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¿ Weathering Jack Storm (Silver Strings G Series) » Download by ☆ Lisa Gillis A continuing story of Jack Storm or Jack Loren Mariss Marissa must learn to live a life in Los Angeles, the hard way Friends don t give you slack the phrase everyone wants something from you is so true in LA, paparazzi follow her every move and then some Good read somewhat redundant, kinda irked me Marissa is unsure of herself And feels Jack is not supporting her even though this is the life he s live always.
BXTCHES Gotta Warn Okay people, if you have read the synopsis for Weathering Jack Storm either on Goodreads orit is going to say the following Weathering Jack Storm is book 2 of the G Strings Set Rock Star Romance, a spin off from the well loved rock and roll band romance Silver Strings Series This full sized novel can stand alone, but is greatly enhanced by reading Book 1, Jack Who I am here to tell you to NOT adhere to that Weathering Jack Storm CAN ONLY be read and enjoyed prior to reading Jack Who How do I know this Because I have read the series and the foundation, the roots to the relationship between Marissa and Jack AND Jack and Tristan are all laid down in Jack Who So if you have decided to give the series a whirl, then do so in order Thank you, warning over.
Weathering Jack Storm will be told in the third person Jack and marissa are so perfect for one another I loved loved this story Those two have went through so much in the first book Now they are forced to deal with the craziness of Los Angeles, Jack s fame, paparazzi, and a cruel evil publicist I think all the things they had to go through made them so much stronger in the end I absolutely loved how great of a father Jack was to Tristan I think that made him that much sexier When they decided to stop keeping secrets, running away from each other, and not letting the fans tear them apart they finally were able to live their lives Such a great great story So highly recommended Secondo episodio della serie Silver String Dove eravamo rimasti Ah s , Marissa e Tristan sono partiti per la costa orientale, per vivere con Jack e partecipare finalmente alla sua vita.
Avete tirato un sospiro di sollievo, vero Una vita con l uomo che ami e che ha confessato di averti amata dal primo momento che ti ha vista una vita da favola in una cornice da mozzare il fiato nessun problema economico da dover risolvere e dedicarti davvero alle uniche persone che ami della tua vita.
Che favola ma chi ci crede Tutto nella vita ha un risvolto, e per Marissa e Jack, saranno davvero tanti.
A cominciare dalla vita frenetica di una rockstar, con casa sempre affollata dai suoi amici musicisti, addetti stampa, amici ficcanaso che ti fanno sentire inadeguata e fragile.
Perch Marissa, seppur senta che i sentimenti di Jac I fell in love Mariss, Jack and Tristan in the first book in the series, and we ll add at least Randi and Dax in this one Since I immediately read the next one and the first of the short story series, I am finding it a bit difficult to separate the three for review purposes The fact that I immediately delved into the rest should give you a pretty good idea of how much I enjoyed it.
I m a sucker for a good rock star romance and trust me, not all of them that are out there come anywhere near the good standard, and this series exceeds good Jack, Mariss and Tristan have moved to his lavish home in LA It is certainly a bit overwhelming of an adjustment for a girl who had scrimped and saved and worked her butt off for every penny for so many years.
A lot of the drama that ensues in this one really is brought on by Mariss insecurities, but it is so well written that you completely sy

Loved it STUNNINGBook 2 begins where book 1 left off with Marissa and Tristan moving to L.
A This is your typical Crocodile Dundee In the first book, he was in her world, living at her house away from the bright light of L.
A In WEATHERING JACK STORM, Marissa has to do just that, weather, not so much Jack, but his life as a rock and roll star I love how these two fight I love evenhow they make up It feels so, well, real I hate to use that word because all fiction is based on truths But sometimes when they fight and especially when they make up some of the thing they say it s just real If not with my husband, I have said or listened to pretty much the same dialogue with an ex boyfriend So, yeah, real comes to mind That one scene where Jack is at the blackjack table, the emotions are so raw You feel for both of them You see each side so again, real And real it is As in a real I really like Jack s character and I tolerated Marissa s fine but this installment in the series was an endless loop of misunderstandings generated by lack of communication that fueled atomic bomb level emotional outbursts It was getting a bit exhausting and I ve decided to not read the 3rd book I had already purchased one of the Storm Cell novellas so I ll read it next but am not interested in pursing any .
Where was the editor on this book The entire book is filled with typos, grammatical errors and dropped text, e.
, a description of Marissa s fence net stockings.
For me this book is just okay I wasnt a fan of book 1, but as a friend gave me her copy to read i thought id see if there was any improvement, there wasnt Its rushed, its got errors, and still it has no depth in both storyline and characters It flip flops to much from one scene to another, the way the paternity test was handled I was shocked if that was me, id have confronted Jack as soon as, but from finding out from her son she then says nothing goes on to have sex with jack and pay happy families and it was only ever mentioned when they fell out and she left a phone message about it on his phone WHAT its far to vague all most as if the book was rushed There is lack of trust and openness with the the main characters which is poor considering that they are adults and it seems like they fall out then have sex then fall out and have sex Falling In Love With Jack Was Easy, But There Is Nothing Easy About Staying In Love With This Rock Star While Settling Into A New Life In Los AngelesThe Epic Story Of Jack And Marissa ContinuesMarissa And Tristan In His Life Changed His Outlook Jack Felt Needed He Welcomed The Responsibility Of A Family He Embraced The Love And Companionship Quickly, He Whisked His Son And The Intriguing Woman He Had Never Forgotten To His Home In LA To Marissa, Her Future Seemed As Mysterious As Dusk S Shimmering Shadows Beneath The Surface Of The Luxurious Guitar Shaped Pool There Was No Doubt This Could Be Her Dream House, Her Dream Life With The Man She Loved Not So Dreamy Was All That She Was Beginning To See Packaged With HimThe Crazy Hours Of A Very Active Life The Garbage Behind The Glam Mostly, A Moody And Presumptuous Rock Star Whose Public Persona Is Opposite Of The Sweet Celebrity She Fell For Weathering Jack Storm Is BookOf The G Strings Set, A Spin Off From Silver Strings Series This Full Sized Novel Can Stand Alone, But Is Greatly Enhanced By Reading Book , Jack Who

Lisa Gillis resides in Texas, with her husband who is the inspiration to her fictional men, her son who is the light of her world, and a spoiled chocolate lab, Bailey Writing is a recent passion and she strives in her books to blend a perfect mixture of fantasy and reality Her love for music, bands, and concerts inspired her Silver Strings Series When she is not writing those little voices out