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â The New Atlantis º Download by ↠´ Ursula K. Le Guin A Vision Of Hope Sinking And Hope Rising, In An America Paralyzed By Corporate Control Of Government While Sea Levels Rise Catastrophically Due To Human Caused Climate ChangeFirst Published In The New Atlantis And Other Novellas Of Science Fiction, Edited By Robert Silverberg, , The Scarily Prescient Story Was Nominated For The Hugo And Nebula Awards, And Won The Locus Poll Award For Best Novelette The Ebook Includes A New Foreword By The Author Jag tillh r tyv rr en av de m nga som helt enkelt inte f rst r sig p den h r novellen Jag tyckte om den skr mmande verkliga framtidsvisionen som Le Guin beskriver, men de vaga mellansekvenserna k ndes bara f rvirrande och gjorde novellen seg Jag hade hoppats p science fiction likt Bioshock med en undervattensv rld likt Atlantis, men bortsett fr n att novellen utspelar sig i framtiden s skulle jag inte kalla det h r science fiction.
Written 43 years ago, this is the dark story of a future that is closer today than ever, one in which global climate change has submerged much of the world under water, where electric power is only available to the masses for a few minutes a day, and where that electric power is under the strict control of those in political power The people keep the dream alive that a new Atlantis will rise up out of the ocean Ursula Le Guin s grim vision, seen today, appears prophetic.
Vrlo, vrlo dobra zbirka Preporu ujem itanje u originalu.
I loved the brief glimpse into a world where marriage is outlawed and scientists are sent to reeducation camps I d love an entire novel about that world The bits about Atlantis or whatever was rising from the depths I was less fond of.
The New Atlantis , by Ursula K Le Guin A Swedish translation of a novella that I picked up while on vacation with Kaia, feat a dystopian future America controlled by corporations and ravaged by environmental devastation melting ice caps astonishingly relevant, still, considering this was published in 1975.
I finally read this on the plane coming back from Christmas comprehension thus hampered a bit by the fact that, without internet, I couldn t look up words that I didn t recognise I don t actually speak write Swedish only Norwegian , but it worked surprisingly well and was somehow both easier and harder than I thought easier because I was able to sound out the words in my head and managed to clip along Sista novellixen i scifi boken r Le Guins Ett nytt Atlantis.
I en framtid med krig, klimatkatastrof och Supersonic Superscenic DeLuxe l ngdistansbussar f r vi f lja huvudpersonen och hennes man, nyligen frisl ppt fr n rehabiliteringsl ger, i en serie glimtar Han r matematiker och tillsammans med n gra v nner har de kommit p ett s tt att f energi av solljus hon spelar fiol och h r d och d om att det b rjat resa sig landmassor i Atlanten, eller om det nu r Stilla havet.
Jag vet inte jag kanske r korkad men jag tyckte verkligen inte att den h r var bra Framtiden r p sitt s tt intressant det lilla vi f r veta d r bland annat ktenskap r f rbjudet Men de h r mellanpartierna d r vi h r Atlantis medborgare vakna och stiga Dels var de tr kiga dels fattade jag inte po ngen.
I vanliga fall r Le Guin en favorit, men It s such a joy to read UKL however weird the imagined world The way the characters fit into the story, just living a human life, gives me a feeling of always coming home This has a lot to do with the beautiful cadence of her language reminiscent of the sound of a viola , and of course a basic, no nonsense view of humanity Even when we ve completely screwed up our world We do go on dreaming, and holding on to what we cherish He knew there was no mountain, he was skiing on air Wow The new preface is also lovely, giving a very personal perspective to the writing Whatever whas I thinking Unfortunately, I left my notes on this at home, so I ll wing it until I can recover them I liked the story quite a lot It was first published in 1975, but this e book edition has just been published through the Book View Cafe co op The protagonist is a violist, and I always have a big soft spot for violists It s one of those stories that s too short The world it describes is vast, and really screwed up and dystopic Oh Kind of like the USA now And the concepts it explores deserve fuller treatment In that sense, it s like a 15 second view through a keyhole into a marvelous room full of incredible stuff Which leaves one wanting , so I suppose that s good The brand new introduction October 2013 by the author is practically worth the price of the bookIf I had any criticism it would be that the ambiguous, veiled passages about whatever thing is rising from the sea did Such a short book deserved a second read before returning to library just to check that feeling of having missed something Following the news of Le Guin s recent death and to overcome the guilt I have of never selecting her books despite the sense they were calling to me since the age of 10 this is a bare bones of a book, almost an idea of a book, with a few interesting concepts considering it was written four decades ago I look forward to readingof her work.

Ursula K Le Guin published twenty two novels, eleven volumes of short stories, four collections of essays, twelve books for children, six volumes of poetry and four of translation, and has received many awards Hugo, Nebula, National Book Award, PEN Malamud, etc Her recent publications include the novel Lavinia, an essay collection, Cheek by Jowl, and The Wild Girls She lived in Portland, Orego