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☆ Read ☆ Master of torment by Karin Tabke ☆ I like a female character who is strong in personality and beliefs but I couldn t connect with this small woman being physically strong I also couldn t feel the connection between the two main characters The book is better than 2 stars but not quite 3 in my opinion I liked the first book better than this one I think I will take a brake from this series and maybe come back to it in the future.
By the end of the book, it turned out interesting, but the first parts were a bit slow Lots of intrigue, betrayal, and angst Kings and knights and Lords and Ladies It was okay.
Lady Tarian Est Une Vraie Guerri Re Qui A Livr Bataille Hastings Aujourd Hui Elle Est La Nouvelle Ma Tresse Du Comte De Dunloc Apr S Avoir, Chuchote T On, Assassin Son Poux Le Roi Guillaume Ordonne Donc Au Capitaine Des Ep Es Rouges, Wulfson De Trevelyn, D Liminer La Princesse Saxonne Mais Les Circonstances En D Cident Autrement, Et Wulfson Sauve La Vie De Tarian, Dont La Beaut Farouche L Blouit Devenue Sa Captive, Elle Attise En Lui Une Passion D Vastatrice Le Chevalier Normand Sait Pourtant Qu Au Bout Du Compte Il Devra Remplir Sa Mission Et Tuer Cette Femme Yet another great read for me I know this series is not for everyone but I am truely enjoying it and am glad I finally started reading this series I have one book to read in this series, Master Of Craving and I am going to read it in the very near future.
10 STARS Karin Tabke is AWESOME Yup thats the word this author should be titled with because every single page in her books are brilliant page turners I read so much regencey and medievil books that i find they all start to sound the same and bore me to death once the union is consumated i lose interest but not in karen Tabkes books nooooooooooooo This book had me yet again at page one and the first scene in the book introduced us to the beautiful royal warrior Tarian Tarian was different to everyother heroine in most regency and medievil books she was a Warrior she knew her way around the sword and boy could she fight She lied to him fought against him ran from him stole from him but then she fell in love with himThe hero Wulf was relentless in his persue of Tarian and his forfillment of the obligation to his king but To honour his king meant he had to dishonour his hea I m obsessed with this series Love it and highly recommend Wow I don t know how she managed it but this was actually better than the first one Tabke is an incredibly talented author and elevates the genre standard These stories have adventure, romance, thrilling battles and nasty bad guys Consummate writing technique with intelligence and a remarkable command of the language for the time period that brings the book alive There is not much held back on the violence so not for anyone looking for fluff, pretty graphic but it s true to the time The moment you start reading you are literally transported back in time and sit front row as a witness to the story as it unfolds Characters are complex and have a presence that is solid and unwavering throughout the story One particular battle scene held such intensity and emotion, even though I could predict the out come, it still choked me

Book 2 is even better than book 1 Master of Surrender It has the classic storyline fight, fight, fight, lust, lust, heroine in harms way, hero saves her fight, fight, fight, hero in harms way, heroine sacrifices all to save his life LOVE is the result The path to this conclusion is terrific and had me on the edge of my seat, literally This book deals with the fighting between the Welsh, the Saxons and the Normans in 1067 Little bit of bloodlust and sword fighting especially from the heroine but not enough to detract from the storyline.
The final 30 pages or so were the hardest to read as it was difficult to see through my tears very heart wrenching This is truly one of those books that you don t want to end but need to know how it ends I can t wait til book 3.
2 Estrellas La verdad que la lectura no ha sido lo que me esperaba Quiz s es culpa m a porque el primer libro me gust mucho, pero ste no ha estado a la altura.
El problema de que no me haya gustado ha estado en la historia en general No est mal contada, es simplemente que no me ha atrapado En otras circunstancias es posible que me hubiese gustado m s Pero no he conectado ni con la historia, ni con los personajes.
A Wulfson lo conocimos en el anterior libro, y la verdad es que l es un amor, es un fiero guerrero, un hombre de su tiempo, pero a diferencia de Rohan no es un bruto El rey Guillermo el Conquistador le env a a Wulfson y al resto de les morts a una misi n cercana a la frontera de Gales Tarin Godwynson, sobrina del difunto rey Harold supone un problema para la supremac a del nuevo rey, adem s de haber sido acusada de haber matado a su marido De modo que Wulfson ser el brazo ejecuto Master of torment by Karin TabkeMass Market Paperback Medieval Historical November 25, 2008 4 Stars Master of torment explores the political intrigues of Medieval times as the 2 main characters are thrust into a complex tale of deception This book was filled with so much tension I was anxious to discover how the hero and heroine would ever live happily together Wulfson is the trusted vassal of King William and has been sent on a mission to kill the Lady Tarian, a warrior of noble blood who is a threat to William s reign Wulfson arrives to find the Lady Tarian near death but instead of killing her, he is moved to let her live As Wulfson learns about the Lady Tarian, his feelings for her torment him as he battles against his lord s orders and his growing admiration for the courageous Lady Tarian.
Wulfson is fiercely loyal to his king and admirab

For a long time, controlled chaos ruled Karin s life Busy mother of four, owner of her own successful business and wife to a street cop, she harbored thoughts of twisting plots and hot romantic scenes Now, with only one child left at home and hubby retired from law enforcement, Karin happily pounds out those steamy scenes at her keyboard.Still semi distracted by her adult children Yay no