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Ï Read É Winter of Change by Betty Neels Ï An interesting take on a very old fashioned idea I realize these books were written around 30 years ago but still if the setting is contemporary the idea of having someone control you to the point of approving whom you marry is still odd The thing I really liked in the story is the settings and their descriptions and some of the action is good also.
It was fine I m not a big fan of the guardian and ward storyline and this book really didn t change my opinion Mary Jane is annoying.
A guardian ward romance Yummy Mary Jane is twenty two, a qualified nurse and quite capable of running her own life thank you very much So when her grandfather dies and leaves her a lovely house and a nice little income, the news that she is to have a guardian comes as a nasty shock.
Especially as the guardian is forty year old Fabian van der Blocq, one of Neels oh so special Dutch doctors Her resentment strikes sparks between them from the beginning but somehow she wishes it wasn t so even as she pushes him away once again.
In the meantime, he manages to bring her to Holland for a time to nurse his uncle and support his cousin who later has her own health problems He also rescues her from the consequences of her immaturity and loneliness.
This is a lovely little story and while May December romances are no longer fashionable, I do love them There is something about a young woma This book came so close to being a wallbanger for me Our heroine is supposedly 22, but around our hero she acts about 20 years younger I got soooo fed up with her peevishness and rapid mood swings and general asinine behavior I found it very hard to believe that our 40 year old emotionally cold as ice Rich Dutch Doctor had fallen in love with her Plus I was bothered by the age difference anyway Though Betty did miss the mark with the heroine s oscillating emotions, she did manage to put in a few good scenes, so the book wasn t a total loss Definitely not a keeper, nor a candidate for a re read.
Betty Neels stories always read old fashioned than the time period is This story was set during the 1970s, but it might as well have been the 1870s for the characters actions.
Mary Jane Pettigrew is annoying the way she simpers and practically drools over our so called hero I certainly did not buy the attraction between them Fabian van der Blocq is I am thinking supposed to be this dashing doctor, but he comes across as an arrogant pig I disliked him in every way, but especially how he treated Mary Jane He treated her like a child including referring to her as a girl all the way through the book He also talked down to her like she was a complete idiot I didn t find one thing about him to like.
Normally I like Betty Neels novels They re simply sweet romances with nice characters, but this novel wasn t that

Traducida como Apri tame en tus brazos la heroina aqu es Mary Jane Pettigrew y el cirujano Fabi n apellido dificil simo En esta novela no encontraremos el melodrama que caracteriza a Betty as que solo por eso es floja para m.
La heroina aqu es enfermera y debe partir a cuidar a su moribundo t o para luego sorpresa heredar su fortuna y el h roe o antih roe masculino oficia de tutor de la muchacha,generalmente se muestra atento y s lo un poco fr o con ella pero no hay dudas que la quiere solo que para l la diferencia de edad pesa l tiene 40 a os y ella 23 No es mala pero no tiene esa magia que Betty suele darme.
I read this book two years ago and wrote this review However, many times I change my mind during a second reading Unfortunately, I haven t really changed my mind I love Betty Neels books, but I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed in this one The lead character, Mary Jane, is such a twit For an educated young lady working in a London hospital, she s remarkably naive, not to mention ungrateful and argumentative Honestly, I can t see what Fabian sees in her Along the same line, the character of Fabian is so two dimensional, he really isn t believable I wish the author had taken a little time and had better developed these two main characters I gave it three stars, which I think is being generous.
Me encanta la pluma simple de la querida Betty Neels dejo novelas tan sencillas pero que te sacan de esos problemas cotidianos que nos absorben Lo cierto, es que cuando quiero leer algo que no me embote la cabeza m s de lo normal con historias que te dejan y que sigue luego, que viene despu s acudo a cualquiera de sus libros, que me recuerdan que la vida puede ser simple o complicada si as tu lo decides Le agradezco a Betty por esto, lo simple que puede ser la vida si lo necesitamos realmente.
3 1 2 Stars Recently registered as a Staff Nurse, Mary Jane finds her position at her London Hospital under a tyrant of a Ward Sister not to her liking When she s called to the Chief Nurse s office, she thinks she s there to be sacked, but learns that her grandfather has suffered a heart attack and he s asking for her to come home Orphaned as a child, her grandfather is her sole relative living several hours away in the country When she arrives, she learns that he has only a very short time to live, and that he d been ailing for some time but hadn t wanted her to know Also arriving is the nephew of her grandfather s best friend, a respected Dutch surgeon Fabian has been asked to take care of her grandfather s affairs, and to be Mary Jane s guardian until s Mary Jane Pettigrew Can Look After Herself, But It Comes As A Surprise To Her When She Inherits A Large House And An Income To Go With It But There S A Catch Fabian Van Der Blocq, Who Is Appointed Year Old Mary Jane S Guardian She Can T Even Marry Without His Consent Mary Jane Isn T Going To Let Fabian Have It All His Own Way But That Is Easier Said Than Done

Betty Neels was born on September 15, 1910 in Devon to a family with firm roots in the civil service She said she had a blissfully happy childhood and teenage years This stood her in good stead later for the tribulations to come with the Second World War She was sent away to boarding school, and then went on to train as a nurse, gaining her SRN and SCM, that is, State Registered Nurse and Stat