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Trailer ↠´ The Dolphin Way PDF by ☆ Shimi K. Kang Found this book very interesting enjoyable to read It helped me realize its ok that I don t have to put my kids into programs or events like other parents do I have 3 kids was trying to balance working full time as well as putting the kids in activities like all of our peers After learning to listen to what they really want to do, I found they were just as happy going for a walk or hike at the end of the day opposed to being rushed off to soccer or gymnastics A lot of points in this book seem to be right in front of us but it helps bring to light of going back to trusting your own intuitions just letting kids being creative helping guide them rather than instruct them in their learning I had a lot of oh yeah, never thought of that moments when thinking about situations in A great book Lots of interesting information As a whole, it reminded me of a response paper to the Tiger parenting approach The first part is about why tiger parenting is not a good approach, and the second half is about how to be a dolphin parent and why is is a good approach I really liked the fact that there was a significant portion dedicated to parenting teens, which I find is often lacking in parenting books unless they are targeting teens.
In This Inspiring Book, Harvard Trained Child And Adult Psychiatrist And Expert In Human Motivation Dr Shimi Kang Provides A Guide To The Art And Science Of Inspiring Children To Develop Their Own Internal Drive And A Lifelong Love Of Learning Drawing On The Latest Neuroscience And Behavioral Research, Dr Kang Shows Why Pushy Tiger Parents And Permissive Jellyfish Parents Actually Hinder Self Motivation She Proposes A Powerful New Parenting Model The Intelligent, Joyful, Playful, Highly Social Dolphin Dolphin Parents Focus On Maintaining Balance In Their Children S Lives To Gently Yet Authoritatively Guide Them Toward Lasting Health, Happiness, And Success As The Medical Director For Child And Youth Mental Health Community Programs In Vancouver, British Columbia, Dr Kang Has Witnessed Firsthand The Consequences Of Parental Pressure Anxiety Disorders, High Stress Levels, Suicides, And Addictions As The Mother Of Three Children And As The Daughter Of Immigrant Parents Who Struggled To Give Their Children The Best In Life Dr Kang S Mother Could Not read And Her Father Taught Her Math While They Drove Around In His Taxicab Dr Kang Argues That Often The Simplest Benefits We Give Our Children Are The Most Valuable By Trusting Our Deepest Intuitions About What Is Best For Our Kids, We Will In Turn Allow Them To Develop Key Dolphin Traits To Enable Them To Thrive In An Increasingly Complex World Adaptability, Community Mindedness, Creativity, And Critical Thinking Life Is A Journey Through Ever Changing Waters, And Dolphin Parents Know That The Most Valuable Help We Can Give Our Children Is To Assist Them In Developing Their Own Inner Compass Combining Irrefutable Science With Unforgettable Real Life Stories, The Dolphin Way Walks Readers Through Dr Kang S Four Part Method For Cultivating Self Motivation The Book Makes A Powerful Case That We Are Not Forced To Choose Between Being Permissive Or Controlling The Third Option The Option That Will Prepare Our Kids For Success In A Future That Will Require Adaptability Is The Dolphin Way As I read, I found myself saying to myself in my head that s me or that s what I want to do The book is full of great stories to make you think about how you parent and had me thinking of ways I want to change Throughout I was reminded of both my childhood and how I parent The beauty of this book is Dr Kang provides prescriptions on what you can do.
A couple of my favorites included Playing with LegoChange the Speaking Listening RatioAsk Permission Before Giving AdviceA major learning for me was the idea of structure both the good and the bad I have made a few adjustments as a result if this book and am on the right road to raising Health, Happy and Motivated Kids thanks to this book.
I enjoyed this one would definitely want to read again later on when kids are school age Amy Chua in her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother made famous authoritarian parenting style no play dates, few choices, no bathroom breaks during piano lessons, A s are the only acceptable grades And both her kids went to Yale on music scholarships I believe Around the world we are seeing a rise in children suffering from stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and depression Kids are being overscheduled, overinstructed, and overdirected Kang argues that there is a better way to parentwhat she calls The Dolphin Way Kang argues that neither tiger parents pushy, hovering or snowplow parenting those that solve all kids problems with emails to teachers, talks with other parents or jellyfish parents overly permissive works Kang wants you to be a dolphin parent intelligent, playful, highly social, gentle, yet authoritative not authoritarian , guiding towards balance, happiness, and succe The Dolphin Way encourages parents to acknowledge that their children control and are responsible for their own thoughts, actions, mind and body It is the parents role to be supportive guides The Dolphin Way is community based with other adults also supporting the growth and independence of youth, in contrast to the tiger way of parenting, which is viewed as a competitive arena with limited resources, leading to fighting for the scarce options and seeking to obtain the best for one s own offspring without regards to the welfare of others The Dolphin Way is altruistic and collaborative The goals of the parents in raising their young are to be of a guide than a director, and to teach by example Emphasis is placed on play, exploration, social bonds, altruism, contribution, and family community values It is not about overprotecting and overcompeting Activities th This book has answered a lot of questions for me Such as what are the outcomes and effects of tiger parenting versus a nurturing but less acceptable and less controlling parenting style I have always known which parent I d like to be but truthfully was not sure which style was productive and successful as well as happier.
Apparently The Dolphin Way a lot less pushing and embracing of fun and true purpose in life is way better overall even in terms of adult success The statistics on adult unhappiness, depression, and lack of purpose despite a good salary caused by tiger parenting are awful Just think of Tiger Woods or Michael Phelps drug addictions and plenty examples of what pressure and success does to a young person.
The author addresses the reality of how uncomfortable it is to go against the views of society and indepe

Full review to comeNot your typical parenting book by any means The Dolphin Way reads like a study in psychology with tips and tricks than your every day run of the mill self help book While some of her advice and focus is applicable to different age groups than where I am as a parent at the moment a toddler and one in utero vs school aged kids , much of Kang s insight and guidance is fascinating and really clicks for every day behaviours and habits.
Kang reminds us that we all know the secret to parenting There is no one way to parent properly, but we have to listen to our intuition rather than forcing a right way on ourselves and our kids because that s what everyone else is doing We need to remember to act not out of fear and the need to control, but rather based on guidance and showing our kids what they need to figure it out If you ve ever taken a basic psych cours I liked this book much than I thought I would The author is a Canadian psychiatrist, daughter of Indian immigrants Her mother was illiterate, her father a cab driver This book questions the methods of tiger parenting which, as she rightly asserts, is not limited to Asian parents, nor are all Asian parents tigers We are urged to emulate the best characteristics of dolphins to be playful, creative, sociable,caring, and to value the process as much as the end results Dr Kang cites the example of the Finns, who appear near the top of the world education Top 10 However, this does not mean being a pushover Dr Kang suggests the acronym K E Y S when dealing with children K kill your inner tiger E empathize Parents are not perfect, and it doesn t hurt to admit this fact Y y our child s goals and dreams are not necessarily your own You may even succeed in making your child a great pianist, but

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