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[Arkady Strugatsky] ✓ Трудно быть богом [x-men PDF] Ebook Epub Download ç Sosyalist Uzay A N Ya Ayan Bir D Nyadan Kalk P, Orta A N Karanl Klar I Indeki Bir Gezegene Gelen Anton Un, Bu Zavall Insanlar N G Z Nde Bir Tanr Olmamas M Mk N M Yd Ama G S Z Bir Tanr Yd Anton Feodalizmin H K M S Rd Bu Lkede Yaln Zca Bir Tarih G Zlemcisi S Fat Yla Bulunuyordu Ve Bu Nedenle Her T Rl Ba Nazl N, Iddetin Ezip Yok Etti I Insanlar N Yazg Lar N De I Tirebilme Olana Ndan Yoksundu Bu Ko Ullarda Zor Eydi Tanr Olmak Hele Bir De Bu Gezegendeki Siyasal Geli Meler, Stlerinin Anton A Dayatt Klar Tarih Teorisine Hi Mi Hi Uymuyorsa Kitab N Arka Kapa Ndan This is one of the best books ever It s such a unique nuanced look at the past human and social condition, yet so relevant to the present time for both It tells the story of a human society on another planet that is circa the middle ages in development A group of earthlings are monitoring this society covertly and it is through the eyes of one of the earth born humans that resides amongst this society that we get a good look into the mirror of the past and into the magnifying glass of the present What s best is that it has a fantastical feel, yet there is nothing unreal about it other than the existence of another planet with a human society The main theme of this book and one aptly identified in the title Hard to Be a God is how the advanced human beings from earth should react to the harsh human conditions that exist within the primitive race of humans on the planet S Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says Don Rumata has been sent from Earth to the medieval kingdom of Arkanar with instructions to observe and to save what he can Masquerading as an arrogant nobleman, a dueler, and a brawler, he is never defeated, but yet he can never kill With his doubt and compassion, and his deep love for a local girl named Kira, Rumata wants to save the kingdom from the machinations of Don Reba, the first minister to the king But given his orders, what role can he play This long overdue translation will reintroduce one of the most profound Soviet era novels to an eager audience.
My Review It s hard to review a world famous classic I have to think the translation is faithful because it captures a voice that lesser translators often than not miss entirely The standard adventure plot is fun In common with a lo A Smelly Medieval Times Are Smelly Buddy read with Evgeny and Elena Actual rating 4.
5 starsSo Take some undercover operatives historians from a future Shangri La type, advanced civilization Send them to observe and study a planet that resembles Earth in the Super Fun Middle Ages SFMA Strictly forbid them to interfere with the delightfully boorish puny locals puny affairs, regardless of how desperate bad fished up morally reprehensible choose all that apply the situation is What do you get A bunch of guys with godlike powers on the verge of a nervous breakdown More or less, yes By the way, Kirkie, I hear that the whole thou shalt not interfere, NO, though shalt NOT business is reminiscent of your Prime Directive Thingie PDT Maybe you should consider applying for a consulting job with the above mentioned reluctant god wannabes Looks like they could use Different planet, different epoch, different consciousness, different psychology how will observers or spies or watchmen from the future Earth succeed in their mission of controlling the alien history even if it resembles so much our own medieval period of dark ages In the depths of the forest, a mile away from the road, beneath an enormous tree that had dried up of old age, stood a lopsided hut made out of enormous logs, surrounded by a blackened picket fence It had been here since the beginning of time, its door was always shut, and there were crooked idols carved from whole tree trunks around its rotting porch This hut was the most dangerous place in the Hiccup Forest It was said that this was the very place to which the ancient Pekh would come every twelve years to deliver his offspring, after which he would immediately B t n belalar, karde ler, b t n belalar u okumu lardan k yor nce gelmi parayla saadet olmaz, diyorlar, sonra k yl dedi in de insan evlad d r sonra k fre varan maniler, pe inden ayaklanma Hepsini asacaks n bunlar n, karde Mesela ben olsam ne mi yapard m Evvela sorard m Okuman yazman var m yleyse do ru dara ac na Fascinating and important work Published in 1964, I feel that it may have been an influence on, or at least a precursor to, many of my favorite books I saw thematic similarities with some of Iain Banks Culture novels, especially Inversions, and Kage Baker s Company series.
The story deals with a deep agent from an advanced civilization, who is supposed to observe and record the feudal society he s been planted in, without interfering However, the society he s working in is on the verge of a shift from feudalism to fascism Purges of intellectuals are increasing, and the agent finds it harder and harder to maintain any kind of objectivity Meanwhile, he also battles the tendency to lose sight of his identity he finds himself becoming and like the callous, boorish aristocrat he is impersonating But he also finds himself truly ca It s intelligent, and philosophical, and it makes you angry, and it makes you think, and it makes you hope It involves a planet which is in a Medieval stage of development, so Earth sends in on the ground observers for study purposes, who are trained to blend in The thing is, what to a researcher on Earth interesting development, 200 people got killed in a routine feudal coup, to the person on the ground are his friends dying Yet, they cannot interfere, shortcircuit the curse of history and give e.
g the enlightened guys guns, as that would result in death, innocent people only different ones dying But does standing back make you less human When you start to see people not as individuals but as masses, there s a problem The main character, Anton, is probably one of my favorite fictional characters ever, and the end Wow You see him fall apart and during the book, as he witnesses an And what if you could change the divine decrees Only a higher power is capable of this But still, imagine that you re God Budach laughed If I could imagine myself as God, I d become him Well, what if you had the chance to advise God The premise of this story seems like a grand adventure Scientists and observers from a future paradise earth infiltrate and study other earth like planets Their main principle resembles Star Trek s prime directive of non interference But this is not another peaceful little kingdom they study The world itself is breaking down Warlords, such as the vicious Don Reba, hunt down and destroy any person who can read or write That world is a lump of filth, a place in rapid and horrific decline Language itself is breaking down, collapsing into grunts and single phrases And for the scientists who I was fascinated by the sound of this when I came across it in the library, because I really liked Roadside Picnic, and because the foreword mentions parallels with Star Trek and Iain M Banks Culture novels However, I found this pretty much unreadable There s a sort of opaqueness I associate with reading Russian novels in translations, but in spades Supposedly, this translation is much readable than the old one, which was done via German, but if that s the case, I hate to think what the old one was like.
It s really disappointing, honestly, because the foreword makes it sound interesting, it s blurbed by Ursula Le Guin, and the parallels mentioned are there But I couldn t even hold onto the meaning of the action why did this character say that, what was the significance of that I might try again at some other

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