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[ Read Online Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs Û womens PDF ] by Henry Carroll Ê As someone who has learned by watching my father take stunning photographies, and by fumbling with his cameras, I found this little book really useful I do realize it doesn t replace a proper formation, but anyone self taught can benefit from it in my views It s a great first step to understanding how a camera and how pictures work, without spending hours taking nice pics only by chance and figuring out why they re good ones People with knowledge might not find it useful, though.
If you are taking your first step into photography as a hobby, then is probably as good as you could do He will give you a quick grounding in the numerous aspects that make photography an art form He gives you key compositional concepts from leading lines and framing, to rule of thirds and depth of field Really making you think about your photographs while helping you develop your photographer s eye There is an excellent chapter on light which every photographer should be thinking about constantly.
Also covered are the technical aspects such as the trio aperture, shutter speed and ISO and details of the various lens types and their differences.
There are some stunning pictures throughout which exemplify all the points made in the book which I found inspiring They were helpful in solidifying the different concepts in my mind.
All This is one of those you dont need to know anything books for those that really dont want to know anything It is not a book for photographers, its for those that dont want to be I d like to see anyone improve as a photographer after reading this Henry mis interprets many of the photographs none of them his by the way and seems to have a odd understanding of operating a camera He certainly doesn t understand the use of manual mode and clearly doesnt use it himself It would be nice to say his advice is another view and the reader could finally understand their camera but its just a foolish book and I m not sure he can even take a photograph himself.
A page pg84 picked at random Focal Length put simply focal lengths are either short or longHis advice could be applied to how your read the book just set your brain to auto, now turn the page.
it is a good book, technical than Seeing things by Joel Meyerowitz A nice collection of photos Highly recommended.
Esto es medio trampa, empezado en 2015 y terminado en 2016.
Muchas cosas que explica el libro ya las sab a, pero siempre viene bien un recordatorio t cnico No te ense a c mo hacer buenas fotos paso a paso, sino que te da las bases y te anima a explorar por tu cuenta Y la portada es guay Qu ganas de salir a la calle c mara en mano.

I ve had my DSLR camera for 2.
5 years but only after having read this do I actually feel like I know what it can do better than my phone I highly recommend anyone else new to photography or getting a new fancy camera to also spend an hour with this book It s incredibly straightforward, actionable, and basic not for snobs or experts plus doesn t use technical language or jargon Each page is very simply about one technique or setting and a clear helpful example of that variable used to success in a photograph Honestly, I couldn t ask for except that this be even longer and over even photos Well done.
Duoda patarimus, ta iau nemoko Man taip patinka Skaitydama jau iausi lyg s d iau bare su autoriumi ir klausy iausi k jis sako, i r iau kokias funkcijas pasirenka kameroje Labai savita kalba, ai k s pavyzd iai, paai kinimai, ma ai termin , tiesiog paprasta suprasti Gal kiek trikd puslapi vartymas, kai prie vienos temos priskiriami keli pavyzd iai fotografijos , kurie i sim t visoje knygoje skirtinguose puslapiuose Smagu, kad knyga kompakti ka ir labai dailaus dizaino, gera toki tur ti kuprin je ar i jus fotografuoti atsiversti, paskaityti konkret fotografavimo atvej Kas ie ko metodin s knygos netiks, ta iau kam tokios pabodo ir norisi draugi k patarim itin patariu This book is perfect for beginners at photography Everything is explained in a simple way with an example on each page Most importantly it s not the type of read where some too full of oneself photographer is trying to tell you that what he she does is the right and only way to shoot Because there really isn t such a thing in photography.
You are given useful information in an easy to remember way You re being shown your options and encouraged to try them Most importantly this book inspires you without trying to change the way you personally see and take pictures.
I already knew most of the things in there and I wish I had this book two or three years ago would ve saved me so much confusion But it s still a useful thing to have so you can remind yourself how much you can do with a camera Great book about the craft of photography.
And I use the word craft very intentionally.
Art books that focus on a how to are always problematic Because there s too much to the formula of what makes great art You can do what Ansel Adams did, but then you re just doing what Ansel Adams did You might paint a great painting with very little experience because your lack of experience also equates to a lack of preconceived notion of what is and isn t a painting, but on the other hand your lack of technical skill can hold you back too.
Art, to me, is all about finding sweet spots Experience, technical know how, personal excitement, and just what happens to be in the room when There s so much to it, it s hard to make a helpful guide.
B Photography Is Now Popular Than Ever Thanks To The Rapid Development Of Digital Cameras Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs Is For This New Wave Of DSLR Dabblers And Users Of Compact System, And Bridge Cameras It Contains No Graphs, No Techie Diagrams And No Camera Club Jargon Instead, It Inspires Readers Through Iconic Images And Playful Copy Packed With Hands On TipsSplit Into Five Sections, The Book Covers Composition, Exposure, Light, Lenses, And Seeing Images Taken By Master Photographers Including Henri Cartier Bresson, Sebasti O Salgado, Fay Godwin, And Martin Parr Serve To Illustrate Points And Encourage Readers To Try Out New IdeasToday S Aspiring Photographers Want Immediacy And See Photography As An Affordable Way Of Expressing Themselves Quickly And Creatively This Book Answers That Need, Teaching Readers How To Take Photographs Using Professional Techniques

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