Der Wendekinder Zu Archivieren, Das Ist Die Gro E Leistung Dieses Buches Eindringlich Und Poetisch, Mit K Hlem Kopf Und Warmem Herzen Geschrieben Emma Das Buch Schafft Etwas, Was Zum Berwinden Eines Gro En Missverst Ndnisses Der Deutschen Einheit Beitragen K Nnte Angela Merkel Communism, Pink Floyd, the Cold War, Gorbachev these and other terms come to mind when thinking about the Berlin Wall that once encircled West Berlin Hensel s book does touch on some of them However, After the Wall is neither a political manifesto nor the attempt of a historian to explain the time from 1945 to 1989 Rather, the book is a very personal walk down memory lane In eight chapters, the author summons the GDR of her childhood, leading the reader from her classroom to her life as daughter and Young Pioneer to the Wall and its fall.
Both the table of contents and the timeline at the beginning of the book reveal much about After the Wall This is not a novel but a documentary of a life from past Germany Chapter one is titled On Growing Up i This is a pretty interesting book Jana Hensel is of the last generation of the GDR The Berlin Wall came down whens he was 13 Her perspective was interesting for me, mostly because we re about the same age My perspective of East German and Soviet Union kids were equally as foreign as Hensel s description of Western kids.
While I think she paints in very broad strokes saying things like we and they or western people a lot it is a fairly well written exploration of what it was like on her side of our generation split by the Iron Curtain.
Some points are repeated too often especially the issues surrounding the differences between East German parent child relationships and those she perceived between her Western friends.
It s a Ein M del, kaum lter als ich, berichtet ber ihre Kindheit die sie in der damaligen DDR verbracht hat Das ganze ist kein Roman sondern mehr eine Ansammlung von kleinen Essay hnlichen Kapiteln Da wir beide wie gesagt fast gleichaltrig sind, sind ihre Erlebnisse fast auch meine Erlebnisse und wirklich hab ich mir auf fast jeder Seite gedacht genau so war es Ich stimme nicht ganz mit ihrer Ansicht berein, wie wir uns damals und nach der Wende selbst gesehen haben Sowas ist immer subjektiv, da kann man kaum bereinstimmen Aber die Dinge die sie aufz hlt, die wir damals hatten, die uns wichtig waren, unsere Vorbilder, unsere Rituale, unsere Festtage all das hat sie genau so beschrieben, wie ich es in Erinnerung habe Franzi war unser Vorbild zwar erst nach der Wende, aber immerhin , genauso wie die FDJler, die wir total cool fanden wenn sie beim Fahnenappell Freundschaft grummelten Ich This book was a pain in my neck If it wasn t for my class, I would not have finished it Jana Hensel totally annoyed me Maybe it s my lacking ability to identify with the Eastern Germany I lost my home Theme but I doubt that I m usually quite interested in history and the event itself is fascinating, also the time and people But Hensel is just one annoying Ossi I hoped to learn something about the German Democratic Republic and the way of life perceived by a mere child and the consequences these took on the up growing but that book totally lacks of information, due to constant whining If you wanna know something about the German Democratic Republic and it s way of life Don t read that book Don t read that book, no matter what It s not worth the trouble.

I had an au pair who grew up in East Germany, then moved to the West, and I remember her telling me that she missed how the East took care of its residents The West, she said, seemed rather cold and uncaring in contrast That would be a surprise to many people who think Communism was all bad Jana Hensel s book is indeed unique in focusing on the transition required of that generation But what I found very sad was the sense of loss, confusion and abandonment felt by her parents generation And how distanced she felt from them.
It has certainly and definitely been both enlightening and also engagingly enjoyable to read in Jana Hensel s Zonenkinder the English translation of which is titled After the Wall memoirs and remembrances of the author s childhood and young teenager hood in the former GDR prior to and immediately post the 1989 collapse and fall of the Berlin Wall and which have felt both delightfully and informatively educational, personal and also thankfully and fortunately not just a negatively angry rant against anything even remotely East German in thematics and thus of course by necessity also supposedly and somehow inherently Communist in EVERY SINGLE way and indeed coming from the pen of someone who was both born and raised in the GDR, and whose childhood was, as Jana Hensel was born in 1976 near Leipzig, totally determined by the GDR and This is written from one person s experience growing up in the former East Germany, and then being thrust into a new way of life after German reunification The book isn t large about 166 pages and is of a collection of thoughts and memories written as the author remembers them It is about life after reunification rather than before it The author views the former East Germany through the rose tinted glasses of childhood Since she was young while still under the rule of the socialist state, and obviously wrapped up in her childhood, the thoughts, ideas, politics, repression, economics, etc escape her She sees things as probably being perfect and ideal over what they most likely were I read the book Forty Autumns before this, and find it an extremely well researched and comprehensive book about life in East Germany, compared to this book However, this is of a collection

Jana Hensel is a German journalist and author.