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[Johan Turi] ë Muitalus Sámiid birra/En bog om lappernes liv [museums PDF] Read Online ✓ First Published In In The Sami Language, This English Translation Of Muitalus Sa Miid Birra Tells About The Life Of The Sami People Herding Reindeer In The Jukkasja Rvi Region Of Northern Sweden At The Beginning Of The Th Century, With Details On Sami Traditions Of Child Rearing, Hunting, Healing, Yoik, And FolkloreContents I Am A Sa Mi The Oldest Stories Of The Sa Mi About Late Summer About Reindeer Now The Migration Begins Once The Sa Mi Have Reached Their Winter Grounds About Wild Reindeer The Migration From The South Begins People Of The Mountains All That Is Connected With The Sa Mi S Spring Work About Hunting And Trapping About Ways Of Healing The Acts Of People With Noaidi Skills Tales About Sa Mi Songs The Event Which Is Called The Guovdageaidnu Error An Account Of The Unknown Animals Of The Sa Mi Homeland Very good

What a treasure this book written almost a hundred years ago by a Sami man of extraordinary vision and wisdom was intended to open peoples eyes to the terrible injustices of the Swedish and Norwegian nations treatment of its indigenous people I think I now have an insight into the horrendous crimes committed against the original people of the north by the Swedish and Norwegian settlers who stole their land, destroyed their culture and persecuted their spiritual leaders He offers a remarkably frank insight into the dilemmas the Sami face in adapting to both modernity and the desire to radiate their nomadic way of life and in a poignant introduction explains how a Sami cannot be expected to offer a coherent explan Ah, I loved it About everything S mi, as the author so humbly put it in his foreword, haha The language was so wonderful I don t know what the translations are like, but in the original S mi Turi writes so unassumingly in a stream of consciousness, kinda structuring it around the seasons but not really, digressing left and right I will definitely revisit this book now and then to flick through it and read some passages.

The first Sami author to publish a secular work in a Sami language.