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Download Epub Format ↠´ A Spark Unseen PDF by ↠´ Sharon Cameron I am NOT ready to say goodbye yet Where is that Epilogue A weekend well spent, indeed.
RTCI salute you, Sharon Cameron I read this entire duology over the course of a weekend on my iPhone, that too Needless to say, it was impossible to put down and I loved every moment spent in this world A Spark Unseen, the highly anticipated follow up to A Dark Unwinding, is both stronger and weaker than its predecessor On one hand, it manages to hit very high notes in certain areas on the other hand, it fell flat for me in places where its predecessor did not Yet, on the whole, both these books are identical in their level of reading pleasure, aesthetic appearance, and historical accuracy While I never expected to see it, Cameron has, well and truly, written a spectacular historical fiction duology A Spark Unseen begins nearly two years after A Dark Unwinding has ended In the opening scene itself, a kidnapping attempt on Uncle Tully is foiled, leaving Katharine with no choice but to leave her beloved estat With the same atmosphere and wonderfully charismatic characters as the first book, A Spark Unseen is a good sequel to The Dark Unwinding, but I felt somewhat bored while reading it Even though the pacing in the first book was unhurried, I still found myself entertained by the characters in such a way that I hardly noticed A Spark Unseen, on the other hand, while it did have the same fun personalities, much of its time is spent expanding the now thicker political layer Not being a big fan of strong political plots especially in historical fiction I had difficulty staying focused during this one.
I can t say that there is any lack in character atmosphere in this sequel We have our good old Katharine who delights us with her take charge My ARC of A Spark Unseen was provided for me by the publisher I was not obligated to write a positive review This is my full and honest opinion.
Cover Blurb Yes or No I don t like it quite as much as the cover for The Dark Unwinding, simply because you can see the character impersonator s face However, she works pretty well for Katherine, so she doesn t bother me as much as most character impersonators I still love the mechanical gears, and that dress is gorgeous.
Characters Katherine Tulman is still a great protagonist Intelligent, practical, and brave, she s the sort of girl I love as a protagonist Some Readers might not like how very confident and decisive Katherine is, and every once in a while I can see how her decisiveness might come across Katharine Tulman s uncle is a genius, a mechanical mastermind and considered quite the lunatic of course in modern day we d call him autistic When government factions attempt to take her uncle away for their own self serving uses, Katharine fakes Uncle Tully s death and secrets him away to Paris She hopes to find Lane, the man she loves, but the odds are against her since he s been listed as deceased.
Katharine s trip to Paris and search for Lane quickly leads her from the proverbial frying pan and into the fire of political mechanizations Not knowing who to trust and with danger all around, Katharine must rely on her own cunning and wits to get them all out alive Katharine was a brilliant every day girl who shows what it means to be a true heroin She faces all the challenges placed before her without a complaint or waveri

5 stars.
The Dark Unwinding enchanted and delighted me, so, upon the news that there would in fact be a sequel, I was thrilled, even though such surprise sequels generally result in angry Twitter rants Of course, sequels to books that were closed enough that you didn t know there would be one can be a tricky business Though I didn t enjoy A Spark Unseen as much as its predecessor, I m still happy to have read it and would, if a third pops up, read that one too without a doubt.
In The Dark Unwinding, I fell in love with the characters that call Stranwyne Keep home, and they are just as wonderful in A Spark Unseen Katherine Tulman very much takes center stage this time, because Lane s missing and Uncle Tully is incapacitated because reasons for much of the book Though I did miss them, Katherine is a magnificent heroine She s incredibly s Un libro folle, bizzarro, entusiasmante Ironico, rocambolesco, enigmatico Ho adorato questo seguito, molto pi del primo.
Inoltre ho scoperto che il pesce inventato da zio Tully esiste veramente e che realmente era stato usato come arma.
In questo libro, poi, i personaggi sorprendono fino alla fine, ognuno nasconde un segreto, al lettore il compito di svelarli Zio Tully si aggiudica sicuramente il ruolo di miglior personaggio In questo volume d proprio il meglio e il peggio di s Riassumendo in breve il mio giudizio, posso dire che questa una lettura fantastica The sequel to The Dark Unwinding flounces to and through Paris too haphazardly for me The lightly steampunk gothic YA romance will make readers giggle with its tribute gothic girliness, from deliberate hand on throat posing to quavery wide eyed hesitation and shock at the perfidy of men At the same time heroine Katherine Tullman has enough strength of conviction and moments of action to satisfy modern girls But for me, the tight focus on Katherine s interactions with hunky boy men and a range of endearing, embarassing, and forbidding adults made the historical background fade too far to grey The story barely felt in France Also, Katherine s lack of personal growth strained my affection for her Especially considering how compassionate and intelligent she had learned to be with the mentally unusual, starting with her uncle and i It s been two years sinceThe Dark Unwindingleft off Katharine Tulman has been managing her ancestral estate, Stranwyne Keep, avoiding the malicious London based circle of her spiteful Aunt Alice, and taking care of her mad Uncle Frederick, called Tully.
Uncle Tully isn t a bit mad, but Victorian language lacks a word to describe him He has the all mastering, simple emotions of a small child, yet a mathematical and mechanical genius that goes far beyond anyone alive in his day view spoiler In the last book, Uncle Tully had built a wondrous mechanical fish that could swim, propelling itself He saw this thing as only a delightful toy, but others most importantly the Anglo French spy known in Stranwyne as Ben Aldridge realized its potential as a weapon It could decide the str When Katharine Tulman Wakes In The Middle Of The Night And Accidentally Foils A Kidnapping Attempt On Her Uncle, She Realizes Stranwyne Keep Is No Longer Safe For Uncle Tully And His Genius Inventions She Flees To Paris, Where She Hopes To Remain Undetected And Also Find The Mysterious And Handsome Lane, Who Is Suspected To Be DeadBut The Search For Lane Is Not Easy, And Katharine Soon Finds Herself Embroiled In A Labyrinth Of Political Intrigue And With Unexpected Enemies And Allies At Every Turn, Katharine Will Have To Figure Out Whom She Can Trust If Anyone To Protect Her Uncle From Danger Once And For All

Sharon Cameron was awarded the 2009 Sue Alexander Most Promising New Work Award by the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators for her debut novel, The Dark Unwinding When not writing Sharon can be found thumbing dusty tomes, shooting her longbow, or indulging in her lifelong search for secret passages.