¾ A Sense of the Ridiculous ↠´ Download by Ý Heather King

¾ A Sense of the Ridiculous ↠´ Download by Ý Heather King When A Prank Goes Wrong, Headstrong Squire S Daughter Jocasta Stanyon Wakes Up In The Bedchamber Of An Inn With No Memory Of Who She Is The Inn Is Owned By Widow Meg Cowley And Her Handsome Son Richard, Who Proves To Be Than A Match For The Unconventional Miss StanyonInitial Attraction Leads, Through Various Scrapes And Indiscretions, To Love, But Their Stations In Life Are Far Removed From Each Other And Fate Tears Them Apart With A Cruel Hand Forbidden By Her Father To Have Any Contact With Richard For Six Months, Jocasta Is Horrified When She Is Then Summoned To Receive The Addresses Of A Fashionable Stranger Very enjoyable style of writing.
The English author appears to have been meticulous in her research of the period, and is also clearly a horsewoman with excellent description of equine activity.
Her ability to evoke the scenes described was detailed without being overly obtrusive so the pace of the story bowled along nicely A very engaging heroine and likeable leading man made this a very satisfying read Regency authors are frequently described as like Georgette Heyer but turn out to be nothing like this author however, really is reminiscent of GH style,wit and fun and I have no hesitation in recommending it I loved this book This is quite possibly my favorite regency romance, ever The story is wonderful, engaging I could not put it down What really made this story enjoyable for me, was the hero I loved the heroine, Jocasta is very believable, but Richard wow A strong male lead, who is not condescending or an idiot, and whose only mistake is to be human He was a guy I could respect So many heroes in romances are not like this So many regency romance writers fail to capture a man of the era who is absolutely masculine and still truly respects the woman he loves One thing I wanted to share with other potential readers is that this book is sexy, it has the sex appeal that you re after when you read a romance novel, without having gratuitous d This is everything a historical romance should be The author writes with confidence and poise, using descriptive details to transport us to the Regency It s all here fabulous characters including a knee melting hero and spunky heroine , snappy dialogue, historical detail and vivid description I loved how King takes the time to elaborate on clothes, meals, and country events, in the very style of the time Not only that, it is also a page turner I was rooting for the couple from the moment they met, and anxiously waited to find out how they would end up together The ending, I believe, would have delighted Jane Austen herself and certainly her modern fans You won t regret buying this delightful romp of Regency romance It s truly a great piece of historical fiction with just the right amount of zing.
The Other Way RoundJocasta Stanyon is twenty three years old, and with one unsuccessful Season behind her, her father, Sir Henry Stanyon, is keen for her to marry Lord Rufforth, whose land adjoins his Jocasta likes Rufforth, but finds him predictable and sadly lacking any sense of the ridiculous Her brother, Harry, comes home to rusticate, bringing a friend, the Honourable Archibald Collingswood, but casting a damper over the entire household, Jocasta and Harry s aunt, the Dowager Lady Harford Aunt Agnes , writes to say she is coming to stay for a week It is a very trying week, especially for Jocasta, and as her aunt is leaving, she dances around the coach on her gelding Grey Friar, dressed in boy s clothing Unfortunately, she then gives Grey Friar his head with the result that she takes a toss and is found unco Such a great romance I tend to appreciate historical romances that fall on the erotic, rather than sweet, side, but this story dragged me in Jocasta and Richard are memorable characters with strong personalities, and the plot, while falling back on a trope or two, manages to be unique and interesting in a genre that often isn t Fabulous read.
Great story Fab interplay between two main characters A good historical romp.
The first time I read anything by Ms King was a few weeks ago when I was copy editing her story, Copenhagen s Last Charge, for a Waterloo anthology we are both involved in I kept telling myself to slow down, since I was supposed to reading slowly and carefully to find errors But I found myself so immersed in the story that I couldn t seem to slow down Disclaimer Copenhagen s Last Charge was copy edited by another person as well, so if anything was missed, it isn t entirely my fault However, the story itself is so compelling that not even the most draconian proofreader could fail to be captivated A Sense of the Ridiculous had the same effect on me This time, of course, I wasn t copy editing, since it was already published, but I have to admit I was hooked f

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