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õ Flying Toasters - The DeadPixel Tales ê Download by ô Robert Brumm Collections of new short stories are not easy to find these days, so I m pleased to say that I really enjoyed this one Each of these works is well written, entertaining, and of substantial length The assortment is a good blend of science fiction and fantasy, with settings ranging from the American old west to alien planets The various story elements include horror, mystery, the supernatural, sorcery, and humor It s a good variety of storytelling, well worth reading.
Kindle Unlimited, the writer definitely isn t right but he is on ku, think a few binge readings in my future This particular story was perma free, some of the other writers in anthology may not be ku Caverns and Creatures Volume I books 1 4 Critical Failures Caverns and Creatures Book 1 Critical Failures II Caverns and Creatures Book 2 Critical Failures III Caverns and Creatures Book 3 Critical Failures IV Caverns and Creatures Book 4 various numerous other DD booksSpace PuppiesFlying Toasters The DeadPixel Tales one of collection of writers, seems to be permafree Must be permafree, This story being an anthology yes there are always some stories that I or someone else will like better than other stories in the collection, but I tend to rate these as a set based on the individual stories strengths, if that makes sense It reminds me of that zapspot game that originally reviewed on LauraofLurkingStrong language SomeDrugs NoViolence Gruesome descriptions of after effectsSexual content Some, non explicitI received a copy of this anthology via a free promotion.
The Man Upstairs by Hanna Elizabeth3.
5 StarsThis is a story of a ghost trapped on this plan without knowing if he has to fulfil a destiny or if this is life This was an interesting look at the afterlife The powers the ghosts had were woven into the story well, as was the background of the relevant human characters without any info dumps I felt it meandered in places a bit, I d like to have seen drive and intention from John, the primary ghost.
Overall a fun read, and there was one scene I think women will love while men will cringe away from Way to go, Hannah The Cave by Brian L Hit or missSeveral stories, as with any mix some were really good and some were mediocre Definitely pretty good overall though Glad I gave it a read and really enjoyed a couple of the stories Will give the benefit that many of these have a good twist of make you question scenarios towards the end of each story Have a couple authors to look for further writings by, that is for sure.
Picked this freebie up originally because of the Robert Bevan story, but it seems that one s been removed Pouty face This anthology of short stories and short novellas is well written all around, from fantasy The Lightgiver to horror in the old West The Cave to a funny ghost story The Man Upstairs The last story The Ballad of Azron Bezron is my favorite.
If you enjoy spec fic, you could definitely do worse But there s no Robert Bevan story Lower lip sticks out further Let s call it four stars.
Great readA great mix of short stories Definitely recommend this to everyone I ll be checking out based on what was in this And again definitely worth the read.
FLYING TOASTERS THE DEADPIXEL TALES Is A Collection Of Engaging Short Stories That Range From Gritty To Haunting Thought Provoking To Ridiculous The Authors Of DeadPixel Publications Craft Tales That Will Appeal To All Readers Through Solid Storytelling, Crossing Genre Lines, And Focusing On Brilliant Characters And Twisted Plots In THE MAN UPSTAIRS, Hanna Elizabeth Cooks Up A Ghost Story Flavored With Dashes Of Wit, Humor, And A Generous Spoonful Of Old Fashioned Revenge The Wild West Is Given A Supernatural Face In THE CAVE, As Brian L Braden Crafts A Beautiful, Subtly Creepy Tale Steeped In Mystery, Courage, And Death Robert Brumm Takes On Immortality In MY DEAD FRIEND NANCY, Reminding Us To Be Careful What We Wish For In THE LIGHTGIVER, Thomas Cardin Takes Us Into An Intriguing World Where A Slave S Escape From Sinister Overlords Begins A Descent Into Darkness That Reveals His Own Inner Light ALTITUDE SICKNESS By CM Saunders Is A White Knuckle Account Of Fate And Revenge At , Feet In PRISM, John Gregory Hancock Introduces A Reluctant Fantasy Hero Who Is Forced Into Mystery And Adventure And Finally, In THE BALLAD OF AZRON BEZRON, Steven Wetherell Shares A Witty Tale About A Thief Grudgingly Sent On A Hero S Quest One Or Of The Stories In This Book Contain Language Meant For Adults If You Re Easily Offended By Curse Words And Are Quick To Write Negatives Reviews Based Solely On Them, This Might Not Be The Book For You DeadPixel Publications Is Just A Bunch Of People With Day Jobs, Writing For The Pure Love Of The Craft And Hoping For A Little Success Along The Way By Joining Forces We Help Promote Each Other And Create A Community Of Sharing And Collaboration With One Goal In Mind Helping The Public Find Some Kick Ass books To read If We Do Say So Ourselves This was a set of 7 short stories I did not realize going into it that the common thread was death Don t let that turn you away from it, the stories are not all darkness, gloom or gore The first few seemed too short and left me wanting , but I guess that would be a sign of a well written story I just wish it was developed further The writing in each story seemed to get better than the last I read most of this on a trip, and the short story format was great If you are interested in this, I would recommend you read it.
Great stories They were all very well written and entertaining stories No matter how many times I read them I can t pick a favorite.
Pretty good read I liked all but one of the stories I would recommend it.

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