É The Reluctant Bride ó Download by Õ Claire Firth

É The Reluctant Bride ó Download by Õ Claire Firth should be called the childish bride with all the tantrums and stupid defiance no regency feel dnf 22% If you want s quick fun read, this is it.
This is my first book by this author but I very much enjoyed it.
When The Wilful Sophia Challoner Is Forced To Marry The Notorious Earl Of Avalon To Save Her Father From Ruin, Sparks Soon Begin To Fly She Has Been Sold To The Highest Bidder So That She May Produce An Heir For The Devilishly Handsome And Arrogant Earl And She Is Outraged How Can She Have Any Respect Or Feelings For A Man Whose Reputation Is That Of A Complete Wastrel And Philanderer She Resolves To Resist Him At All Costs Yet Sophia Is Totally Unprepared For The Exquisite Pleasure She Experiences From Her Husband S Wicked Hands As He Introduces Her To A World Of Sexual Delight She Had No Idea Existed For Ralph, When His Cousin Had Suggested He Take A Wife To Heal The Rift In His Family, It Had Seemed The Perfect Solution To His Problems However, He Hadn T Counted On Choosing Someone As Spiritedly Passionate As Sophia And Something Inside Of Him Reacts To Her In A Way That Disconcerts Him What Started Out As A Necessary Chore Soon Becomes An Exciting Challenge As He Determines To Do What He Does Best Seduce His Young Wife And Put An End To The Estrangement That Exists Between Them But Why Is Sophia S Good Opinion Becoming Increasingly Important To Him And Why Does He Feel The Compulsive Need To Convince Her That He Is Not The Unsavoury Character She Believes Him To Be Steamy This is a short one sitting read Steamy and fiery I thought it was an ok read It s wasn t bad or good I guess I wanted to connect with the characters but didn t feel it.
This was a great first book from Claire Firth, and I shall be eagerly awaiting her next book I love a wonderful Historical Romance and this story was just that, very believeable, with a hero and heroine you just love.
Ralph was looking for a biddable bride, so he could appease his mother now that he was Earl of Avalon Sophia s family were about to find themselves in ruin, until a marriage proposal came from the Earl and the arranged marriage saved the day All should go to plan, however Sophia was not so meek and biddable, she was a fiesty, and spirited young women, she knew of the dispicable ways of men, after all or did she I highly recommend this book I haven t read a Regency novel or anything remotely close to it in over 20 years Needless to say, I was a little unsure if I could bring myself around to liking that style of period romance again What better place to start than a novella I am so happy I chose this one I was pulled in right away and lost my concern as to whether I would be able to get into this type of romance again Claire Firth has a remarkable way with words and flow It was effortless and paced wonderfully.
Ralph and Sophia are wonderful characters to invest your time into They are both passionate, stubborn and mature enough to show their vulnerabilities I really enjoyed the unfolding of their feelings and their final acceptance of it Their chemistry in the bedroom was spot on and very steamy When I came to the end I was both satisfied an I came across this book in a search and since it was free I thought I would give it a try I am glad I did Even though they were thrown into a marriage of convenience, Ralph and Sophia s chemistry was sizzling I really enjoyed the fact that Ralph wanted to make of his marriage and set out to do it with amazing results Sophia s care for the estate s tenants and her need to make Ralph understand showed compassion that made a great story By the end you could really feel their love and I did not want to the book to end Two side characters were introduced in the book both of which had tragic stories and I wanted them to find happinesslooking forward to book 2.
The Reluctant Bride was surprisingly good for a novella It had a very interest story line, with developed characters for a novella The story makes sense on all levels I just wish it had been a complete book and not a novella The Blurp says its and erotic Historical Romance but I didn t find it to be erotic at all Not even very sensual and that s the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 I really want to read the 2nd book novella Desperate Measures featuring 2 of the this story s secondary characters Guy and Isabella I highly recommend The Reluctant Bride.

GreatI found this a really good book Sophia is forced into an arranged marriage by her parents but her husband the Earl of Avalon is a really nice guy and gives her time to get used to their marriage After 3 months he tries to seduce her into his bed with good results for their future.
Enjoyable readThis was a lovely romantic yet predictable story and I enjoyed it it was romantic and sensual what I want from a historical story.
I look forward to reading from this author

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