Trailer ↠´ Behind the Green Curtain PDF by ↠´ Riley Lashea

Trailer ↠´ Behind the Green Curtain PDF by ↠´ Riley Lashea When Caton’s Sleazy Boss Offers Her A Position As His Wife’s Personal Assistant, She Accepts The Job With Reservations, Certain Jack Halston Has Ulterior Motives

After Meeting Jack’s Wife Amelia, Though, It’s Caton’s Motivations That Begin To Unravel As Vicious As She Is Beautiful, Amelia Threatens Caton’s Position And Her Sense Of Decorum

As The Attraction Between The Two Women Spirals Into A Torrid Affair, Caton Is Drawn Deeper Into Jack And Amelia’s World Of Privilege And Prestige, Where Everything Is At Stake And Nothing Is What It Seems This damn book.
I loved it so much that I'm too wound up to tease out everything I loved about it and now that I know the ending I'm going to have to read it again.

I don't do cheating books usually (although I also loved The Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon) but I'm glad I made an exception for this one.
It's an erotic romance, so there's a LOT of sex in it, but every scene drives the romance and the story.
I can't say enough good about this one.

There is a HEA, but I would still love to see a short story with these characters a little down the line once their lives settle down a little.
This is one of those titles I would have completely ignored if not for a friend's enthusiastic recommendation.
I don't normally go for erotic romances because I tend to skip over repetitive sex scenes and I'll probably just end up skipping most of the book! :) For me, the emotional connect just isn't there anymore when they've done it Nth number of times so let's just get on with the story already.

Not this book though.
The blurb pretty much explains upfront the infidelity angle.
So I was expecting some sexy, naughty but light tale on fooling around behind hubby's back.
But the book is much darker, and so much deeper than that.

We have two ladies in unequal stations, one a boss of the other.
Boss lady Amelia commits what is essentially, onthejob sexual harrassment of the other, with mind and From the same author who wrote the 21 Weeks series, one of the best thriller I have ever read in Lesfic.

Finished it a few days ago but I'm unable to write my thoughts as I had mixed feelings about it.
It was like having your card declined while paying for groceries and bumping into an ex, smirking evilly behind you, in the mile long queueyou're at the cashless lane and the cashier's giving you the "you don't want to mess with me" look.
Been there, done that? Perfect!

Even though this book featured infidelity, I couldn't rate it low as just like the 21 Weeks Series, this was unique and engaging.
I loved the concept of the story, how controversial the cheating theme was, and interested to see how the author would turn the ugly ducklings into swans.

Among the three leads, I liked Jack the most :) He was a cool villain and owned a w This book is in a league of its own, chock full of contradictionsthe yin and yang, push and pull, fiery and cold, scorching and slow burn, passionate and calloused, ecstatic and tormentedand whatever seemingly opposing words I can't come up with at the moment.
Riley LaShea is a master of words capturing the essence of two forces entwined in this sexdriven romance between a boss (Amelia) and her assistant (Caton).
This is an erotica unlike others typical of this genre, with complex characters, intense development, and an intriguing plot that kept me turning the pages.
Very little is actually spoken out loud between the two characters, yet, we bear witness to and experience intimately the layers of complexities and inner turmoil as each tryst mire the two deeper in their affair.
I find myself sucked into the vortex of their You know that you’re strapped full in when the book you’re reading goes everywhere with you, Kindle on the sink while you brush and floss, iPhone app open while you walk your Westie, other Kindle open while you cook, then eat (the cracked one because you don’t care if you get smudges on it).

I had read so many reviews, some not so flattering, but curiosity compelled me.
Simply, the story is about a woman who becomes intimately involved with the boss’s wife.
Only problem is that there are nothing but layers and complexities here.
I know, I know, that’s what everybody says about affairs.
But damn it, Caton is a good person.
She hails from a blue collar upbringing, highly educated but plagued with working at a mundane job, underpaid of course.
She lives her ‘Behind the Green Curtain’ was a spectacular read.
An edgy, taboo book where the main characters, Caton and Amelia, are already in relationships with other people when they get with each other is not the usual fodder for likable characters or a stellar romance yet this book achieves both.

Readers who are into ying/yang dynamics or the forbidden will enjoy this as both are heavily in play.
But, the romantics at heart may also enjoy it because a true love story is ultimately its core.

The taboo element is loaded in the first half of the book; situationally, because of the cheating aspect AND the seduction which, to put it bluntly, is also gross workplace sexual harassment.
But, the taboo is also accentuated internally because we are privy to the push/pull, right vs wrong struggle within Caton herself.

With the second half of the book the When I first started this, I was pretty sure I'd give it 4 or even 5 stars.

And then it went to hell.
At first I really liked the sex scenes, because they were really hot.

You see, you have four types of F/F romance books:

There is one big /usually the first time/ love scene, mostly at the end.
And that's all.

There are a few more after the big one, so maybe like two or three.
Usually not that hot and often 'goes to black' scenario or the other love scenes are only intended.

No love scene at all.
These are the most disappointing of course.

So many sex scenes that it has barely a plot.
Or no plot whatsoever.
Also called 'erotica'.

And then as I was reading this book, I found out that it has A LOT of sex but also a plot.
Which was quite suprising and exciting.
At least fo Am I the only person who thought this was a Wizard of Oz retelling or something? The font and the green and the curtain? No? OK, maybe just me.

Well, the only similarity it had with the Wizard of OZ was Caton probably wishing she could click her heels three times to get out of the mess she found herself in.

How do you even explain this book? Caton is employed at a company where her male boss is completely detestable.
He is effing his assistant and making the moves on Caton in the copy room.
He gets into an argument with his coldasice wife, Amelia.
She thinks her job of event planning and fundraising for him is hard work.
She feels exhausted and underappreciated.
He thinks she is a What makes Behind the Green Curtain such an appealing book is the simple fact that we (readers) also become obsessed with Amelia.
That's the key word for the most part of the book: obsession.
As in "the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc".
The arabs call it Zahir: something or someone that once is touched, cannot be forgotten.
That's what drives us through the pages along with Caton.

Riley LaShea grew up in an Ohio town that looks like a dust speck on most maps. It was boring and awful, so she got the hell out of there. Now, she doesn't know where she wants to be, so over the past several years she has lived in Nashville, Orlando, Fort Worth, Allentown, Columbus, Kansas City, Raleigh, outside LA and inside Manhattan.

She won a lyric contest judged by the Indigo Girls in high sc