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0 out of 5 stars The Trials and Tribulations of an Indian Software Engineer, April 15, 2013If you ever wondered about the software jobs that are sent to India, this book will answer a lot of your questions Though there are some differences such as the fact that suppressing employees is a normal fact of business life, there are a lot of similarities as well The main character developed by the author, Simon Saha, is an Indian Software Engineer named Rohit who learns the art of manipulation in reference to his life, his relatives, his underlings at work, his managers, company policies and He would look at a situation that confronted him in life, find the bug and go about fixing it In this way he impressed his bosses, was sent America, called going Onsite which was an important goal, became a Team Leader a If I didn t have some knowledge about the IT world prior to reading this book, I may have given it one star I feel like the author seriously lacked in explaining terms that may be common in the IT field, that would sound like another language to others This piece could have used a lot descriptive details as well The formatting and structuring of dialogue did not help to tell the story of this SE There s an exaggerated use of exclamation points, which makes it seems like all of the characters with speaking parts are overly excited whenever they talk, which can t be true This story needed a lot attention to editing as well However, it was an entertaining read.

Reviewed by JustinBook provided by the author for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThis book kind of fell into my lap I am an aspiring software engineer, so I thought it would be entertaining to read a story about this profession through the lens of the Indian culture Simon Saha, at his best in this book, shows an attempt at wit and cunning in a flurry of scenarios that left me either giggling, rolling my eyes, or confused This book definitely had moments were it hit the mark The author s grasp of the English language left much to be desired, however.
The story follows a young man named Rohit as he travels through the life as an Indian software engineer Being an American, my first dose There Is A Marked Difference Between A Software Engineer And An Indian Software Engineer An Indian SE Is One Who Can Adjust To Any Recession Condition And Any Salary Figure The Super Human Can Manage The Software, The Management And The Client With One Hand And Impossible Deadline With The OtherHe Spends His Office Hours Not Only To Develop The Software But His Time Is Also Spent In Trying To Develop The Client S And Manager S Understanding On Whatever Is Getting Developed In Return He Is Rewarded For His Ability To Impress His Mastersd Sometimes For His Hard Work Too An Indian Becomes A Software Engineer Not Because He Is Interested In The Field Yeah, Those People Are There Too But His Prime Motive Behind Joining The Field Is Because There Was Nothing Else To Do And Everybody Does That If Placed Properly, This Field Also Brings Him Money, Prestige And A Good Wife When A SE Arrives In The Industry, He Struggles To Find Space To Apply His Brains However, He Rarely Gets The Chance To Do So Because Of His Position, Client S Misunderstanding And Presence Of Smarter Dudes Who Always Appear Superior To Him Those Who Can T Adjust To The Environment Drown In This Ocean Of IT Professional Only Those Who Learn The Art Of Utilizing Their Position To Their Advantage, SurviveThis Story Is About Another Such SE Stuck Deep In The Indian IT Sector In Spite Of Challenges, This Guy Is Clever Enough To Turn The Opportunities To His Favor Instead Of Adjusting To The Situations, He Changes The Situation Itself To His Advantage In This Way He Earns His Promotion, Onsite And Also Manages To Get Married In Time

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