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[Lizzie Lamb] ↠´ Boot Camp Bride [mystery PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Charlee Montague aspired to outgrow her lowly status at a gossip magazine and become a full fledged serious reporter The owner s daughter is her best friend and gets her into a book award party She s excited until she realizes she ll be staff, carrying drinks and food to the real guests When the party ends and she feels baited into giving her opinion about photographs from the award winning author, Rafael Fonseca Ffinch, and she finds herself playing cat and mouse with the author himself Fearing she ll lose her job, instead she is totally shocked to find she s being given an opportunity to redeem herself by pairing up with Finch The couple s personalities spark and the attraction is real Charlee is spunky and has a nose for a scoop, so she s determined to figure out what Ffinch isn t telling her about this seemingly simple assignment to take pho Sometimes I think Lizzie Lamb writes just for me All the elements that make up an enjoyable reading experience are there in her novels Likeable heroine Tick Gorgeous hero Tick Strong plotline Tick Inspiring setting Tick Yes, I know that many writers of romantic novels can tick all these boxes, but there s something extra special in Lizzie s books It was there in Tall, Dark and Kilted, her previous novel, and it s definitely present and correct in Boot Camp Bride.
I found myself wondering what it is about Lizzie s books that works so beautifully and I realised there are several elements.
Firstly, there is the heroine I sometimes read romantic novels and feel as if I want to shake the leading lady Some of them are so blind and stupid, so simpering or aggressive that I often wonder what on earth any hero in his right Charlee Montague Is An Up For Anything Rookie Reporter Desperate For Her Big Break She Dreams Of Something, Anything, Which Will Take Her Away From The Daily Grind At Celebrity Driven Magazine What Cha When She Is Sent Undercover To A Boot Camp For Brides On The Windswept Norfolk Marshes, It Seems As If All Her Christmases Have Come At Once Posing As A Blushing Bride To Be, Charlee Has To Get The Skinny On Supermodel Anastasia Markova And Her Oligarch Russian Boyfriend However, Every Rookie Needs A Experienced Partner As Backup And Charlee Is No Exception At Her Side Posing As Her Fianc , Is Award Winning Photographer Rafael Ffinch World Weary Rafa Has Recently Survived A Kidnap Attempt In Colombia And Is No Mood To Cut Inexperienced Charlee Any Slack Further, He Makes It Plain At The Outset Of Their Assignment That There Is No Room For Love In His Complicated Life Once The Investigation Is Over, Their Partnership And Fake Engagement Will Be Terminated From The Moment She Sets Foot In The Boot Camp Charlee Senses That There Is To The Simple Dish The Dirt On The A List Model Story She S Been Sent To Cover Journalistic Antennae Twitching, Charlee Decides To Carry Out An Investigation Of Her Own What S The Real Reason Behind Ffinch S Interest In The Boot Camp, Super Model Anastasia And Her Shady Russian Fianc How Is It Connected To Rafa S Kidnap In Colombia In Setting Out To Uncover The Truth, Charlee Uncovers Yet Secrets And Puts Herself In Danger And, As The Investigation Draws To A Close, Charlee Is Faced With A Dilemma Will She Be Able To Keep Her Promise, Hand Back The Engagement Ring And Walk Out Of Rafa S Life Without A Backward Glance I loved this book the story hooked me in from the beginning Charlee is my kind of girl, up for anything and always thinking on her feet And who doesn t love a fake engagement that turns into pure magic The language in this book is snappy and at the same time beautiful How does Ms Lamb do it Thank you for a fun read.
Boot Camp Bride is an intriguing romantic romp across the marshes of Norfolk with the naive but enthusiastic Charlee and deliciously sexy and terribly capable leading man, Rafa.
Charlee Montague is a badly treated intern at What Cha Magazine and the fabulously named Rafael Rafa Fonseca Ffinch is a well respected, if somewhat weary, photographer who has reported from some of the most troubled areas of the world and has recently returned from Columbia where things went badly wrong They team up when Rafa needs Charlee to infiltrate a boot camp for brides to take a photo of a Russian supermodel, Anastasia Markova In order to do this they have to get engaged and pretend to be in love However danger threatens because there are other reasons why Rafa wants Charlee at the boot camp and then both start wondering how easy it will be to walk away fr Aspiring journalist, Charlee Montague, is desperate for her big break The story that will make people sit up and take notice, especially her ultra successful family In the meanwhile she is an intern at the celebrity orientated What cha magazine, owned by Sam Walker, the father of her best friend Poppy, where she is given the worst of the menial jobs.
She attends the Book of the Year Awards with Poppy, assuming she is a guest, until her boss and the bane of her life informs her she will be waitressing So Charlee is not in the best of moods when she encounters the imaginatively named Rafael Fonseca Ffinch, author and journalist, at the end of the evening Their exchange isn t exactly friendly and Charlee is amazed when she is called into Sa Boot Camp Bride is the perfect weekend read, it s a light hearted, feel good page turner and once I d started it I couldn t put it down The story sees Charlee Montague, an ambitious, feisty young reporter paired with award winning photographer Rafael Ffinch in order to pose as an engaged couple at a boot camp for brides to be As far as Charlee is concerned the mission is about gaining an expose on a supermodel and her Russian oligarch boyfriend but it soon becomes clear that there is to the assignment than she knows In Boot Camp Bride, Lizzie Lamb has created a wonderful protagonist in Charlee She is every bit the gutsy, contemporary heroine and I loved her immediately Charlee is a fiercely ambitious over achiever and we are given an insight into why when Lamb introduces her difficult, hard to please mother Charlee s enthusi

Lizzie Lamb s characters are so lovable, Charlee became my buddy from the very first line She was fiery unpredictable and quite honestly a delightful handful Charlee Montague is an intern at What Cha Magazine, the lowest of the low and given the worst jobs But she has a passion to make it big and her feisty attitude nearly gets her in to BIG trouble at the book awards when she gives her honest opinion about photographs by high profile author Rafael Fonseca Ffinch.
Next day instead of being fired she s given the chance to redeem herself with a story about a young Royal playing away from home But she has a partner and she must face Ffinch Her best friend Poppy fills her in on Ffinch kidnapped in Columbia by the Aguilas Negra, he was left to die, until he was rescued by an tribe Now he s putting all the proceeds of the book in to a hospital boat and Charlee must eat humble pie.
Th Lizzie Lamb s latest, is a perfect follow up to her brilliant Tall, Dark and Kilted with added suspense and mystery for good measure.
It s that perfect blend of excitement, romance and humour, that she seems to do so effortlessly, but so well.
The relationship between Charlee, a trainee intern, and the mysterious but irresistible Rafael Ffinch is cleverly paced, and the twists and turns of the plot keep you guessing and page turning.
Loved the funny, quirky chapter headings, and Lizzie Lamb paints as beguiling a picture of the magical Norfolk marshes,as she did of the Scottish Highlands.
Lizzie Lamb s second novel is a fast moving read interleaved with her usual lighthearted humour Charlee is an ambitious heroine with an impulsive daredevil streak, while the fascinating Rafael is shrouded in mystery And while the sexual tension between them sizzles, the intriguing plot unfolds You will not only be taken on a roller coaster ride but be anxious to turn the pages Highly recommended.

After teaching her 1000th pupil and working as a deputy head teacher in a large primary school, Lizzie decided to pursue her first love writing She joined the Romantic Novelists Association s New Writers Scheme, wrote Tall, Dark and Kilted 2012 , quickly followed by Boot Camp Bride Although much of her time is taken promoting her novels she published Scotch on the Rocks, which achieved Best