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[Shinobu Ohtaka] × マギ 1 [cultural PDF] Ebook Epub Download × Aladdin, Seorang Pemuda Pengelana Padang Pasir Bertemu Lalu Berteman Dengan Laila Dan Sahsa, Dua Gadis Rombongan Karavan Penjual Sayur Dan Buah Di Ibu Kota Sebuah Oasis Bagi Laila, Sahsa Adalah Temannya Yang Berharga Yang Sudah Menolongnya Saat Pingsan Di Padang Pasir Namun, Laila Ditinggalkan Rombongan Karavan Saat Masa Lalunya Sebagai Perampok Terbongkar Tepat Saat Itu, Terjadi Perampokan Karavan Sahsa Apa Yang Dilakukan Laila Dan Aladdin Untuk Menyelamatkan Sahsa Dan Rombongan This was actually a lot better than I expected it to be I really enjoyed Aladdin s character and I think this will actually be an awesome series to follow I ve been looking for a good manga with some magic and my boyfriend recommended this one So, I m actually quite stoked to keep reading MagiNow, do NOT be turned off by the 2 stars I have given this volume Since usually, a 2 star from me means that it isn t worthwhile But Magi is worthwhile At least, I think it is.
See, the thing is that the first volume issooooooooooootypical and generic Like, I have seen this type of first volume TONS of times Main character is introduced without context, holds mysterious powers, randomly saves a minor character s dilemma and end of chapter Part of the reason is that the first chapter was aone shotmeaning that it was intended to test the waters and see if the public reception was good However, not an excellent beginning by any means Hell, the following chapters aren t that much better but at the very least it appears as though the mangaka has beg One of the best shounen series out here The worldbuilding is interesting and the characters are colorful I really loved how cleverly the author blended and combined the Arabian fairy tales together and produced this kind of exciting story The art is also nice Recommended.
Any book where I can t even get through the first chapter before the preteen main character starts groping an adult woman is not for me.
Um okay I kinda love this manga.
I know this series is pretty popular right now, so I figured I d check it out, and boy oh boy was it hysterical The artwork is pretty standard, but the over exaggerated faces are so hilarious and spectacular Like this page, for example I busted out laughing at the guys at the bottom Aladdin is so fricken adorable and ridiculous, you can t help but love him Alibaba is a pretty hilarious character as well And Ugo OMG I love it every time he s out of the flute It s like the ridiculous version of Attack on Titan So funny.
I definitely wasn t expecting to dig this so much This is like DD meets Alibaba and the 40 Thieves I really want to read the rest of this series right now, but it s not out entir ATTENTION The following review discusses in a manner as spoiler free as possible, though there are some things given away without a warning the manga as a whole at least till the volume I left it off a while back I hope you enjoy I came to have a good time, and now my life is ruinedHaving gone through the five stages of grief as soon as it occurred to me that the production team was not going to go through with the third season of its animated adaption, infatuated with both characters and plot a loose retelling of Arabian Nights which Magi included was adapted in two of my favorite fairytale retellings, the Wraith and the Dawn being the second one , I decided to give the manga a chance.
Magi s on screen artwork was not particularly exciting The animation was a bit obsolete, often sloppy, but bares the exaggerated expressions that often Der erste Band der Magi Reihe und ich muss wirklich sagen, obwohl ich den Anime bereits kenne, wurde mir beim Lesen des Mangas niemals langweilig Ich finde, es gibt einige Unterschiede zwischen dem Manga und Anime und auch der Witz kommt im Manga deutlich mehr zum Ausdruck und ist noch besser gelungen als im Anime.
Ich liebe die Neuinterpretation der Geschichte von 1001 Nacht im actiongeladenen, magischen und vor allem humorvollen Manga Gewand Mir sagt der Zeichenstil vollends zu Die Mischung ist einfach hervorragend in diesem Manga und ich kann die Fortsetzungen kaum noch erwarten.
Aladin und Ali Baba sind ein tolles Gespann und auch die Antagonisten wissen zu gefallen Die Story entwickelt sich von Kapitel zu Kapitel stetig mehr und man mer I m not sure why, but I kind of expected not to like this as much as the other manga that I ve been reading But this was really funny Definitely enjoyed myself while reading it I think I like it better than the anime.
A playful manga series based on the stories from Arabian Nights A fantasy adventure with a good blend of comedy Great for older youth ages 12 , teen and adult based on stories most readers should recognize We have the ever famous Aladdin starring in this series With a magical flute that summons his friend, Ugo Ugo is a shy, headless djinn Aladdin is trying to help him recover his head and this book begins their adventures Another famous name is given to us Alibaba who is hand for hire who wants to make it rich Aladdin can appear as an adorable little boy one minute, an intelligent youth the next or can seem to be a very pervy child This gives Aladdin an interesting depth that leaves me curious to learn about the real him i

Shinobu Ohtaka , born May 9, 1983 Tokyo, Japan is a Japanese manga artist She is best known for the creation of the manga series Sumomomo Momomo and recently, Magi The Labyrinth of Magic.