[Jim Carroll] ↠´ The Basketball Diaries 1963-1966 [ancient-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë myportal.pro

[Jim Carroll] ↠´ The Basketball Diaries 1963-1966 [ancient-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë The book where I felt transported to a place so different than the world I knew Still one of my favorite books.
And now for some riffage at TNBBC s The Next Best Book Blog Some bold lines Visceral and vivid, striking Perhaps I should have read this when I was a bit younger, but I still enjoyed it now Strong writing.
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I don t think of Jim Carroll when I consider those two writers Because I don t think of Jim Carroll as a writer.
I don t think of The Basketball Diaries when I consider those two novels Because The Basketball Diaries isn t fiction.
Jim Carroll was a prodigy diarist and The Basketball Diaries is a personal journal of his addiction The power of the words comes not from his creativity but from his fearless account of the truth He relates the depths of his personal depravity He confesses to his crimes and sexual servitude He becomes a beat poet of the real, chanting and shaking to conjure.
The Dicaprio movie isn t Carroll s diary chronicles his teenage years of drug addiction in New York City during the mid 1960s He tells the reader candidly about his addictions to glue, codeine and heroin, what he did to get it and all the sex he had along the way Most importantly, Carroll established a consistent tone and voice full of sardonic wit and he never flinched at revealing his life at the time For better or worse most assuredly worse Carroll has the guts to expose his ugly self to the reader and holds no punches because he is a man who has accepted his weak and dark self This makes him one hell of a strong individual in my mind since he had the guts to face himself head on This is a very brave work to say the very least.
In regard to voice, Carrol s delivery is poetic as well as manic As if he has little time to tell the tale, Carroll delivers it quickly and sharply Needless to say, there is no Sex, drugs and stealing purses WINTER 1964My old lady found a nickel bag of grass in my hiding spot under the rug today and flushed it down the toilet She had a long talk with me and asked me if I was addicted to the stuff I told her it s heroin you get addicted to, not grass, and I think I finally convinced her She was not so convinced that she d give me back the five bucks though, when I asked her for it In fact, I think she got a little angry about it.
Jim Carroll s early teens growing up in nineteen sixties Manhattan were W A Y different from mine spent in suburbia a decade later While I was reading crappy movie tie in novels and wondering why boys didn t like me, he was hustling gay sailors, and robbing stores and elderly women, all while nursing a heroin habit I know that teens are universally self absorbed, but Carroll takes the cake According to him I don t really remember a thing about this book except that I really did like it at the time that I read it, around age fourteen When the movie came out I cut school and drank some cough syrup or something and went to go see the matinee by myself This was in Leonardo DiCaprio s fleeting, long past early nineties moment of hotness, and in the movie which was bad he looked gorgeous and lanky leaping around on the basketball court in his Catholic schoolboy uniform dammmmmmn.
Whew Leo, oh, Leo where did you go wrong But I do remember his junkie scenes being really corny and dumb And that s about all I remember, oh and then something about swimming in the East River, which is gross well in retrospect, maybe it s the Hudson I also remember that when they want to get codeine cough syrup, they have to sign for it at the pharmacy, If I had to chose one book as my favorite of all time, it would be The Basketball Diaries I ve basically lost track of the number of times I have reread it.
The fact that the book is, in fact, Carroll s diary makes it so much real His experiences aren t censored and modified Instead, you are given an intimate and raw look into a portion of Carroll s teenage years and his struggles with substance abuse, as well as just growing up, in 1960 s New York City.

It s amazing to know Jim Carroll wrote this book when he was age 13 16, not only due to subject matter but for the undeniable talent that seeps through every page With Manhattan as his playground and local junkies, thieves and hooligans as his playmates, Carroll spirals from mild delinquent to full blown addict believing as all addicts first do that where others fail, he has it all under control.
Those expecting this to be like the movie beware Hollywood takes a bunch of his stories, glosses them up and presents them to you nicely gift wrapped Carroll himself does no such thing He lays them out, fearless and real, strips them raw and leaves you to pick up the pieces.
The Basketball Diaries reminded me of an after school special look it up, kiddies gone very, very wrong And while I m sure this book attracts adherents because it s real or whatever I can t say the book held much of my interest Maybe The Basketball Diaries is one of those titles that when first published 1978 was considered cautionary and groundbreaking but needs too much license and contextualization in 2011 For example, these passages are supposedly Carroll s authentic although edited teenage diary transcripts If this is so, well done, high school Jim Carroll, you get an A , young man But I think there s a reason that not many teenage authors get published and, honestly, it s because teenagers write like teenagers You can t blame them They re teenagers Also, the whole did a lot of heroin and now I m becoming an addict arc felt very Go Ask Alice published in 1971 but filtered thr

James Dennis Jim Carroll was an author, poet, autobiographer, and punk musician Carroll was best known for his 1978 autobiographical work The Basketball Diaries, which was made into the 1995 film of the same name with Leonardo DiCaprio as Carroll.