Download Epub Format æ The Dark Legion (The Plantation #2) PDF by æ Stella Fitzsimons

Download Epub Format æ The Dark Legion (The Plantation #2) PDF by æ Stella Fitzsimons They Have Waited For Her All These Years, Even Before She Was Born She Lives Hidden From Their Vulture Like Drones, Hidden In The Dark, Cavernous Lair Of Her Enemies The Unseen Ones Will Come For Her They Must Come For Her Their Very Existence Depends On Finding Her, The Girl With The Gift Of Light, Of Power, Of LifeHaunted By A Past She Does Not Understand, By A Destiny They Plan For Her, Freya Must Leave The Saviors Behind, Leave Damian And Finn, Leave Even Little Pip And Embark On A Perilous Journey With A Beastly Warrior She Will Venture Out Beyond The Ends Of The Charted Lands, Risking All She Holds Dear To Cross The Dead Zone To Where The Dark Legion Awaits loved the second book Freya is growing and becoming an amazing herione The last book was good, this book was incredible All the characters and their backgrounds have been established so now it s time for the real war We are back where we left off with Freya and the Saviors on the run Faced with Damien s new found feelings for her, Freya is seriously thinking about the choices she has made concerning her relationship with Finn Lucky for her she has her Sister Pip to cheer her up The plot starts when two Sliman visit the group with no interest in hurting them They explain the reason Freya is the way she is and they answer a lot of unanswered questions about the aliens as well Long story short Freya and the group go with the rebel Sliman to a secure location where each of them can safely train, especially Freya The rest of the book is super action packed and has a lot of twists that will leave you breathless secrets that wil The first book made me notes but the end made me want to read the next This book was a ton better Way action and kept me wanting to read Made me happy, sad, confused NOW I can t wait for the next one Oh the agony Wow I loved this book I don t think it diminished one bit from the first one I can t wait to read the next one Hmmmmwhere to start I can t help but think that I should have liked this than I did At many times I would marvel at how much better the writing was than Plantation not that Plantation wasn t good, but Dark Legion was A worthy writing So.
why did I not enjoy this Well, one reason is, I am not a huge fan of the plot I m NOT an alien person the fact that I gave this book three stars is practically a miracle In the Plantation, the aliens and Sliman were the enemies, and I was like, yeah, defeat those extra terrestrials But in here, it getscomplicated That s all I can say without giving away the plot Reason 2 I hate to say it, but I don t like Damian that much Why do I hate to say that Well, because I liked him in the Plantation But now I can t see Freya ending up with anyon I m so glad I gave this series a chance I m really enjoying it and am actually starting to like Freya Ahhh, I am glued to this series I have things to do I loved the first book in this series, The Plantation, and was super excited to read this one The Dark Legion has action than the first and you even see some romance forming I love the fact that the language is clean, for me this is a huge plus.
The Saviors are a group of kids that have escaped their plantations They are surviving out in the middle of nowhere, hiding from the aliens and sliman Terrible things happen to the ones that have been removed from the plantation, they don t want to find out what those terrible things are so they prepare themselves for war.
Freya is special, she knew that when she first activated the receptor in the battle that claimed Daphne s life Now a new challenge faces them They are approached by three sliman who claim to be their allies, aiming toward the same goal of des We start this book a few months i think after Pip joins the saviors ending of book one We learned that Freya has the ability to control a sensory receptor that normally only the Aliens not the Sliman can control By reason of deduction, most of us would figure she probably has Alien DNA or something to be able to do this We have discovered Freya s super powerWe find out whether we re right or wrong in this book.
In this, the second book of the series, Freya learns how to use the receptor, how to fight with it competently, with hopes that they may have a chance at winning this war.
Early in the book, the saviors have visitors at their hideout.
3 Sliman What they reveal to her doesn t really come as a shock to her and the rest of the saviors, but the reason they make the revelations, and everything else they have to say, does.
Now they have an important choice to make If they chos

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